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Contest Entry- Flame by EbonyDunkelion Contest Entry- Flame :iconebonydunkelion:EbonyDunkelion 3 5 Contest Entry- Crystal by EbonyDunkelion Contest Entry- Crystal :iconebonydunkelion:EbonyDunkelion 0 2
WN: FM Ch 3 Sg 2
The Hellhound finally got over to the two and grabbed the Werewolf's scruff and he snarled and pulled backwards, ripping a large chunk from Dunkelheit's shoulder as the Werewolf was pulled away with Dunkelheit's fur and skin in his grip.
Dunkelheit snarled and whined, his bone slightly showing. He snarled and felt the blood gush down his leg and he own jaws clamped together with the Bloodlust's skin. He snarled and lifted his left foreleg off the ground, the pain rippling through his body, reminding him his shoulder was severely injured.
Dunkelheit dropped the chunk and snarled, his jaws spreading apart to where blood and saliva dripped from his blood-covered canines. He snarled and glared at his enemy, writhing in pain as his shoulder hurt and the Hellhound had a firm grip on him.
Suddenly a crash through the bushes revealed Phantom, who looked at the three, stopping on the Hellhound who was holding the Bloodlust in his jaws.
His white eyes were locked on the large Hellhound as he cou
:iconebonydunkelion:EbonyDunkelion 0 0
WN: FM Ch 3 Sg 1
Freckles snarled a she stared into the water and he yelled in frustration. The enemy had figured out his entire past and now he was stronger from the new power that now fully surged through his entire body. He snapped and turned around to Elizabeth and Bob.
Elizabeth whimpered and nodded, while Bob nodded in a stiff way, as he was refusing to rip this 'leader's' throat out.
Elizabeth turned around and started to pad off, Bob still glaring until she slapped the back of his head. He snarled and turned around and walked after her, everyone here as their humans, including Bloodlusters, lonely Werewolves, and Weres on the brink of Bloodlusting.
But Elizabeth and Bob bickered the entire way through Colorado. They were bickering about their past. Why she left him. Why she kept that mongrel-Dunkelheit- for a
:iconebonydunkelion:EbonyDunkelion 0 0
WN: FM Ch 2 Sg 2
When he finally finished, he walked inside and sat down with a huff and soon curled up on the couch and took a nap like a very small pup would.
He was super tired because he'd been woken up, and lately he couldn't stay asleep very well, because a gnawing urge was bothering the shit out of him. And frequently, last time he had this feeling, it was when he first met his mother. Who had sent cowards out and left scars in his hands from the dagger they dug deeply into his hands.
He looked down at his palms as the straight lines that ran through the middle of his palms that were horizontal were darkened, a darker tone then his tanned skin. But he shook off the feeling that something was coming and he thought about preparing the pack, but he knew he must be overreacting.
But when he woke up, it was pitch black outside and he tried to fall asleep, he even went to his own bed by then, but he couldn't fall asleep. He could not fall asleep. Adrenaline was coursing through his veins and he checke
:iconebonydunkelion:EbonyDunkelion 0 0
WN: FM Ch 2 Sg 1
Damien woke up with shake to the shoulder, Zapada shaking him madly. He barked and nearly Shifted, "WHAT?! WHAT'S HAPPENING?! IS EVERYONE OKAY?!"
Damien was completely worried because he usually gets his twelve, or more, hours of sleep. He turned his head to Zapada, who was having the ':3' face and said, "No. I wanna go to Ihop."
He yawned and rolled from bed, landing with heavy thump, but the tired moron was too lazy to even get his lazy ass off the floor. Zapada sighed and kicked his back and ordered, "Get up, you lazy-ass Werewolf!"
He stood up and murmured, "I'm up. I'm up."
She smirked and went down the hallways to wake the others.
As he made his way downstairs to the kitchen, he yawned and slammed his head onto the table, nearly falling asleep and he heard Marcy start to laugh at him for his sudden appearance and how he could crack her up by just banging his head on the table.
Damien smirked, always loving some pleasure from others from his actions.
When everyone finally came dow
:iconebonydunkelion:EbonyDunkelion 0 6
He in trouble.... by EbonyDunkelion He in trouble.... :iconebonydunkelion:EbonyDunkelion 0 4 Logo for WN:FM by EbonyDunkelion Logo for WN:FM :iconebonydunkelion:EbonyDunkelion 0 0
WN: FM Ch. 1 Sg. 2
A Bloodlust Werewolf is a Werewolf that's lost all senses of rights and wrongs, and where they'll actually go and literally murder anything in their way, they're just full of bloodlust. Hence the name "Bloodlust" or "Bloodlusters."
Damien growled and had came inside by then, unaware of his mother gathering up what remained of his father, but he didn't care much, it just meant more fighting, but he didn't care really.
He was lounging around on the couch, and had taken a quick nap when suddenly Zapada poked him and snapped, "Damien!"
His head snapped up and he stopped inches away from her face, and stared at her face, with wide eyes and he yawned, "What?"
"School or work?"
Damien was confused. "What? Huh?"
Zapada sighed/growled and said, "Do you want to go to school or work?"
"Work sucks. School sucks. What do you think?"
She shrugged, "Not my choice. But I'm going to work."
He groaned and would've flattened back his ears if he had been in his wolf form. He groaned, "School…?"
:iconebonydunkelion:EbonyDunkelion 0 6
WN: FM Ch. 1 Sg. 1
Damien bolted through the forest around the cabin, his heart drumming in his ears. His dark blue eyes glanced around and his Ying-Yang- like ears twisted around as he listened to sounds. As he searched, he spotted a figure, but he stopped, looking back at the figure.
He yelped, suddenly a large form looming over him and he fell to the ground, a large black she-wolf landing on him heavily. He barked and struggled to get up, to face who had tackled him.
But when he stood up, his tail was wagging and his tongue lolled. He play bowed against Marcy, Zapada's mother.
They bolted home, the taggers now, wondering where the other Werewolves were.
Yeah, Marcy and Damien were Werewolves. Damien led the pack, along with Zapada and her mate, Phantom. Marcy was her mother who recently joined and became their Beta Female.
Zapada and Damien had what they called Bonds, pets that they would die for and eventually turned to become a new stronger species. They're Bonds where Thumper- Damien's who was once
:iconebonydunkelion:EbonyDunkelion 0 2
Evil and Good Wolf in a cave
You're walking in a cave; you have just entered it, being dragged along by fate and a powerful instinct.
You're eyes. They're adjusting, but you can't see very well. Little do you know, you're coming up on your first road block.
You stop. It's a ditch that goes down so far that when you spit in it, you can't hear it hit the hard, cold floor.
You pause. And look around, in a desperate search to look for something, before what you're standing on snaps in half.
You find a rope, sitting there, like magic. You reach over and try to grab it, you fingers grab the air millimeters away from your hand. You try to scoot farther towards it, but just end up almost falling. You try to stretch your arm out further.
You scream in frustration and listen to it echo as you try to grab the rope.
You ask yourself, "Why can't I go backwards?"
A mind within your head says, "Because that is the past. And you cannot do anything about the past."
You growl back at the voice, "That sucks."
The voice is gone, but
:iconebonydunkelion:EbonyDunkelion 0 6
Last Squishy DX by EbonyDunkelion Last Squishy DX :iconebonydunkelion:EbonyDunkelion 0 0 Squishy 3 by EbonyDunkelion Squishy 3 :iconebonydunkelion:EbonyDunkelion 1 0 Squishy 2 by EbonyDunkelion Squishy 2 :iconebonydunkelion:EbonyDunkelion 1 0 Squishy 1 by EbonyDunkelion Squishy 1 :iconebonydunkelion:EbonyDunkelion 3 8 Squishy Jingle Joker Bob X3 by EbonyDunkelion Squishy Jingle Joker Bob X3 :iconebonydunkelion:EbonyDunkelion 1 2
Hey peoples ;D This is my gallery, lately it's being filled up with stories over pictures because I'd rather write then draw XD So have fun looking at my pictures or stories :D


