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Another day of the summer haze. The wind blew warmness into the air as darkness began to envelope the city.

Well, That's great.

I rapidly tapped my foot on the cement ground, irritated. Standing there on the street, alone, Waiting for a bus, or even a taxi, is really making me impatient. I mean, I wish they were nice enough to work in a time like this!

But no. No one is coming, No one is arriving..

"It's been quite a day." I sighed out loudly. I stopped tapping my right foot on the concrete road, and lifted up my left arm to glance at my (F/C) watch.


I clicked my tongue while reading the time in my patterned thoughts. This maybe the worst day yet. I worked overtime for some important reasons, and at the end of the day, I just have to receive the news that I'm being fired from my work as a saleslady at a local store...

"You're not cute enough, He says. You don't like skirts, He says. You fight customers, He says. You're fired, He says..!" I simply formed my hands like a *mouth*, and began to imitate my 'amazing' boss. Yeah, Sarcasm. That's one of the reasons why I'm being fired. The rest is up there. chatter, Chatter, chatter.

"..Haah.." Eventually, I got tired of role-playing. I started roaming around the place out of boredom, and luckily, I found a waiting shed. I walked over it and sat on the bench within it. Thank God the seat's clean and warm.

The single street light beside the shed is infested with annoying flies, and its bulb flickered on and off, Just like in a horror movie. But I neither cared anyway. I leaned back, and looked at the dark sky with a face of mixed emotions.

"...Bad timing, huh?" I say. I whispered it to myself. It's been days since I've worked overtime for *him*, But I didn't reached my goal, and didn't even got to attend *his* birthday..

Aaah! I have an enormous amount of confidence in myself, but,

"You screwed up, (F/N)! Screw, Screw, Screw!" I strongly pulled out my hair in stress, But then a loud 'ouch!' Escaped my lips. Gah, I wasn't thinking there for a second...

But how will I be able to make it up for him? I haven't even bought a gift, I didn't got enough money, and I didn't even say 'Happy birthday!'.

This is trouble!

Minutes seems to fly like waterfalls as I try to console myself. How long has it been since I'm here? I didn't checked my watch, and I'm no predictor, But I guess.. that it's past midnight.

Maybe I should just walk all the way home.. Maybe I should, or else I'll sleep in this hard seat.

As I agreed on that thought, I began to gather up my things. Well, That's better than nothing.. I was in the process of standing up when I heard a gush of tires screeching through the road. Not too long later, Blinding lights illuminated my (E/C) eyes. My eyebrows scrunched as my hand instinctually covered my eyes for protection.

By the time I got used to the light, I lowered my arms, and my hopes were right! It was a vehicle. A white taxi appeared right before me, With its headlights shining through the shed like a spotlight. I can see that the driver's smiling, waving at me, and gesturing me to go inside his vehicle.

Is he an angel from the skies, ready to pick me up?? Oh Thank you, Thank you!

I stood up in relief and trudged out of the shed. I don't want to make him wait, So I quickly grabbed the handle of the door, and opened it. With a small smile plastered on my face, I settled myself in the back seat, and closed the door shut. I noticed that the atmosphere in the taxi was making me dizzy, But it's fine. I think I can handle it. I told the driver the address, and with a smile, he willingly took me there.

After a rather long trip, I finally reached my destination. I silently cheered and sighed in relief as the driver slammed his foot on the brake. The taxi immediately slowed down in front of the building. I gladly handed over the money at the hands of the seemingly kind driver, and silently exited the taxi without a word. I looked over the windshield of his vehicle, waved full heartedly, and bid a shy farewell to him. He smiled and nodded in response. The engine roars out as the wheels of the vehicle screeched through the rough road.

What a nice man. It makes me want to smile. It's a rare sight from the generation today. People these days are scary, and quite criticizing. It makes me want to cry.

When I noticed that the white taxi was no longer in my own sight, I turned to face the apartment building with a face true: ..a gloomy face.

