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History Typography Wallpaper

By ebturner
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I've seen things like this before except for other words, and I'm a U.S. history teacher and really LOVE fonts and typography so I wanted to try my hand at it.. I feel the font you use is an extension of the word you're using and expresses it that much more. This is the result of probably 24 hrs over 3 days. It has 42 different fonts in it. All but one are free from different websites. This was done using GIMP 2.6.7. There are about 45-47 different layers in the image. I probably still have the original file somewhere around here if you'd like to try your hand at it. You'll have to find the fonts on your own though! :)

Fonts include:
Loki Cola
Dr. Peppers
American Scribe
Park Lane NF
Twentieth Century, Medium
Base 02
Carnivalee Freakshow
IM FELL English
Trinigan FG
MarkerFeltWide-Plain Thin
SF Hollywood Hills
New Yorker Medium
Computerfont Thin
Danzig 4p
Midland Rail NF
Beatnik Thin
aaaiight! fat
Kabel LT Std Heavy
Cooper Thin
Tobacco Road NF
vtks Rude Metal
28 Days Later
Agency FB Bold Condensed
Army Thin, Thin
Motor Oil 1937 M54
Image size
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davidsobeHobbyist Photographer
Nice wallpaper.  I had to favorite that because I was a history major (which shows just how misguided and wayward I was back then).
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ebturnerHobbyist Artist
haha....thanks. I enjoyed making it. I want to do more regarding world history and a few other topics.

So you were a history major?  You didn't get your degree in it?

Most all the history majors I met were pretty misguided and wayward. Odd. nerdy. weird.
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davidsobeHobbyist Photographer
I was a history major as in I was a student.  Yes, I have a history degree.  Misguided, wayward yes, not odd, nerdy and weird.  Those were the engineering students.
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Lumnius1110Hobbyist General Artist
Lol you got something against enginerring students?
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ebturnerHobbyist Artist
Well, yeah, they were too. But history students are odd and nerdy and weird too. Just in a different way. I mean what normal person gets excited over a JSTOR article or finding the primary source that you've been looking for for weeks to support your argument/thesis?  What normal person would rather spend a day or weekend in the stacks or archives than somewhere else?
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davidsobeHobbyist Photographer
Past is prologue.  I like to know what's coming.
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ebturnerHobbyist Artist
Yeap. Past is prologue. I love it. When I was working as an intelligence analyst, we would conduct trend or predictive analyst. You study the trends of organizations and attempt to predict future actions. It was great. It was certainly an example of using knowing your history in order to not repeat it.
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davidsobeHobbyist Photographer
Yes, patterns exist in everything.  Chaos theory is fascinating.  Anyway, I like to see the patterns.
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ebturnerHobbyist Artist
As do I. I really enjoy finding the patterns, the cycles...Being an intel analyst was a great job. It combined all the best elements - geography, politics, history, economics, sociology,...it was awesome. Some of the things I'd love to tell you. (But then I'd have to kill you unfortunately.) :)
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nice shot
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ebturnerHobbyist Artist
Thanks for the compliment. I thought I replied to this last year. I'm so sorry I didn't. Thanks for commenting. I'm glad you liked it. :)
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KajmHobbyist Writer
I don't suppose the 'fake, but accurate' font is in there?
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ebturnerHobbyist Artist
Mmm...that'd be an interesting font. I wonder what it would look like?!?
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KajmHobbyist Writer
Not sure. I think it is called 'Faux.'
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Nice work, no matter how many times I see this effect, I like it every time.
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ebturnerHobbyist Artist
Thank you so much for those kind words. It was fun creating this.
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NicciReHobbyist Photographer
Your work, as always, is amazing... love your take on things... and definitely enjoy all the meaning behind this :D
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ebturnerHobbyist Artist
Thank you for your very kinds words. This was certainly a labor of love.
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dkey78Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Nice approach, looks cool n i feel like i'm back in time. :D
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ebturnerHobbyist Artist
Thanks. I enjoyed creating it.
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enchantmaProfessional Digital Artist
Beautifully done! I like the assortment of fonts...adds a lot of energy to the image.
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ebturnerHobbyist Artist
Thank you so much! :)
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ebturnerHobbyist Artist
Thanks! I appreciate that!
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