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200 Fractal Brushes Set



Link to the first fractal brush set:

EDIT> Hm, I inverted one of the brushes by accident... Don't know why I didn't notice it. Well, You can still do without that one; it's similar to a bunch of other ones visually anyways :>.
Fixed version now uploaded. Preview image updated.

I actually remembered to make them PS 7.0+ compatible now; so people still using versions before CS4 can use this set ^^.

Please comment and critique! If no one criticizes me I won't improve :).

-Photoshop 7.0 and up
-GNU Image Manipulation Program v2.6 and up

Wanted fractal brushes but could never be bothered to make any? Here are 200 strange attractor fractals in .ABR format for your unlimited noncommercial use :).

(If you plan to use them, please remember to link back because it helps motivate me make more ^^. Anyone planning to use this for commercial use (like that'll ever happen) should contact me for permission first. )

Brush sizes are typically between 500 and 800. Downscaling causes very little quality loss.

NOTE: Due to optimization to make the brush size as large as possible, occasionally some IFS brushes will have "hard edges", e.g. they will be cut off by the 800x800 bounding box for values under #161616. This is visually almost unnoticeable, but perfectionists can just blur the strokes a little =P.

What was used to create the brushes?
Chaoscope; I rendered the attractors in Gas mode.

How do I use these things? O.o
Lighting, effects, backdrop image, smoke effect, whatever you can think of. These are pretty flexible brushes; their usage quality depends on the user.

Why didn't you compress it?!
In the time it takes for you to uncompress the thing you would have already downloaded the 11 extra MB. Mostly just my pet peeve of hating unnecessarily compressed files on DA. (It *is* more convenient to just save the .abr directly, IMO.)

But I have dial-up!

Why did you include Julia brushes in this one after vowing to not use them?
Someone went "LOL U STUPID NO ABLE TO RENDER JULIA SETS", so I included some of the better-looking ones in this pack to prove her wrong.

Why did you not include Lorenz brushes?
Unfortunately... they pretty much all look the same. xD

Kind of redundant to include them.

Why aren't these brushes colored like in the preview?
Are you serious?

Some of your brushes are too light/dark! Why?


Why, thank you for actually downloading and using my brush set. :rose:

Thank you for visiting and please comment! It helps me to know what types of fractals are useful as brushes :). If you make anything with these please do drop a message! It's nice to see how they are being put to use.
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