I gathered my thoughts around by the time I stood before our humble abode. By taking out the keys from my pants' left pocket, I jingled it hastily as I picked the respective key for the door. I silently inserted it into the keyhole, and with a few twists, click! It opened. I slowly turned the knob to the door, swiftly entered the room, and closed it the same way; gently.

After double checking the door to make sure it's locked, I snuck my fingers at the ends of my shoes, slipping it away from my feet and throwing it away to the side. Silence greeted me... or so that's what I want to think.

"...Hey, People of the world! It's now 1:00AM! Another day of summer has arrived! Oh, Yeah, with our special segment..."

That cheerful, Energized voice was so loud, it reached my ears. Who was that? In this time?

It seems like the voice came from the living room.. What should I do?

I don't know but... I have this uneasy feeling boiling within me. Somehow, I think that going there would bring me something... Unfortunate. Quickly, I made two choices in my mind, and I hope that it'll help me choose the right thing.

First is, either go ahead and find out who or what it was, or-


So apparently, I chose the first one. Well.. what could go wrong? I slowly walked on the hallway, with soft steps being inaudible even for me to hear. The voices got louder and louder on each progress I took.

When the living room is just around the corner, I suddenly saw a glimpse of light. A weird, colorful light from the same room I was going to. Curious, I tilted my figure to see what's on about.


Without noise present, I slowly straighten my figure, and calmed down once I knew who it was. Maybe I didn't calmed down that much, But-

It was Kano..!

He's still wide awake! I really can't believe it! ..but then again, He himself is unbelievable.. Anyway, he's sitting over the couch with his favorite blue pajamas on, and he's watching some late midnight shows that I take no interest in. His cat-like eyes reflect the bright light the television was emitting. He seems focused, To the point that he's ignoring me, or rather, not seeing me.

Should I greet him? Wait, I better not bother him. Because .. He may be mad at me. Angry at me. He may think that my job is very important to me, that I arrived this late, and... didn't even attended his own birthday a few days ago... Gosh, Am I this horrible to him? I know he's acting unfriendly to me sometimes but.. Such a shame. It seems like.. Guilt began to overpower my mind again.

But I tried not to make a fuss. I silently tried to make my way to my own room by taking the path sideways, where it's out of his sight. I glanced over his focused body on every step I took. I was halfway through, and he didn't noticed me yet. That's fine. Just two more steps, and I'll be in my happy territory..

"Hm~? (L/N)?" A sultry, Amused-like voice stopped me dead in my tracks. My nerves began to falter from the sudden realization that he DID notice me. I know that Kano's the type of person who lets things unfold before his very eyes, then after some time, he would join, or contribute.

I spun around stiffly and plastered a fake smile on my face.

"A-Ah... K-Kan-n-no." Did I just stuttered? Why do I have to?? I looked at his usual smiling face for a moment.

"Gosh (F/N), Didn't you notice me sitting over there?" He gestured, and pointed at the couch where he was sitting on a while ago. "I was watching you walk sideways, and-"

"..Ah! I.. I did.. Did see you.. Kano.." I stammered out my words as I gazed uneasily on my two bare feet. I would not dare to look at his eyes. His eyes...are my weakness. I can see that his smile slowly faded, and it changed into a thin, straight line. Yet, I don't see confusion, sadness, or anything in his eyes; Just plain.

"(F/N)? You okay? You seem gloomy." He asked, with a suspicious tone. Wait, I can't bring that whole 'birthday' thing to him. It will only make things worse! What should I say..? I won't lie; I'm bad at lying, So I have to tell some truth.

Without looking at his gaze, I turned to face my own door, and settled my palm on the knob.

"Ah, Yeah. It's just.. I got fired from work!" I hastily turned the knob and eventually, It lead me inside my room. "... That's a bummer, right? Because I bet it is! ..Would you leave me for this time, K-Kano? I have to rest.. Goodnight." And without asking for a response, I gently closed the door shut. I can still feel his presence within the other side of the door. Did I do it right..? I hope it didn't get him negative feelings. Once I saw my neat bed, I felt drowsy. I walked over it, and collapsed. I stared at the ceiling with droopy eyes.

then fell into a deep slumber.