Why do we choose the wolf?
Why do we choose the wolf?
Is it because
It's beauty, or strength?
The books tell us wolves are evil.
Is it not rebellion that we choose them?
Or is it that our secret wish
Is to be wild
As the wolves are?
To run free?
Is it because
Of emotion?
The eyes of the wolf
Hold much emotion.
Do we wish to connect
With nature
And feel as it does?
Wolves kill..
Is it our longing…
To destroy our enemies?
Without suffering
From the laws
Has placed?
Why do we choose the wolf?
There are many creatures
In the world.
But we chose the wolf.
Is there not a reason?
Do we share a connection?
What if…
The wolves…
Chose us?
:iconcoolsarahkry:coolsarahkry 13 27
The lake by CountessBloody The lake :iconcountessbloody:CountessBloody 225 32 Bumblebee Camero by SilverWolf7444 Bumblebee Camero :iconsilverwolf7444:SilverWolf7444 19 7 Transformers Bumblebee by SilverWolf7444 Transformers Bumblebee :iconsilverwolf7444:SilverWolf7444 52 25 the color of blood by Suenta-DeathGod the color of blood :iconsuenta-deathgod:Suenta-DeathGod 85 17 Cynder by Suenta-DeathGod Cynder :iconsuenta-deathgod:Suenta-DeathGod 40 26 lugia armor wolf by Suenta-DeathGod lugia armor wolf :iconsuenta-deathgod:Suenta-DeathGod 70 17 kalio in the night by Suenta-DeathGod kalio in the night :iconsuenta-deathgod:Suenta-DeathGod 121 28 You make me tired, kids by woxys You make me tired, kids :iconwoxys:woxys 4,520 252 Crested crocodile by CamStatic Crested crocodile :iconcamstatic:CamStatic 181 70 Lunacy by Graywolf120 Lunacy :icongraywolf120:Graywolf120 3 11 Can I have your cookie? by woxys Can I have your cookie? :iconwoxys:woxys 2,864 269 Blue and Orange by kalicothekat Blue and Orange :iconkalicothekat:kalicothekat 108 20
Hellhound info
- Purebred is originated in Germany, born with crimson or yellow eyes and deep black fur / hair, decended from the original ghost hound to guard graveyards.
- Burst into flames to change forms, burning the ground beneath them and anything nearby. Born with a human-like appearance, with slit pupils, jagged teeth, and the ears and tail of a dog.
- Can take on three forms : Human (primary), Hound (secondary, for Surface sweeps), Hellhound (Only accessed if the seal is broken inside them)
- Males have longer, more pointed ears than females, who tend to have small, rounded ears. Female tails are also less bristled and have a smoother fur texture.
- Can originate from any country in the world. Some are even made of nothingness.
- Live inside a section of Hell called Sector 13, which is very large (approx. size of current-day Canada) and is ruled by a King, Queen, or both. However, having both is very rare. Whoever can kill the current ruler may take the throne as their own,
:iconlokymew:Lokymew 33 62
Cry Wolf issue 1 by jfrison Cry Wolf issue 1 :iconjfrison:jfrison 284 20
I'll sometimes randomly favorite a picture, or I'll favorite for reference XD


