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Banks Orbital

An Orbital habitat, as described by Iain M Banks
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Isn't this Orbital INSIDE OUT? I understand the living space to be on the inside of the ring. The outside is comprised of conduits and lifeless mechanisms. Also, if biosphere is on outside, how would one be able to see the other side of the ring?

Gorgeous rendering. Absolutely stunning image. I certainly don't mean to take anything away from that. Beautiful work.
The biosphere is on the inside in this megastructure, as you point out. This image was created using Celestia, a very flexible stellar planetarium/display program.

This particular program can accept 3D models, either in the 3DS format or in the native .cms format. However the illumination in this program sometimes looks a bit odd. In this image the object seems to be illuminated in a slightly odd manner. I like Celestia since it makes very realistic planets in real time, but it isn't quite perfect when displaying other objects yet.

The model can be downloaded here, by the way.…
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While it'd only be a tiny speck, a pixel or two at most, where'd the hub?
Ah; this is an Orbital from Orion's Arm, which includes many different types of rotating habitat, including Niven Rings, Bishop Rings and Banks Orbitals. Most OA Banks Orbitals don't have hubs.
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This looks awesome. How'd you make it?
I made it in Celestia; the model itself is available here
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