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Yugi limped home from school late one afternoon. Ushio and his goons had ganged up on him again…

Yugi winced as his leg complained underneath him, he didn't understand why they hated him so much. He hadn't done anything to them… Yugi sniffed as he turned into the park, not wanting to go home to the empty house, Grandpa had passed away a few months ago, Yugi was being watched over by a guardian who would check in on him every other month. But that guardian was the Father of the bullies. Yugi was so lonely.

The woods were always calming for Yugi, especially now, even though he was in the middle of a large city the woods drowned out any sound and let Yugi be wherever he imagined to be.

Yugi hissed as he sat on a tree stump by a small pond, the pond had a mossed over statue of a frog sitting on a toadstool. It used to spray water from its grey mouth but no more, the pond often dried up in summer droughts, so there wasn't much life living in the waters.

Yugi looked into the water and saw his own reflection staring mournfully back at him. Yugi had tri coloured hair that defied gravity in starfish shaped spikes, his hair was mainly black with the tips a mixture of dark pink and purple. His bangs were blond and hung over his face droopily, hiding his dirty and cut visage.

Yugi knelt by the water and scooped some up and washed his face patiently, slowly his creamy white skin with a healthy glow like peaches was revealed. His eyes were large and innocent, the rare colour of vivid violet jewels. They often shone and sparkled, but not recently.

Yugi was shorter than average, his frame was slender, he was extremely cute to many girls and a few boys with a personality to match. The said personality made up of mainly; compassionate, fun-loving, friendly, trusting, selfless and adorably shy. Yugi opened his backpack and pulled out a scarf. Yugi pried his trouser leg up to expose the bruise on the right of his knee. Yugi put the scarf in the water and pressed it to the swelling, hoping that the coolness would help.

Yugi, sadly, often came here like this. Yugi smiled at the fountain "The park keeper told me once that people a long time ago thought that this water contained healing magic" he winced as the bruise throbbed a little. "I kinda need that now" he sighed.

Yugi patched himself up with a tiny first aid kit he carried everywhere with him, then hobbled home. Yugi let himself in and made himself a quick meal before sinking into a warm bath to help cure the bruises. Yugi curled up in the steaming water and sighed sadly, it was at times like these he wished he had friends, but thanks to his reputation as a bully magnet not many sought him out for anything above a shared school project.

The bullies were the popular kids, the ones who dated cheerleaders and who sucked up to teachers, the ones who could sweet talk their way out of trouble or another into it. Yugi had two types, one group he nicknamed 'the muscles' because they were always just big biceps.

The other Yugi has nicknamed 'the psycho's' because they gave him emotional and mental abuse, one was by keeping him isolated, so they knew that no one would help him if he asked. Yugi sighed again, he didn't cry anymore because it made him feel weak and didn't help anything.

As Yugi put himself to bed he saw out of his skylight the bright stars. Yugi sat up and smiled softly, they were pretty… he made a wish as he stared at one that flickered red and blue before returning to white. Yugi clasped his hands and whispered quietly "C-could I ask for one thing?" he wasn't sure if he was talking to some sort of god or to the one who wrote out his fate. Yugi continued "Could I have some friends? I don't want lots, I don't want fakes, could I just have one special friend who'll always be there for me? Please?" he finished his wish with a cute yawn.

Yugi woke up the next morning and made himself breakfast, rubbed ointment into his bruises, removed the band aid's, and went downstairs for breakfast. Yugi hummed along to the radio and bustled around the kitchen in a cheery fashion.

Just before he set out to go to school he picked up the phone and called his Grandpa. Yugi listened the the thrity seconds of answerphone message with his Grandpa's voice on it and left a message of his own, hoping that the old man heard him in heaven. He said that he was missing him a lot and that he was alright but struggeling. Yugi went through school without anyone speaking to him, he only answered the registers and then quietly got on with his work.

After school a teacher stopped him and asked him to sit down. She had long brown hair like chocolate that fell in thick waves around to her elbows, she was very young with a pale face like the new spring and eyes a warm chestnut. She was willowy and looked like a student without her wire glasses on. She smiled at him nicely "Yugi, I admit this is no business of mine what so ever, but I am a little worried about you" Yugi blinked in shock.

"I didn't think you even knew I was in your class Miss" he blurted out in shock.