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So everyone. :iconebonydunkelion: will be bye-byed. But I've got a new account. This will be deactivated within a few days, so get caught up on WN: FM. Actually I'm just gonna copy paste them all and re-post them on my new acount :iconxdunkelheit: So hurry up everyone!

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Ebony Dunkelheit
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United States
"You are the Black Wolf. The typical fierce loner and usually the most troublesome. If you are not alone, you are the leader, or doing all the fighting...."
So that caught my eye. Becasue in my mind that was a perfect description of Dunkelheit.
He's a black wolf, with golden eyes, while red laces around his pupils. He's usually described as a fierce wolf and he's been a loner lately (not counting Divided Demise) becasue lately a couple of things have left him to leave the comfort of surrounding wolves and looking for his past that keeps dwindling with his mind.
He was a very troublesome, and still is, wolf for he loves to cause shit, though he's stopped that and does whats best for others.
In most of the packs he's been in, he's the Heir to the Alpha spot, or was the Alpha anyways. But usually the people he's around, not Zappers she can handle her own stuff, others he does their fights, becasaue he always adores a good fight/spar.
So the orginal owner of the picture is unknown, but I hope I can find them soon.
But anyways I might just make my own version of that with Dunkelheit and give credit to the unknown person who made this.

Nothing you need to know of me other then I do not like to draw, but write.

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