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General update
Hello all, I'm not arting much to be honest, besides doodling in physics (slow talking professor). I'm over halfway done with my bachelors and will be applying to graduate school 1 year post-graduation, so theoretically entering 2 years after graduation. Am planning out my senior year currently and can't believe the number of ticked boxes on my graduation checklist. I mostly log in to delete messages (sorry yall my GPA is a 3.25...not great for applying to masters programs...) and keep my account 'active' so it's not deleted. I also like to laugh at my middle school self. It won't be long til my 10 year anniversary on the website. Can't b
General update
Freshman year is going well so far. I'm doing really good in all my classes. I changed my major from engineering to something more medical so that it can better prepare me for med school (should I get accepted). I'm thinking about taking National Registry. I passed EMT-B last year, and got certified, but AL requires passing NR to be licensed. And I genuinely want to - it would be 'finishing' my EMT class' journey. Other than that, things are going mostly good. I'm just busy. I'm always doing homework, but that's expected. I'm planning on taking four classes this summer at the community college back home, so that I'm caught up from the two
Been yearly another year since my last journal entry. Lots of things are changing, figured I'd update for the sake of yall that are still reading. Art: Drawing occasionally, still working on hands and general anatomy. My big issue is still progressing from anime to realism, and since I haven't been able to put a lot of time into drawing it's taking longer than normal. Work: Working this summer, am averaging 26 hrs/wk, but it's not too bad since I am starting a second job at a biology research center in a week. 26 hrs/wk at existing job plus 20 hrs/wk at new job.... makes for a busy me! Personal: One of my closest friends (er) wanted to FWB


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Think you might be able to help me with this…
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Hello there. I am sorry to bother you but I am trying to help spread around this petition to save the animated show Star Wars The Clone Wars. As you might have already heard, the show has been cancelled as of Disney's aquistion of the Star wars franchise. While I believe this is a long shot, people right now are trying to persuade disney not to cancel the show and allow them to continue creating everything they had originally planned. It is said that they had plans to take the show to an eight season if possible. Right now they plan to only release two arcs for the so called bonus content and neither of them reveal the fates of Ahsoka, Ventress, Maul, or Rex. They were even suppose to make a bounty hunter arc that revealed the fates of Cad Bane and Aurra Sing but now that won't be shown. To leave The Clone Wars unfinished would mean leaving all this characters in limbo. Dave Filoni and his team deserve to finish leaving their mark on Star Wars after everything they have done.

For the sake of continuity in the Star Wars universe, as well as a good show, I ask you to sign the petition by going to through the link below to help save the Clone Wars. All you need is to be on facebook. If you do not care for the show or are not interested, I respect your opinion and apologize in advance for bothering you. Thank you for you time.

If you already signed the petition then I apologize for annoying you and really appreciate the support you have given. If you could share the petition with your friends and other star wars fans, that would be great.


Note that you need a facebook account to sign. If you don't have one, sign this petition here on DA

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TAG YOU'RE IT! [link]
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Ewan Mcgregor Talks star Wars Underworld! [link]
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Thank you so much for fave. :):D