The teacher smiled and patted his head slightly "I'm a little worried Yugi, your so quiet, I've never seen you with anyone in the playground. Are you alright? If you want to talk to someone, talk to me, I won't tell or do anything if you ask me not to. But I was lonely too once and I wished there had been someone there to offer help to me when I was like that"

Yugi blinked yet again, his rounded face only showing shock and confusion. Mrs Harvet, or Miss Sophie as she was affectionately know as, was one of the nicest and most popular teachers he'd seen. Lots of students and teachers wanted to talk to her and get help from her. He was amazed that she noticed him! Him of all people! And here she was saying she was alone once like him…

Yugi opened his mouth, his story, his worries and fears and hopes and dreams ready to spill out. But…

"Thank you Miss Sophie, but nothing's wrong" was all that came out.

Miss Sophie didn't look reassured at all, she appeared even more worried if anything. Yugi hated making people feel back and raised his hands to make unimportant gestures "I'm just missing Grandpa, nothing's wrong" he assured her earnestly.

Miss Sophie looked a little unsure but in the end just nodded "I see" she turned and quickly wrote something on a sticky note before handing it to him. "If you ever need to talk, even if it has no meaning, please don't hesitate to call me" she smiled as he nodded and tucked it securely into his school jacket. "See you on Monday Yugi" she waved him off warmly.

Yugi smiled as he rounded the corner, then he sighed. "How stupid of me…" he murmured, he had just lied to one of the nicest people he'd ever met and she was only trying to help him. Yugi sighed again and kept walking.

Yugi looked around the corners cautiously, just encase those bullies were around again, it seemed they had gone home while he was talking to Miss Sophie. Yugi was one street home when he heard a cat yowling and a bird squawking.

Yugi looked into the alley and gasped, it was that hateful cat that belonged to a crabby old lady down his street! The fluffy ginger cat with brown ears and a white chin had attacked Yugi a few times in his childhood and he was now terrified of the creature. The cat was pinning down a pure black raven and was hissing while it tormented it.

Yugi hated seeing suffering so ran forwards and swung his bag at the cat to try and scare it off "Get away from it!" he shouted at the horrid feline.

The cat growled, Yugi didn't even think that cats had it in them to growl! The cat jumped up at Yugi and slashed his cheek with his sharp claws, Yugi yelped and batted the cat away. The cat hissed and turned and walked away with its tail in the air regally.

Yugi had one hand over his cheek and then turned his attention to the raven. The raven was looking up at the boy with its eye half closed, it was on its stomach with both wings spread out where the cat had pinned it. Yugi shuffled closer and carefully brought his hands closer to the hurt bird.

The bird protested weakly as Yugi eased his little hands under the bird's stomach, Yugi winced as bird expressed its pain. It looked like its right wing was broken and his beak was scratched. Yugi lifted the bird gently and let it shift to get comfortable. Yugi smiled at the raven before whispering softly "Don't worry, I'll take care of you" he promised as he stood up.

The raven croaked softly but lay still. Yugi entered the shop and placed the hurt bird onto a kitchen towel, hoping it would be more comfortable that way. Yugi gently stroked the back of the bird's head and cooed softly to relax it. The bird at last relaxed and Yugi carefully examined the wing.

Yugi didn't know what to do. He bit his lip and then went to boot up the old computer while also getting an old cardboard box. He placed the bird into the box and placed it beside him while he quietly researched how to fix a bird's wing.

The raven seemed to be over its shock and stood up, it cawed in pain and seemed to cringe. Yugi petted its back soothingly "Shh, I'm trying to help you, as soon as I know what to do…" he quickly read a small article and then nodded before he went to his first aid kit. He pulled out the gauze tape and found a pair of scissors.

Yugi pulled the bird onto the table and looked at the wing carefully, checking for any other injuries, there appeared to be none. Yugi carefully cut about eleven inches of the tape before sticking it to the table so it hung off as was ready for use. Yugi winced as he thought about what he had to do next "I'm sorry" he whispered to the raven before grasping the hurt wing.

The raven cringed and cawed in pain. Yugi winced as well "Sorry, but it will help" he assured it before carefully folding the wing into its natural folded position against the bird's body, all the while the bird seemed to cringe. Yugi pulled out the tape and began to wrap it around the bird's body, under its belly, under the other wing so that one could flap if the bird so wished, and attached the tape back onto itself.

Yugi sighed when it was over "Okay, that's it" he placed the bird into the box and watched it as the article advised, the bird wobbled as it tried to stand and it frailed around off balance for two minuets, all the while it seemed to glare at the teen who was watching worriedly.

