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A screen
An electronic panel of lights and shapes
You look with intent seeing what the person on the other side does with those shapes in colors
You yearn to see what they say
What they think
What they feel
Seeing their words and knowing that they care about your lonely existence fills you with glee
Every moment you can't see them for real you look for the shapes
The shapes that define the thoughts of the one person you care about the most
You go on with your day, sending the messages back and forth
Living life as it comes to you
Carefree of anything other than the thoughts of the other person
You message, waiting for a response
Seconds to minutes pass, no real thoughts about it
Hours pass, your thoughts are filled with only the wonder of what's become of the other person
More Hours pass, you begin to feel lonely, isolated, afraid that you've been dropped back into your little lonely world without a word
More hours pass, your body slows, your stomach turns, no thoughts in your head but sadness and frustration
A day passes, you're lost in wondering what took the person so long that it seemed they forgot you
You message again
And again
And again
And again
Waiting for those familiar words to appear before you
Thoughts being to churn in your mind, frustration, anger, sadness, fear
You begin having nightmares and sick thoughts of the worst that's happened and your little world begins to come crumbling down
Another day passes, you begin to give up hope
Retreating in to your hole you were so adamant to leave
But that familiar sound, that sight which you missed so dearly shows up once more
And everything arises once more like a sunrise
You begin to cherish every second you have
Hours to minutes to days pass once more
Again fearing that they'll turn to months or years
A hopeless obsession or an undying passion
It's all irrelevant to you
You just can't let it go
Working out patience and fear
© 2015 - 2021 Eboy4190
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