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Swamp Spider

This wee beastie is only about a half inch wide. His type is common in the mangrove swamps.
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Oh my! What a unique creature! You say they're harmless to us? That's a relief, because he sure looks intimidating, but also facinating!
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They really are a sort of "alien among us" since they just don't fit what we expect to see.
BTW - In case you've not tried it, spiders are a PITA to photograph. I've found a trick if you're interested in trying.
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I've personally been rather afraid of spiders, yet I find them interesting to look at. It's a double-edged sword I suppose, though I'm always up for learning new things and trying them out when it comes to art. :)
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The problem with photographing them is that usually your camera won't focus on the thin web or tiny spider, but on the background. The trick is to estimate how close you want your lens to be... Mine was about six inches from that little bug... And to step back, hold your hand about 6" in front and half-click so your auto-focus locks on your hand, hold it and step in close, to about the same distance and finish the click on the shutter. This fools the camera into a close focus. Give it a try for most small critters.
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That's a great idea! I'll have to give it a try, thank you! :D
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That's a nasty lookin' thing I hate spiders
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I'm not a huge fan of them, either. But this little fellow is so odd-looking and completely harmless to humans, that I had to grab the shot.
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