Yugi disappeared to the kitchen and got a shallow saucer for its water, making sure not to make it too deep, he didn't want the bird tripping and falling into it and end up drowning. Yugi placed the water into the box and winced as the bird pecked his hand angrily.

Yugi nodded, understanding why it was so upset "I'm sorry I hurt you, but your wing is broken, it needs to heal in that position or you'll never fly again" he explained to try and make friends with the bird again. Yugi put in some sunflower seeds and some bits of tuna on seperate bowls into his temporary home, not really knowing what ravens ate, but at least now it had a choice.

"I'm Yugi" he greeted the bird softly. The bird blinked at him curiously. Yugi looked harder and gasped when he saw that the raven had dark red eyes, like blood. He worried if his eyes were bleeding but it seemed to be its eye colour. Yugi sighed "Wow, you have red eyes, that's unusual"

The bird just pecked at its seeds. Yugi smiled "I hope you get better quickly" Yugi returned to his computer and found that he'd need to catch some bugs, alive and let the raven hunt them in his box to keep him wild. He would also need to keep the bandage on for at least a week, then see how it moved, if it still wouldn't move it, he'd need to tie it up again for another few days.

Yugi went to bed, opening the sky light and putting the bird on his desk so that he's be able to get some air and see the stars, hopefully he'd be well soon. Yugi fell asleep with wishes for the bird to recover quickly.

Yugi cared for the bird gently and with every effort, he went to the park after a weekly beating and pulled out a plastic container and went to find some bugs. He found a few ones that he thought the raven would like, because of his black feathers he'd called him Yami.

Yami had been in the box and for four days. Yugi checked the weather every day and if it was due to be sunny all day he would climb up through the sky light and put the box on a flat piece of tile so that he'd have sun and air. Yugi put a strong but thin net mesh over the top to keep horrid cats and birds of prey out while keeping the bird in and from falling to his death.

Yugi came home and put the container of bugs in his room while he climbed up to get Yami. "Yami? I'm home" he greeted the bird as he reached the box. The raven blinked up at him and cawed, almost like he was greeting Yugi back.

Yugi smiled radiantly, the bruise on his face hurting him as he did so but he was happy so he ignored it. Yugi carefully climbed back into his room and opened the bug box and placed it into Yami's box, taking out the old water and giving him fresh while he inspected the bugs on offer.

When Yugi came back all but the little snails had been eaten, Yugi smiled "I thought you'd be hungry" he placed a small container of seeds into his box as well. Yugi sat on his bed and began his own weekly patch up. He cleaned his cuts and bruises and then went for his usual hot bath to sooth the aches.

Yugi climbed into bed, wincing with every movement, and then collapsed against his pillow, exhausted. Yami blinked up at the boy in what looked like confusion. He cawed to get Yugi's attention then tilted his head curiously.

Yugi blinked, confused and then smiled "It's like your worried about me… don't be, this is normal. Ushio and his gang like to beat up the weak ones… and Grandpa can't stop them because he's in heaven now" Yugi spoke softly, almost like the coo of a dove. Yami made a growling noise, Yugi smiled at him "Don't worry about it, I'm used to it, my guardian is the bully's Dad so I'm a little stuck like this with no where to turn…"

Yugi closed his eyes as if he was going to fall asleep when he opened one and smiled "I'm so glad you're here Yami, I finally have someone to talk to, I know you won't tell anyone my secrets. Miss Sophie offered to talk, and she's so nice, but… I'd rather have a friend to talk to than a teacher" Yugi reached into the box and ran gentle fingers over Yami's hurt wing "Can I call you friend?" he asked sweetly, smiling like a shy angel.

Yami rubbed his beak against Yugi's hand and hopped onto the thumb, his claws squeezing gently. Yugi pulled his hand up and Yami remained perched where he was. Yugi smiled tearfully "Thank you"

The next week Yugi took off the tape and carefully let Yami stretch his wing. "Is it fixed?" he wondered, only a week seemed a pretty short time to have the bone mended. Yami flapped them both and walked a little until he tried to fly. Yugi winced as he crashed landed into his bedroom door.

Yugi went over and picked him up gently, Yami seemed stressed by the fact that he couldn't fly, Yugi stroked his head carefully "Don't worry, you need to learn how to fly again because you haven't used it for so long" he put Yami on his desk and smiled "Fly around my room while I'm at school, after a few days when you can fly again you can go home" he smiled reassuringly.

Yami tilted his head to the side and pecked at Yugi's smallest finger, like he was asking; what about you?