Once again, The little birds' chirping woke me up from that deep sleep. I lazily opened and rubbed my eyes, and groggily glanced... at the door. Those memories last night came running on my mind as I jumped out of bed. I took a quick shower.

After I dried myself up with a towel, I pulled on a simple, blue hoodie and denim pants. I took a quick look at the mirror and fixed my messy hair up with a fine-toothed comb. After taming the tangles, I pulled my hair into a (low/high) ponytail. I put on some black boots that goes over the ankle. Finally, I grabbed my favorite white jacket, and wore it over my hoodie. I rolled up the sleeves up to my elbows. After preparing certain things, I was ready for breakfast.

I exited my room, and the first thing I did was to head straight to the kitchen. Well, I'm hungry, so... I hope Seto made breakfast. I was lost in thought for a while, thinking of what food will surprise me. But before I can reach there, Someone... suddenly grabbed me by the wrist.

"!" As soon as I felt someone's skin against mine, I jumped and gasped in shock. Who was that...?! I quickly
spun around to see who it was, But-


Darkness surrounds me again. What happened? I felt that my body... and mind regained its consciousness. Agh, My head's throbbing with pain. Wait, Why does this feel deja vu? I can't open my eyes, but I feel myself lying down, my body shaking. Or Maybe... it's just my head. As I collected my thoughts, I slowly opened my eyes up.

"...." My blurred vision really bugged me, and I tried to get it clear. Eventually, I succeeded and it got clearer and clearer, and I sighed in relief.

But my heavy flow of breathing stopped. My (E/C) eyes grew wider and wider when I saw a pair of cat-like eyes piercing right through mine.

"You're awake~?"

A moment of silence ran through the air. Since then, I've been processing something on my mind.

His face. His face is close. Too close. Too close for comfort.

"Aaaaah!!" I quickly shot my head up in surprise, Which I think he quickly dodges to avoid injuries. My breathing was short and uneven, and it's all thanks to him! I almost fell! I clutched my beating chest, and gradually turned my attention to him.

"WHAT THE HECK KANO!? ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?!" I felt my face warm, But I'm sure it was all because of my rage for him. Kano quickly pressed a finger on his grinning mouth, as if he's trying to keep me quiet.

"Don't be like that (F/N)! You'll scare the passengers away." Passengers? What passengers?? I looked around and saw people, staring at me.

Some were glaring, Some were surprised. My face turned into a shade of red in embarrassment as I calmed down and apologized greatly to them. Seeming satisfied, they accepted my apology and turned their gaze away from me.

I took a long breath shakily, and after scolding myself in my own thoughts, I glared at this man. I couldn't be angrier. I feel like I could explode in any moment! I can't possibly punch him in the face for now, But he's gonna get one, alright?

Kano saw me glaring at him, and says, "Why are you glaring daggers at me, (F/N)~? You're acting like Kido. Though her glares are more threatening.." With a grin.

"I really... Hate you..." I mumbled. I didn't looked at him for a second as I fixed myself and my sitting position. I noticed that we're on a simple bus, and we're sitting on one of the passenger's seats.

"Why are we here?? and what happened to me?" I asked.

"Oh, I just happen to hit you with a tennis ball, and-"

"You did WHAT?" I clenched my fists and raised it up out of frustration.

"Ah, Calm down, (F/N)-chan!" He said shakily. "I was just telling the truth!" He defended.

"But why did you do that?" I impatiently asked.

Are you really that mad at me...?

I lost my grip on my fist, and let it hang on my side.


I know he's smiling and all, But I know him. He can seal his feelings with *it.* I bowed my head down as anger began to be replaced with guilt.

"I willingly did that because I want to cheer you up." He said.

"Huh?" I slowly lifted my head up in confusion.

"I mean, You looked sad last night, and I can't bear to see you like that. So, I'll try to cheer you up! But I know you wouldn't agree to go out with me just by asking you, So I took a roundabout and did that to you instead~!" He continued. "SO CHEER UP!"

"...." I can't mutter any words. My mind cleared out all words. He was.. Going to cheer me up?

