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Im not crying... by Eboy4190 Im not crying... :iconeboy4190:Eboy4190 8 0
Don't Do It
If you don’t really love someone, to claim it just to then kill them inside.
Don’t build someone up emotionally if you’re going to be the one to rip them down.
Don’t dedicate yourself to someone you couldn’t care less about.
Don’t fill someone with hopes and dreams that you’re going to actively destroy.
Don’t make them love you if you’re going to make them hate you.
Don’t accept someone’s heart if you’re going to return it in tatters.
Don’t compliment them and make them feel special if you’re going to toss them to the wind.
Don’t lie to someone who gives you nothing but the truth.
Don’t listen to every word if you’re going to ignore them later.
Don’t pull them out of the abyss only to push them back in.
Don’t claim to respect someone if you can’t even talk to them.
Don’t present yourself someone of caring when you’re really an impulsive fool.
Don’t b
:iconeboy4190:Eboy4190 0 0
Heartache by Eboy4190 Heartache :iconeboy4190:Eboy4190 0 0 Paranoia by Eboy4190 Paranoia :iconeboy4190:Eboy4190 0 0
Obsessive Passion
A screen
An electronic panel of lights and shapes
You look with intent seeing what the person on the other side does with those shapes in colors
You yearn to see what they say
What they think
What they feel
Seeing their words and knowing that they care about your lonely existence fills you with glee
Every moment you can't see them for real you look for the shapes
The shapes that define the thoughts of the one person you care about the most
You go on with your day, sending the messages back and forth
Living life as it comes to you
Carefree of anything other than the thoughts of the other person
You message, waiting for a response
Seconds to minutes pass, no real thoughts about it
Hours pass, your thoughts are filled with only the wonder of what's become of the other person
More Hours pass, you begin to feel lonely, isolated, afraid that you've been dropped back into your little lonely world without a word
More hours pass, your body slows, your stomach turns, no thoughts in your head but
:iconeboy4190:Eboy4190 1 0
Frustration by Eboy4190 Frustration :iconeboy4190:Eboy4190 0 0 Those Who Shut You Down by Eboy4190 Those Who Shut You Down :iconeboy4190:Eboy4190 0 0 Those Who Open You Up by Eboy4190 Those Who Open You Up :iconeboy4190:Eboy4190 1 0 Those Who Hold You Close by Eboy4190 Those Who Hold You Close :iconeboy4190:Eboy4190 0 0 Can't Let Go by Eboy4190 Can't Let Go :iconeboy4190:Eboy4190 0 0 Anxiety by Eboy4190 Anxiety :iconeboy4190:Eboy4190 2 0
A window
A plain, simple window
Slightly tainted but still transparent
You can see through it clear as day
And what's on the other side?
Is it an unimaginable adventure?
Or an unspeakable horror?
Is it a soft spoken, caring lover?
Or an angry, abusive slaver?
Is it a blinding, hopeful light?
Or an ominous, dreadful darkness?
Look through and find out
Because my eyes are not yours
For you must live for your own
:iconeboy4190:Eboy4190 0 0
Living life is an unpredictable mess
It's and often unspoken truth that there is little finite definition when it comes to human endings
We all have our own beginnings and ends, chapters and story arcs, every day a new page turned
People like to live life on the edge to make the most out of their mortality
People like to live life peacefully so the serenity of their surroundings are their only concerns
People hate to feel like their life is being wasted on something they don't believe in
Every day going to school to learn a subject that has little to no use
Every day going to a dead end job earning a few bucks to eat and live under a roof
Every day waking up just waiting for they day it all ends and their flame of life extinguishes
People live in fear because of things they don't understand
People live comfortably to avoid the stress of the unknown
People live alone to avoid the heartache of seeing the pain of loved ones
To live at all is to have your own story, your own biography
:iconeboy4190:Eboy4190 0 0
Awakened Embrace by Eboy4190 Awakened Embrace :iconeboy4190:Eboy4190 3 0
A life of anxiety is a life of fear
A life of fear is a life of suffering
A life of suffering is a life wasted
:iconeboy4190:Eboy4190 0 3
The Carolus Legacy - Character Concept by Eboy4190 The Carolus Legacy - Character Concept :iconeboy4190:Eboy4190 0 0


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MrMadManiac Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2015  Hobbyist
Hey, you posted a comment here recently, asking about a funny anime based around the world wars. Well, there just happens to be an anime/manga known as: Axis Powers Hetalia.

The characters are all (somewhat stereotypical) representations of countries. Like Italy, Japan, Germany, and many more. Just take the historical element with a pinch of salt.
Eboy4190 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2015
I'm fully aware of that show haha. I'm actually a fan. Thanks for trying to help, though.
MrMadManiac Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2015  Hobbyist
Oh, well then. You're welcome anyway.

But, can I ask you a favor?
Eboy4190 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2015
That being...?
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Thanks for the watch! ^^
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I appreciate it, thanks
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