Yugi smiled "I'll be alright… I've managed up until now, we should worry about you first. Behave while I'm out, see you later Yami" he said as he shut the bedroom door and locked up the house before running to school.

Miss Sophie noticed he was a bit happier and stopped him just before he left for lunch to talk. She smiled at him warmly "You seem happier, has something happened?"

Yugi nodded "I found a raven being attacked by a cat. I saved it and I've been taking care of it, soon he'll be able to fly back home"

Miss Sophie smiled brightly "Your so kind to help a bird. Remember if you ever need to talk I'm home most evenings marking work, have a nice day Yugi" she smiled as she got out her material for the next lesson.

Yugi rushed home later that day, he quickly unlocked the door and got inside. The bullies were right behind him, Yugi locked the door and backed away, biting his lip and panting hard. He hoped they wouldn't break in to get him.

The bullies went off when they realised that Yugi was out of their reach for the evening. Yugi leaned against the wall and caught his breath, almost as soon as school was out he'd been chased, it was a miracle that he'd gotten home without being caught. Yugi took off his backpack and rushed upstairs.

He opened the door slowly just encase Yami was right behind it. "Yami I'm home!" he sang happily. Yami cawed and landed on Yugi's shoulder, nudging Yugi's cheek with his beak. Yugi smiled radiantly "I see your flying again, how good are you?"

Yami took off and circled the room finely, his wings looking perfect again. Yugi smiled and held a hand out for Yami to land on. Yami landed on his thumb and cawed in triumph. Yugi smiled and petted his head "I knew you could do it" Yami turned to groom his feathers, if Yugi didn't know better he would have sworn that the bird was blushing.

Yugi let Yami climb onto his desk chair, Yugi sat and worked on his homework in between little one sided conversations with the lovely bird who listened the entire time. Yugi sighed when he finished his work and put it back into his folder, Yugi turned to his feathered friend and smiled warmly "I guess you can go home in the morning"

Yami made a contented noise, Yugi smiled as well before saying "I bet your friends have been worrying about you" he stroked Yami's smooth black feathers "I'm going to miss you" he admitted before getting ready to go to bed. Yugi let Yami fly around the house, downstairs and upstairs, but not outside as he wanted to say goodbye properly. Yugi tucked himself in and closed his eyes, the raven sat staring down at the human, its rare red eyes thoughtful…

Yugi opened his eyes slowly. He looked around in a daze, he was in the woods at the park, only it was night. The stars and moon were hanging in the sky, only the moon was red and the sky down to the clouds were dark hues of red. Any would have thought that this atmosphere was spooky or scary, but Yugi found it enormously romantic and sensual. The grass was vivid dark green and dotted with white flowers, the woods were as they normally were, but a purple mist wound its way through the tree trunks.

Little sparkles glittered in random places as Yugi wandered through the woods, shadows and darkness pressed around him, but he wasn't scared, he was excited with the feeling of mystery and danger.

Yugi found himself at the healing pond he often went to. The water was peaceful and calming. Suddenly arms wrapped around Yugi's body, slowly and full of affection. Yugi looked over his shoulder and came face to face with a pair of beautiful crimson eyes…

Large black wings wrapped around Yugi's form as well as arms, but Yugi almost didn't notice as his attention was on the hypnotising crimson eyes…

The eyes suddenly narrowed slightly in a smile, warm breath washed over Yugi's ear and neck as a baritone voice, full of confidence, warmth and affection sounded in Yugi's ears
"Yugi… finally we meet"

Yugi blinked and opened his eyes to meet his bedroom ceiling. Yugi sat up quickly and looked around at the perfectly normal bedroom. Yugi shook his head and put a hand to his forehead, just a dream… Yugi nodded to himself "That's what it was" he assured himself out loud before getting up.

Yami flew into his bedroom and landed on his shoulder. Yugi smiled at him "Morning Yami" he put his school bag on the kitchen table. Yugi sighed "I guess this is goodbye…" he smiled sadly.

Yami blinked then lowered his beak as if he was agreeing with him. Yugi unlocked the shop door and smiled as Yami flew up into the air "Goodbye!" he called after him, waving and smiling, glad that he was back where he belonged.

Yami cawed loudly and then was a distant speck in the sky. Yugi sighed and lowered his arm, at least he's happy. Yugi locked the doors and went to school. At school Yugi stared out of the window bored to death when a black bird landed on the sill. Yugi blinked, then blinked again. The raven looked directly at him and Yugi saw the red eyes… Yugi smiled brilliantly "Yami…" he sighed out.

