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I don't give llamas or do any other sort of follow for follow stuff
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Hi! I was finally able to follow you from meeting you at Comic-Con! (I was the vedy short girl dressed as cuphead with two other friends as mugman and bendy if u dont remember which u proly wont^^) Anyways look forward to seeing new art from you!
I'm sorry but I wasn't at Comic-con, I'm not sure you have the right person :C I only went to mini-mini con and a-kon this past year and both times I shared a booth with RadiusZero I don't recall meeting any cuphead cosplayers at either event. But welcome to my page !!
Hey, can I use your art as profile pictures ? Cheers, you're an amazing artist!
I think that would be fine as long as it's not for a profile associated with an art gallery (such as deviant art, fur affinity, etc). So if you wanted to use them for a message board or forum profile picture, that would be fine. I just wouldn't want people to see my art on a profile pic and a gallery associated with it that isn't my art, if that makes sense (unless I had drawn the icon for you, of course).
So A-Kon was your last con? Sad to see you go, you had such cute stuff out that I failed to notice until the Dealer's Room boiled away most of my cash (I'm kind of oblivious at times), but I bought a Nyan Cat button :3

Also, I can relate to that webcam so much.
it's supposed to be but I have a lot of left over stock so I may end up being tag along at someone's table at San Japan but yea, I would like to step away from selling at conventions, at least for an extended period of time. I have a lot of stuff to work on personally and trying to squeeze in selling at cons hasn't been letting me get to it D; I'll probably still visit but nothing major. Thanks for stopping by though, I appreciate it!