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MOVED BACK TO lostgears

Welp...I think I'm going to move back to my old account. Should they ever heed my suggestion about combining profiles I'll keep ebonrouge on the back burner. Oh well at least I don't have to change my avatar. Now, this um, is going to be a long process and I'm not happy about doing it. But it's something that has to be done. Please forgive me, because I am going to hate myself during this whole process. So many deviations...

But alas, this is for the best. I miss this community, but it doesn't miss me on my ebonrouge account. In the three years I persevered to build a new account for myself it only amounted to a few faves and maybe some comments, but sadly that was it. I have a bad feeling that when I return to my old will be different. I am sick of being invisible, all because I don't have the fucking tick or the 8+ years invested into the account, 785 watchers, ext. Those lacks make me look like a newb no matter how loud I scream otherwise. God just thinking about that awful fact infuriates me. If we would of had that name change feature three years ago this would never of been an issue, but no they had to demonize it for over a decade.

There are a lot of things I suggested years ago that were shot down but are now being used on here today. It's frustrating but at the same time I am glad they are now more open minded and diverse. They are actually listening to this community, which is fucking daunting because back in the day we had to pull tooth and nail to get something added or changed. You guys think you have it rough now? lol...

So first thing obviously, I changed my old account's user name. I debated for days about doing it since they released that new ability. However I figured I better grab my alternative before some other asshole does. But now somehow I am going to have to get them to update that blasted emote list again, cancel my senority transfer (ha, like anyone was going to do that for me), transfer my premium service over (which BTW on my old account I have free prints service for LIFE). Just, so many things to do. Actually...thinking about it now. I am kind glad I didn't accomplish anything on ebonrouge.

Anyways my new/old user name is now lostgears. I was surprised that was available. But I am sad to say it's not as viral as ebonrouge. Oh well, again, will keep you updated. But it's not like anyone is listening to ebonrouge.


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