When the bell went Yugi rushed to the window and opened it, Yugi offered a hand for Yami to perch on, Yami accepted with a contented "caw-caw".

Yugi pulled his arm inside "Hey Yami, I thought I'd never see you again" he brought Yami close to his face, Yami pecked at Yugi's littlest bang affectionately, Yugi giggled.


Yugi looked and saw Miss Sophie staring at him in amazement. Yugi turned and smiled at her "Miss Sophie!" he greeted cheerfully.

The teacher just stared at Yami. She smiled eventually "Is this the bird you saved?"

Yugi nodded "Yeah, this is Yami. Yami, this is Miss Sophie" the bird cawed and groomed his wings, disinterested in anyone but Yugi.

Miss Sophie just smiled "He's a lovely raven, you saved his ability to fly then" she stated warmly as she saw the bird move to Yugi's shoulder and peck at his hair, as if he was grooming him.

Yugi giggled "Yami, stop it, what are you doing?" the raven just made a chuckling noise and nudged Yugi's cheek again. Yugi nodded at Miss Sophie "I taped his wing up and kept him healthy, but he seems to have taken a liking to me" Yami nudged his cheek again.

Miss Sophie smiled "I can see, run along home Yugi"

Yugi nodded "Goodbye Miss" Yami stayed on his shoulder, Yugi happily chatting with the bird. Yugi turned the corner and gasped, the bullies were there, the Muscles. Yugi began to tremble in fear, Yami saw the boys and made a low growling noise, they were the ones who had hurt him before, Yami was sure of it.

Ushio turned and saw Yugi, he smirked and held up a key, it was the spare key that his Father had as Yugi's guardian to get into the game shop. "Hey cousin, I was so sad we couldn't talk with you in the shop the other day, I had to get my own key"

Yugi whimpered in fear, now not even his house was safe! The boys began to approach but Yugi just ran. Yami flew over his head, not leaving him for an instant, Yami swooped down in front of Yugi and guided him to another alley. Yugi darted inside the super narrow space without a second thought.

Ushio cursed as his large shoulders refused to fit in the alleyway in question. Yugi cowered at the end of the alley, it was a dead end. "Get him boys, he needs to be taught a lesson"

Yugi trembled as the two skinny boys came to drag him out. Yami hovered above the scene and waited for the perfect moment. As soon as they boys were close he dived and scratched his sharp claws across one's face while screeching in the other's ear. Both shouted in pain and panic before staggering back, looking around for what had hurt them. Yami dove again and scratched again, the two boys backed away fearfully.

Yugi saw Yami defend him and smiled "Yami…" he smiled. The two boys got out of the alley and stayed away.

The bullies left after a while. Yugi peeked out and saw that he was alone. He looked up and saw Yami sitting on a streetlamp, Yugi raised a wrist and Yami flew down to perch on the offered limb. "Thank you Yami, I guess we are even now" he smiled.

Yugi looked at his shop from around the corner and saw that the lights were on. He sighed "I can't go home…" not if they can get in and hurt me anytime they like. It's going to be so cold tonight... I wish I had my blanket. Yami nodded his beak solemnly then cawed and flew off towards the park.

Yugi gasped "Yami?" he gasped as he saw his friend leaving "Yami! Please don't go!" he ran after the bird, not wanting another friend to leave him. Yugi followed the little bird to the park, he leaned on his knees to breath before looking up after his friend.

Yugi gasped in amazement.

The moon was red, just like my dream! Yugi thought as he slowly walked into the woods. The sky wasn't red and there wasn't any exotic and mysterious mist or pretty sparkles, so it was just the red moon. But Yugi knew where he was going now. Yugi stopped before the pond and saw Yami perched on the statue in the middle "Why did you run off?" he asked the raven tearfully.

Yami looked up at the sky and then spread his wings, he flew and landed in the middle of the pond, on a lily pad. As Yugi watched the moon came to be directly overhead, its unearthly glow bathed the pond in a beautiful red. Yami's wings rose over his head but he didn't take off, the pond water suddenly reared up and coiled around the bird.

Yugi watched spellbound as the water cocooned the raven, the cocoon grew to the size of a person and when it fell away a different being stood before Yugi.

Yugi's heart was in his throat. The little raven had transformed.

