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Chicken Math [Picture Version] by Ebonsong Chicken Math [Picture Version] by Ebonsong
"They come in buff?!" ;)

This was an eerie (and unplanned) compliment to my "Chicken Math" OTF diary entry:…

It's nearly all there: Buff, silver/splash, touch of red, black & chipmunk.

These are not purely EE's but rather an EExSilkie, with their father being a solid EE roo. My goal for these are for the blue/green eggs, not necessarily my cold-hardy breeding project but we'll see. Both breeds I mentioned have peacombs & can lay blue/green eggs so this worked out well for me. It was a 4 hour drive into Quebec. Kinda sudden, but when you find a good opportunity you've got to snag it quick. This is my last chance of raising chicks before winter sets in. And they'll be a good distraction & pick-me up.

My guess is 2 are definite girls, 2 may be boys & the 1 I'm unsure of. The little buff one and the grey (I think in the back) are both girls.
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