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Angry Derpy

By Ec8er


My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic © Hasbro
Art © me
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© 2011 - 2021 Ec8er
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derpyfanboy's avatar
Hey there! I used this in a comic
I put a tie on her :)
Haley--Chan's avatar
Derpy doesn't approve of your shit. 
ToxicAlien2014's avatar
Misty-McBrosky's avatar
Hey, Ec8er, i was wondering, could I possibly use this as a cover for a fanfiction I'm writing? I will give you full credit for the picture.
NoSoPokehidden's avatar
I used this as my youtube pic
rimrunner15's avatar
Someone stole her muffins, I think...
BlackMorass's avatar
I always love that look of disapproval on her face.
regiear1991's avatar
Just to let you know, I used this vector for a flag design lol [link] Thanks for making this available here.
DerekTheVaporeon's avatar
Can I make a version where she is doing the :iconflutterrageplz: face with this vector?
Ec8er's avatar
Why are you asking me?
DerekTheVaporeon's avatar
I wanted to make a edited version.
Ec8er's avatar
IF you credit me
BloodyEye's avatar
who don't love that face?
Ryugaknight's avatar
Even when angry Derpy/Ditzy is so cute.
Synth-Nine's avatar
where was this when i tried to make my avatar!
Trzypies's avatar
Even Derpy hates me!
OudieTH's avatar
Derpy: well duuh!
she almost going say that with that face. XD
Dragonstar1278's avatar
someone must've made an obnoxious comment about her eyes.XD
MadamLexidethLucario's avatar
Oh look, it's my avatar!:iconmadamlexidethlucario:
A-New-Recipeh's avatar
Ditzy Doo is not amused...
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