The being before him was human shaped with large black wings coming from his back, the same colour as a raven's. He was dressed entirely in black leather, with feathers around the collar and on his shoulders where the leather vest ended. He wore tight fitting leather pants, shoes with silver studs and a slight heal. His skin was deeply tanned, his eyes were a hypnotic crimson, their gaze stunning and spearing, as if he could see into your soul.

The eyes were rarther narrow and had black eyeliner around them, his hair was similar to Yugi's only he had blond lightning strikes standing up against the spikes of hair tipped in crimson. He lacked the cute blond bang that Yugi had.

His frame was lithely muscled, the hint of a six pack and of great physical strength. Yet his hands were almost delicate looking, as if they were used for carving or painting rather than throwing punches. Yugi could only stare, this man… he was… gorgeous.

Yugi blushed as soon as he thought that. The man smirked and stepped off the lily pad that was supporting him, he walked across the water's surface and stood on the bank before Yugi. Yugi had backed up a few steps as the handsome stranger approached.

The smirk was both sexy and taunting, like he knew Yugi was attracted to him and was daring him to do something about it. Yugi only blushed harder. The smirk faded into a simple warm smile "Yugi… finally we meet" he sighed and his black angel wings shifted with the breath.

Yugi squeaked "Y-you… w-who a-are you?" he stuttered out.

The man smiled "I am Atem, Prince of the Ravens. But you have affectionately begun calling me Yami, Little One"

Yugi gasped "Y-Yami?"

The man nodded, he reached out and touched Yugi's shoulder "It's me Little One" he smiled attractively, in amusement "I'm so glad that you got the chance to see my true form"

Yugi's eyes flicked over Atem's form and he licked his dry lips while nodding. "B-But how? Y-you were a bird"

Atem smiled and stretched his wings "The royal family of the Ravens have magical powers, we come from a place where human's cannot enter, our people thriving there" he trailed his hand down Yugi's arm to hold his hand "We can come into the human world and be messengers from the gods and fates, or just to fly free"

Atem's face was troubled "I admit I was careless when I let that feline sneak up on me… You saved my life Yugi" his free hand touched Yugi's cheek, the one that the raven always nudged affectionately. "You saved me, cared for me, restored my ability to fly, I want to repay you"

Yugi blinked in shock "Y-you are Yami…" he gasped out.

Atem nodded "Yes. When I vanished for that morning I went to see my Father, the Raven King" he smiled gently "He is also grateful to you for saving me, when I returned to you I planned to wait until tonight when the red moon gave me enough power to transform in the human world. I wanted to thank you, to repay you" he smiled warmly. In his eyes Yugi was an angel for saving him, keeping him safe and always thinking of his wellbeing. Truly this little one was a jewel amongst pebbles.

Yugi blinked again, his eyes large, then he looked down and blushed "Y-your welcome… I couldn't just leave you there, I-I was happy to help"

Atem smiled and touched Yugi's chest, right over his heart "You have a good heart. Yet you suffer so much here, I've watched you, you're so alone all the time" Yugi looked up and saw that Atem was looking unbearably sad. He caressed Yugi's cheek "Even when you are surrounded by others you remain alone…" his eyes shone with unshed tears.

Yugi reacted at once, reaching out to comfort him "Please don't cry" he whispered.

Atem blinked a few times then sighed and spoke again, the two boys holding each other's shoulders "This world holds nothing but pain and unfairness for you, Father agreed with me when I explained how you had helped me, I want to help you now" he took a step back and tugged on Yugi's hands gently "Come with me, I'll take you to my world, you'll never be mistreated again"

Yugi's eyes widened and watered "I won't have to be alone?"

Atem shook his head "Never, no one will hurt you, no one will ignore or abuse you. My people already love you, you saved their Prince, please, let me take you away from here"

Yugi's eyes shone with tears, all I ever wanted… "Please, please take me there. I don't care if I've just met you, or if everything is so confusing. I want to know what happiness feels like again…"

Atem smiled widely and pulled Yugi closer, he bent down and lifted Yugi into his arms. "Hold on tightly Little One" he warned before jumping into the sky and beating his black wings. Yugi gasped and cringed closer to Atem's warmth.

Atem took Yugi to his world, Yugi received a hero's welcome the second he arrived. He was thanked heartily by the Raven King in the Palace, and was given a home in the said Palace. Yugi was so happy in the new world he was taken to, it was perfect, everyone was so friendly. Yugi made friends at once, with some other raven people, other residents in the Palace; Ryou and his lover Bakura, Joey and his lover Seto –who was the head of court after the King and Prince. Yugi also made friends with Joey's sister Serenity, Seto's brother Mokuba, Anzu –who looked a lot like a cheerleader from Yugi's old life called Teá but nicer- and her brothers Tristan and Duke.

