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Canada Grungy Flag by think0

I'm writing a new novel based on the canadian city of Toronto.
I need some help cause is so hard find pictures or news about this city for what I need
specially cause about the block of the city are described so approximately.
So if you know where I can find any info please let me know. 
I need to describe specially places and block in dectails to give who read the feeling
to know this big town., i need to know how is live in this town, it there difference 
living in a block from another one, in which way people can visit the Niagara Falls, 
if there are much abandoned building, ect.
In short, all kinds of information can be useful. In one words I need DECTAILS
All the help will be much appreciated.

Spring Explosion by KmyGraphic

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 works all from Canada.


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oh hello, thanks for featured me
Ecathe's avatar
my pleasure :hug:
KrisSimon's avatar
Thanks for the feature (still don't know why you chose a landscape of the island Tenerife, but hey! :))

All the best to your Canada-blog and Toronto-Novel :)
Ecathe's avatar
Probably I choose Tenerife cause the DA-search put it 
into the Canada search I do. 
Anyway is a beautiful image.

By the way I had an erotic blog, and I'm writing a novel set in the 
Toronto Town. Unfortunately I don't have any Canada blog, 
but I love so much this country.

Thanks so much for the points hun! :hug:
Val-Faustino's avatar
Thanks very much for the feature :huggle:
Ecathe's avatar
My pleasure :hug;
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Hi there! I sent you a note earlier about another matter but then I noticed this. I live in Oakville (one of the cities surrounding Toronto, about 30-40 minutes away) and have friends who live in downtown Toronto. I'm not on dA very much, but feel free to shoot me a note with any questions you might have or need for particular photos (I go into Toronto semi-regularly and will be there the entire first weekend of September for Fan Expo).

Also, I'm a book and copy editor if you need any help at any stage of your novel writing (I also do pro bono work from time to time).

Have a lovely day!
Ecathe's avatar
I read and reply to your note yesterday :lol:
sorry for the delay.
ScribeCat's avatar
No worries! I'm sorry my replies might come a little late, but I'm eager to help you with your book!
Ecathe's avatar
Thanks so much dear :smooch:
PaulMcKinnon's avatar
Thank you very much for the feature it is a great collection!
Ecathe's avatar
my pleasure :smooch:
maxlake2's avatar
Thanks so much for adding my Montreal image to this beautiful Feature. :aww:
Ecathe's avatar
my pleasure :smooch:
Mike-the-dabbler's avatar
I can take stock photos of Toronto during September 22-26 for 10 points each.
Ecathe's avatar
Thanks dear, but I don't have points to trade.
I spent all to renew my subscription.
gigi50's avatar
Beautiful feature :clap:
Thank You so much for including some of mine :hug:
What part of Toronto do you want info on?
I have a few photos here in this folder:
Ecathe's avatar
Thanks, happy that you like the pics I choose :hug:

About the book I'd need to know some of these things:

which blocks (neighborhoods) you meet to arrive from the  Toronto Pearson International airport
to an hotel with the view on the Ontario Lake?

How is the center of the city? 

what are the most characteristic neighborhoods (or blocks - sorry but I don't know also in in Canada 
use block as in Usa)?

There are an area or some area where there are abandoned buildings? (in the book the reason cause the main charapter  (Sarah) is in Canada 
is to find a building for a farmaceutical major to use for their offices)

Relying on the news that I find on the net I talk about: GabbageTown District, Distillery District, 
Harbourfront, Waterfront and Downton. There are other districts that I can include?

Which are the most amazing place to view? 

How is the life in Toronto (school, work, secirity, other city around to see, night life, etc)

Thanks so much for the help
I get a look on your gallery link, and there are amazing pictures. Tomorrow if DA load all pics I look them all.
They are so helpfull.

Thanks so much :smooch:

gigi50's avatar
HI! I had a few extra minutes I think in some of the articles I sent you
it might actually cover the last questions
and like any big city in Canada or other countries in the most
Night life is found all over the city same as busy districts and schools everywhere 
If you like living in a big city and love the hustle and the bustle Toronto
is a good place

I prefer Vancouver British Columbia Canada myslef :giggle:
I have a son who lives in Toronto and a daughter in Vancouver
so I have visited both frequently :w00t:
Good Luck with your book
Also  yes we call different areas here Neighborhoods and also districts
not blocks!

Oh and for abandoned buildings it was hard to find anything specific 
and was not able to copy link, maybe you could ask Brett that one for sure
or if you go look on a group here with photos of abandoned buildings (there are many)
you might find someone from Toronto., I know of a few but don't remember there name
will let you know if I do, only when they post something new then I will remember :D
Ecathe's avatar
Hi dear
for the place where the book is set (that mean the place the 
characters of the book lives) I take inspiration from this house
openhouse24.ca/15-cachet (this is the place where James' family lives).

and for one of the building that can be buy I try inspiration from this
condo, decribing it like an abandoned place

About Vancouver: is more expensive of Toronto for living in it?
is not more cold in winter?

Thanks so much hun for all. :hug:
gigi50's avatar
WOW Great choices and that house Oh my what a dream house
if it comes with maids that is :giggle:

Vancouver is slightly more expensive then Toronto
but not by much, even though they do say it is
and not much of a Winter in Vancouver, just more rain and dampness
but every year is different but always on the warmer side of the rest of Canada.
Toronto being in the South of the Province and on a lake not
the sea does get a bit colder then Vancouver but will tend to be
the warmer spot in Ontario, they get the odd snow storm but
it feels cold because of the wind and humidity from lake Ontario!
Ecathe's avatar
LOL was really an amazing house just a bit expensive 
to buy, but fortunately I have only to describe it in the book.
To pay this house I need other 200 lives.
I read that was sold for about 8 mln dollars 

About Toronto: so  in september start to be much cold?
Thanks again for help
gigi50's avatar
YES extremely expensive I agree
Toronto does not start to get cold until November or December
some years only in January but always damp feeling!
Ecathe's avatar
Thanks dear :smooch:
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