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Kara Godsey
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No one truly cares.
And yet again I have managed to neglect my deviantArt page. Curse the time restraints of college life! Meh. Moving on. I'm afraid that I don't have pieces worthy of showing as of late, but I am hoping to stumble upon a trench filled with inspiration sometime in the future. For now, I rest in a field of swirling thoughts. Some may offer the criticism that deviantArt is not exactly the place to write about one's opinions; that's what Facebook is for, right? Well, I beg to differ for the very simple fact that deviantArt just so happens to be spilling over the brim with brilliant minds and soulful artists. Who could possibly better to offer an opinion or an idea to? None, says I. ;) I suppose, at current, my journey could be described as the same ol' journey everyone else is traveling; that is, finding a purpose in their lives. I've dedicated some time to observing the behavior of others and how they seem to feel about the lives they lead. And in this observation, I have found that many people either seem to play out a part to sate those around them or are simply unhappy in general. Those who do seem content, however, keep their methods well-hidden. Some would point to religion for the path to contentment, but many religions are filled not with love and care for humanity, but with a thousand critical eyes and arms that open only to those who follow exactly as the arm-openers do. This is not contentment. I find myself surrounded by people who devote their entire lives to a philosophy that teaches love and generosity, but has none of this to offer for those who choose a different path. "We will accept you only under the right conditions." No. Just, no. For all the religions in the world, they should all share the quality of acceptance for those who do not see the world the same as they do. Because, without these people, the wonderful diversities that we see in art, music, literature, science, and general personality would be nonexistent. We would live in a black and white world, devoid of all color. People seek happiness, but they look in all of the wrong places. Do not take all of this to mean that I feel superior in any way; I, too, have looked in all of the wrong places for happiness and contentment. Only recently have I begun to question my methods and the methods of those around me, and I have decided to set my sights a little differently. And even in the smallish amount of time that I have traveled this new road (or perhaps just a different branch of the same road), I have discovered a few things that I feel I ought to share with all of you, the few who will devote the time to read this:
- Honesty is not the "best policy" It is a fundamental attribute that keeps us all from back-breaking self dissonance. Be honest with yourself, and be honest with those around you. The feeling that you have nothing to hide and will be judged exactly how you are is like standing on a mountaintop: the view is incredible.
- Forgive those who have hurt or wronged you because they may not have the capacity to forgive themselves. Pity them and hope (or pray, or chant, or whatever it is that you do) for them to find peace.
-Love is a beautiful thing in all of its flavors. Love of a significant other, love of a friend, or love of a family member. Each one is precious and fragile.
-We should all be thankful for any sensation that we receive. Each time you glance out on a beautiful landscape, remember that it is a treat to have eyes in the first place. Each time a chord is struck on a guitar, ride with your soul on the sound waves it produces. Not everyone has the luxury of hearing that sound, and not every creature has the ability to understand its emotional depth. The touch of bark on a tree, moss on a stone, or the skin of another is blinding in its brilliance. Think of how amazing it is that there are receptors in your fingertips to send a message to the brain, telling it of the sensations it should acknowledge. Smell the pine trees, taste the honey. Isn't it all delightful?
-Be thankful even for the negative sensations. For without them, no one would know exactly how to gauge the goodness of another. How would you recognize the softness of a rose petal if you had never experienced the roughness of carpet-burn or a thorn bush? Being hurt emotionally is what teaches us the value of forgiveness, and doing something wrong or making a mistake shows us the importance of growing.  

That's just a few of the things whose magnitude of importance has only recently made its way into my awareness. Perhaps it is silly that I have posted this here. But I have this childish little belief that paintings, drawings and photography are just the bare surface of art. To me, art extends not only to what one is able to create for the viewing, but also what they are able to create within themselves and the hearts of others. We'll see where this view takes me.To you, Reader, I hope that I have written something here that was worth your time. You have been faithful, and followed me all the way to the end of it. Thank you for your time, your patience, and your existence. Carry on.
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