Yugi was so happy in the Palace, as the only human there he got a lot of attention and everyone warmed to him as he was so kind and adorable. Eventually Yugi asked to be given wings of his own. People came from far and wide to watch the ceremony of their hero, Yugi's heart was so pure it showed in his appearance, he became a snow white raven with amethyst eyes.

Over the years Yugi and Atem fell in love, they were shy and secretive about it. But eventually Atem admitted that he loved Yugi and Yugi was only too happy to return his affections. Yugi and Atem married the following summer, Yugi was crowned regent of the Raven throne and Atem became the King as his Father stepped down to enjoy his retirement years as simply a member of the counsel.

Yugi stood before the crowds as he took his seat on the 'queen's' throne. Atem took Yugi's hand in his own and the two shared a lover's smile. Yugi leaned over to Atem and whispered "Who knew that one act of kindness would lead to this…"

Article. A few days after Yugi was lead to the pond.

Yugi Moto was found in Domino park in the early hours of the morning by the local grounds keeper. The boy was curled up by the lake and the police said that he died of exposure in the unusually cold night. An investigation was launched when information came stating that he lived alone and so had both a place to go and no reason to be outside in the first place. Ushio and friends have been arrested for the death of Yugi Moto, having been found living in his house in Yugi's stead. Many witnesses came forwards saying that Ushio often beat the boy and his presence would have kept Yugi away from warmth and shelter in the storm and icy rain.

Mrs Harvet from Domino High School stated that Yugi was a "lovely boy, rather shy but he had such a good heart. It's a heavy blow to everyone who knew him that he's gone. He may not have been popular, but his cheerful presence will be sorely missed by all". The school, in honour of his life and in memory of the teen, have put together funds to have a memorial statue placed beside the pond where he passed away…

From all of Domino, RIP Yugi Moto.

A white raven read the discarded paper with interest, almost amusement, before turning away and joining a black raven in the sky.
Did Yugi really die? Was that ending dreamed up to ease his pain as he passed away? :icongraveplz:
Or was he really taken to the Raven world? Was Yugi's found body merely a ruse to make sure no one would look for him so that the magical world remined hidded to all but those worthy enough to enter? :iconfairyplz:

You decide. :iconthumbsupplz:

A hint of agast. Mostly of hurt and comfort, then Yugi married Atem and became the Regent of the magical world. How lovely. :iconloveloveplz:
This oneshot was made up in the late ours of a night and the early ones of the follwing morning.

I hope you all like it, it's a fanfic I'm proud of since I think I captured the 'fairytale' theme and air quite well. :heart: thanks for reading and please leave a comment.

Here are some image(s) that have been inspired by this oneshot (please go look at them because they are so awsome!): [link]
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queenlaur Featured By Owner 3 days ago
I was fascinated, inspired, and moved through the hole thing! The flow was poetic and filled with the detail of a good story. You spun a tale that showed Yugi's loss, the struggles he lived through, his wish, his care for Yami, and the magical hints about the ravine that told of more going on. I like how you left the ending for the reader to interpret. Personally I think Yugi left his physical form behind, he changed from a mortal into a mystical being/spirit. Only after he received his wings did he gain a new physical form for visiting the world of man.

I was curious, would you be alright if I wrote a story based off your work? I would give you full credit and could even let you know when it is posted on my profile.

I love your work and can't wait to read more! Thank you for sharing your talent!
EBirchalle Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Oh of course you can write a story based off of mine, with credit- that would be ideal. I'd love to see it when it's done too, I'm very flattered!

Thank you for your thoughts on my story, they're the kind of thing I like to read. Happy writing to you!
queenlaur Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Your welcome and thank you for letting me write a story based off yours! I will let you know when I have it posted!
KeyiraWells1299 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Beautiful story!
VientoRafaal Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Personally, I think Yugi left his body behind when he went with Atem. Atem did say, and I quote, "we come from a place where human's cannot enter." Yeah. Yugi probably died when he went with Atem, but gained so much more from it as well. Am I wrong?
LorettaFlorence Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2017
Loved it, great story!
TIGER-girl1 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2017
OMG I loved it!!
Gagamagicianlol Featured By Owner May 1, 2017
This was amazing. Nice job.
waterl Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2017
It`s beautiful. I like it .
9MoonFox Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2016
This is amazing maid my eyes tear up.

