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So this is something I've been doing for awhile now.
For a little follow up, E-10 was a fanfiction-based series that was written and made on Ning sites like ben10toys.net, only those sites no longer exists after being closed and many other bizarre situations in the last 4 years, but after making a whole bunch of shows and 2 almost potential spinoffs, its time I decided its time to make a "Reboot." (but not like the Ben 10 Reboot),
The fanfictions were based on multiple different shows, including Ben 10, set in its own universe with its own original characters, powers and more. If you heard about a group called Team 10 about 6-8 years ago, then you're thinking about what I experienced during the time Alien Force and Ultimate Alien were airing on TV.
Now to actually talk about the show:
The new E-10 series is followed around a teenage boy named Ethan (last name remaining secret for now), as he finds a mysterious device called the Omnitrix, it allows him to turn into 10 different aliens. But with having no idea what to do with his powers, he meets a time lord titled the Agent, after an accident is followed through time, both Ethan and the Agent must investigate the details of what is going on. Meanwhile throughout the series the two find allies with powers like Ethan, and new threats that plan to take over the universe. The set of 10 will feature fan favorites, aliens from the original series, aliens people most appeal to, and underrated aliens so the series will catch people's attention. The story designed itself will be stylized as RWBY, Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, Kill La Kill, and other variety of action shows/anime.
My plan is to get this fanfiction out on another website at some point, so be secretive and shit, the most I can really show/talk about atm is everything above and E-10 himself below.

The new series is set to premiere in Mid-2017 at the earliest.
Series is Co-Written and Designed By: Me, VampireRichard69 (Alanomaly) and MandyHavoc
Until then, Enjoy what's been done so far!
(ALSO THIS DOES NOT AFFECT MY DEVIANTART IN ANYWAY, I WILL JUST BE UPLOADING THE SAME BEN10/POKEMON/SU/FREE ARTS I USUALLY DO. I know I've been posting a lot of Ben 10 and fan art lately, but I will get down to more variety soon!)
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Can't wait to work with you!