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JI: Roseanne Blackthorn

Roseanne Blackthorn [ ALIVE ]

19 [ SENIOR ]

September 9th


5'10" / 177 cm

Super High School Level

|| Homemaker

Being a homemaker essentially means to manage a home. It's a simple title, not one that many think much of - after all, anyone can cook and clean with a little effort, but to make a career out of it is challenging to say the least. What makes Roseanne more than just a maid or a housekeeper is her unrivaled talent for discovering new ways to cook. New ways to clean, and organize, and inspire every dedicated homeowner to bring out the best of their living situation, no matter how grand or meager. Roseanne has gone on to host shows and publish books dedicated to just this.... and even released her own line of utensils and décor at the request of her fans!


Ethnicity and Homeland
Caucasian [ NEBRASKA, USA ]

Key Features

Arrow left Permanent grimace 

Arrow left Low ponytail in center of back

Arrow left Red lipstick 

Arrow left Thick ended eyebrows

Arrow left Hourglass figure

Arrow left Hazy pink eyes




Sewing Kit


Cleaning gloves

Tube of lipstick

Gifts / Purchases




pleasant // reliable // independent // perceptive // determined // gracious
impatient // overbearing // overcritical // finicky // aloof

As a hostess, model, and homemaker, Roseanne Blackthorn, is the woman of every average Joe and Jolene's dreams. After all, it isn't just about getting the job done - it's about doing it with style and grace, is it not? She's charming and delightful, but humble when she needs to be, and most importantly, she knows how to make every guest feel like they're at home... and as herself, she is anything but that.

This woman is a walking contradiction - a lazy busybody would be the best way to describe her. Roseanne is constantly churning out new ideas and new methods of making the most out of home life, but to the point that it leaves her feeling mentally drained. The rest of the time, she's a walking, talking zombie, capable of socializing with her peers but completely lacking in emotion or even the will to care. 

There are few rare occasions where Roseanne can show interest in someone - usually in a platonic sense, but when she does, she'll nurture and care for them in the only way she knows how; by judging their every action, making snarky remarks, lording over them, and y'know, just bullying them into submission. But they'll be rewarded with plenty of affection!


Roseanne grew up in a small town in the middle of bumblefuck nowhere. It was a bleak place with little to do within a 100 mile radius, but its tight knit community worked together to make it flourish. Together, they kept their spot on the map by providing tourists with a taste of their rustic charm. The Blackthorns ran the finest B&B in town, and considering that it kept the rest of the small businesses up and running, they were the pillar of the community. 

But nobody knew just how much that pillar was crumbling.


It's true, Roseanne wouldn't have been able to get to where she is today without her parents' guidance. She learned everything she knew from them, and they learned what they knew from their parents. It wasn't the oldest running bed and breakfast in the country, but it had to have at least made the charts. Back in those days, they even enjoyed what they did, not that Roseanne could remember any of it, but if she had to put a number on it, she'd say that things started changing when she was around 11. 

It crept up on her without her even knowing - that her mother was suddenly less involved in her personal life, and that her father was more critical and demanding. It wasn't just about being happy anymore, it was about being the best. She hadn't known why either, not until she snuck into a town meeting one day and overheard a discussion about getting rid of the quiet watch repair shop... not a week after their decision, it store was empty and it's residents? Gone. 

That's how this place was. It was eat or be eaten, and if they weren't on top, then they'd be eaten by a bigger shark. That's what her daddy taught her after that day, and since then, her respect for the both of them dwindled. 


For years, Roseanne had no choice but to sit back and watch her parents slash down anyone that stood in the way of their "growth." In reality, they couldn't have been further from it. After playing the role of loan sharks for so long, they'd forgotten what it meant to run and maintain a B&B. Roseanne had been the only thing keeping the place in business, and they hadn't realized it until she'd gotten a job offer from one of its guests. 

And Lord, she would have jumped at the opportunity to get out of this town, but her mom and pops surely hadn't lost their way with words. They somehow managed to convince her to take both jobs - it'd give the town an even better reputation for tourists to not only hear about Roseanne's experience through her writing, but to witness it for themselves at their inn! This became a running theme for the next 3 years. As Roseanne's fame increased, so did her parents' determination to make her the face of the town. Don't get her wrong, she hated every second of being stuck in that house. She wanted to leave, if only to keep herself from hating those sharks she called mom and dad, who took her achievements and made them their own and turned her into a vessel to speak through, act through, and puppeteer when she was on camera.... but some part of her still believed that if she left, their community would collapse.

A letter from Hope's Peak was final kick she needed to snap her out of her spell. It was an offer she couldn't refuse, right? No one could say she was abandoning them, and it would be her decision alone. But just to stay on the safe side, she kept this secret. The only trace of her left in their home was a goodbye letter. 


Tick P i e

Tick Espresso 

Tick Tidy surroundings

Tick Perfumes / fragrant aromas

Tick Symmetry  

Tick DIY

Tick Singing along to old records


Cross Down-time

Cross Minimal effort

Cross Bugs

Cross Rodents

Cross Fast food / instant dinners

Cross Kids


Arrow left Persistence - When she has a task, she gets it done. Not anyone or anything can stand in the way of her goals.

Arrow left Resilience - Takes backlash and criticism with a grain of salt. Despite what anyone says, she'll continue to do things how she sees fit. 

Arrow left Resourceful - Constantly coming up with new ideas and projects to keep herself occupied. When she's not bustling around, she's thinking of ways to do so. 

Arrow left Singing - She has a well developed singing voice after years of humming during work. 


Arrow left Unsympathetic - Is capable of understanding someone's feelings, but just doesn't have the energy to care most times. 

Arrow left Distracted - Challenging to get to know. Always in her own head space and prefers to work alone. 

Arrow left Hyperactive - Hates doing nothing. If she goes to long without doing anything, she'll become tense, depressed, quick tempered, or all of the above. 


Gift Preference

salmon heart bullet //Love

038. Cloth Wrap Backpack

082. Japanese Tea Cup

087. Absolute Tuning Fork

114. 1000 Cherry Blossoms

yellow heart bullet //Like

009. Non-Alcoholic Wine 

016. Cod Roe Baguette

034. Earrings of Crushed Evil

045. Ogami Clan Codex

048. Black Rabbit Picture Book

086. Century Potpourri

black heart bullet //Dislike

061. The Funbox

062. The Funplane

064. Nitro Racer

108. An An Aan

RP Sample

It was honestly pretty funny how much of a frightened little kid this guy turned out to be. Wasn't he supposed to be some sort of strongman? Well, he was ten inches shorter than her, and she just so happened to be wearing heels today too. Guy must've felt like he standing was face to face with a grizzly. Forcing herself to put on a kind smile was difficult, but having something to laugh about helped.

"Why're you here?" 

... He still looked scared, but now with a dash of confusion. Roseanne sighed in frustration.

"What I mean is- you got talent, don't you? You're pretty much the strongest guy in the whole town, so there's nothing left for you here. And you can help your mama all you want, but my parents... if they want that diner gone, by god, they're gonna get rid of it. You don't need this place! I wouldn't even be surprised if you found a letter from Hope's Peak in your mailbox, but you're not gonna get it by cooping yourself up here."

He still didn't seem entirely convinced, so she rolled her eyes and added, "... Y'know, strongest Hope's Peak graduate in the world... Someone like that would probably get a line out the door wherever they decided to open a restaurant."

That seemed to perk him up a bit.

"Think about it.... And take your socks off if you're gonna wear sandals, by the way. Disgusting."


Double Exclamation Voice Claim

Double Exclamation Grew up in the same town as Raye Oakley

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