He got a happy ending, that's what I want to believe anyway.
girlydad Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2015
It's an amazing fanfic hope u write more
5678paraohatem Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2015  Student Artisan Crafter
A www u should do more
superpower-pnut Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2015
My only issue is the timing.  You state "A few days after Yugi was lead to the pond" but "Eventually, Yugi asked for wings on his own".  The latter seems like a longer time frame than just a few days to me.  
VientoRafaal Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Time may flow differently in Atem's world than in Yugi's. Especially since Atem does say that he lives in a place human's can't enter.
tigerskull67 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2015
Amazing and beautiful my fav so far and keep writing your very good at it😝
animewolfgirl-ayame Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015  Hobbyist
...... Fuck...... Did he die? Is it a ruse? Did he imagine it all in his cold and delirious state? Did it really happen? FUUUUUUUUUU

I'm a logical person so imma go with his mind made it up to attempt to heal mental wounds. He was frozen almost to death and made things up to make things seem all and well...... Right? IDK U FUGGING CONFUZZLED ME EB NOW MY BRAIN IS MUSH. EVEN A ZAMBIE WOULDNT WANT IT!!!
ebony1977 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2015
Excellent! Dramatic! And beautiful! one of the best fanfiction I have ever read. ★★★★★
Sandy345 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
My name is Sophie so when I saw that I was like OMG I am sooooooooooooooo happy
theringofbelief Featured By Owner Edited Nov 24, 2014  Student Artist
OH, This is so beautiful , I think I'm gonna cry.:'(
kingkong30 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014
Beautiful. The ending made me cry cause yugi had left his body to be with yami
Beadedwolf22 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014
Big happycry That was beautiful~
EBirchalle Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014
Wow. This is old. I forgot I had this!
Thank you :)
What do you think happened in the end? (Interpreted endings are fun)
Beadedwolf22 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014
I think Atem pulled his soul out of him and flew them away, leaving the body behind so no questions could be asked. And to get Ushio in trouble for all the abuse he put Yugi threw. That bird was Yugi.
dragonsmagic2001 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014
ReiSpirit Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Awesome. Simply awesome.
GoldenFoxFire Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2014
Awwwwwwwwwww I LOVE IT
ShadowTomes Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014
This story was an emotional rollercoaster but the good kind. I was lovely. Thank for writing it.
animewolfgirl-ayame Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014  Hobbyist
No words that exist can express how good this story is.
Pharaohslover14 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Sooo Beautiful im almost crying ;v; Kudryavka Noumi (Crying) [V3] 
EBirchalle Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014
Do you need a tissue? Glad you liked the Raven Prince that much, I'm pretty proud of it.
Pharaohslover14 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
yes.. Its really great and you should be :)
Jelloblocks Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2013
Great fanfic! ClapI believe Yugi really went to the Raven World. Although, it would be interesting to think he made it all up during his final moments. 
EBirchalle Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013
Thank you, nice to see that you can see both sides.
Jelloblocks Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013
Olivia3792 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Great story
AkaneAkano Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Really well written, love it soooo much! 15/10 is my rating:afteryourownheart: 
EBirchalle Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013
thank you. :heart:
AkaneAkano Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
hey do you mind if i draw some fan art for this? :please: revamped 
EBirchalle Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013
Go ahead! But please tell me when you're done, and leave a link to my story in the description. Those are my only conditions, otherwise; Go for it! (I'm a sucker for puppy eyes.)
AkaneAkano Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It's up:3 sorry it took a while...
this link should take you to it:…
I really hope you like it :)
AkaneAkano Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
AkaneAkano Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem <3 Its really good!
koobre Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013
Well done. One of the best fanatics. ;):)
Kimlove1 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013
It is so cute and lovely;)
Hawkings-GroupBot Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013  Student General Artist
This was an amazing story that had me in tears the entire time. I give this an 11/10! A really great story! Thank you so much for posting this! :happybounce:
SereneDash Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah this was so cute!! Very well done
EBirchalle Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013
thank you <3
sonadowfangurl Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2013
EBirchalle Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2013
Thank you very much, I'm glad you're interested in my work. I haven't updated on this site for a while but if you'd like to see my more recent ideas look here: [link] It's my Fanfiction profile page with all my stories. If you can't leave a comment on that site please do so on my dev profile page. Thank you again.
KatieBug24 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013
I love it! Amazing story, beautifully wrote. You should be proud of this!
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