But I should be the one to do that to you...!

My trail of thoughts were then cut off when the bell gently rang off out of nowhere.

"Excuse me." The driver called out to all the passengers of the bus. "We have reached our final destination. Please make your way to the rear exit. Thank you for your patience."

Soon, all of the passengers started to exit the bus. As I slung my bag onto my shoulder with confused thoughts, My heart nearly stopped as Kano grabbed my hand and dashed out of the vehicle. He dragged me along with him to wherever he's going.

"H-Hey! Where are we going...?" I panted, My voice less fiery. For once, I was bothered about him holding my hand, which was weird because I'm used to hold hands with all of my friends. Even guys.

I panted and panted as I tried to catch up with him, Which was really hard. He's sprinting fast, with his black boots tapping onto the hot ground.

"Just follow me!" He replied.

After a lot of running, Kano abruptly stopped running, Which, Of course, sends me running after him. Luckily, his grip became tight, and my pace died out. I craved for air after that, Because it's been long since I ran like that. Shortened breaths became normal after several seconds. I glanced around my surroundings, but before I can do that, a pair of cold hands covered up my eyes.

"Kano? Where are we?" I asked, knowing that it is him, without even guessing.

"Kukuku~ Surprise!!" and with a laugh I knew, He lowered down his hands which regained back my vision.

EDIT : 3/14/15 : I'm editing out stuff, and I'm cringing at my story. Like- Freddy's Nope Chat Icon 

That ends chapter one! Don't worry, there's more.

Oh, Hey there! Did you forget me already? Waaaah! Oh, this is what you get when you take a long break. haha! It's me, Ebi-chan! Long time no see~

So, Yeah, I first focused this story on Reader's trouble. Shuuya would get some spotlight later on, So stay tuned! This is a SLOW CHAPTER, So I'm very sorry! Anyways, Mekakucity actors is getting pretty popular, huh? I'm very happy. 

But really, Shuuya has been getting some hate recently, So I decided to make him the star of this first anthology!


Don't mind me, I just like to call it that! I work alone, so.. I am a dummy! 

Author: :iconebi-aikari:
Fandom: Mekakucity Actors / Kagerou project
Rating: PG/G
Pairing: Friendship/ a little fluff
Disclaimers: I don't own 'Kagerou Project', or its characters. They all belong to JIN. I also don't own you, the reader. 

Story/Plot : :iconebi-aikari:

The preview image is from the anime series, 'Mekakucity Actors.' 

Comments are very much appreciated~!
© 2014 - 2021 Ebi-Aikari
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Stahp with that tennis ball xD 
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:icontennisballplz: :iconsaysplz: :icontrollfaceplz:

Forgive the tennis ball for trolling. XD i think it won't staph tho. lolz~
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But seriously. Where did that tennis ball come from ? xD 
Ebi-Aikari's avatar
Even I don't know. I was just like "What would Kano throw at reader-chan? It needs to be something hard... and-" xD oh my, But I guess that tennis ball is Kano's secret weapon in getting Reader-chan into something without her declining.   I dunno if that made sense lol  
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Omg. Poor reader. ( Yus,i called the girl 'Jesus' . I don't know why. 
I really love that tennis ball so much
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Haha! You're right.   all hail the tennis-  

dat tennis ball is Kano's friend. (^ω^)
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Also I would like to have Haruka in the next one
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Hmm... Okay! Chances are 50-50, But I'm sure that Haruka would get his own spotlight later on~ (^O^☆♪
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I love this so much!!!!!! ^-^
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Oh my~ thank you very much >w< I'm really glad you liked it! 
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WAH! your writing is so cute~ 
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Ahaha~ Thank you <3
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Yea! I'm glad your writing again. Exactly what anime is this based off of?
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Yep! Ebi's back in the da world, ready to bring fun again! Ah, thank you for reading this slow chapter~ 

Oh, Someone already mentioned the anime, So.. Yep! Mekakucity-Actors!  
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Ok ^^ I've never seen it, so even though I'll read it, don't expect me to understand, I guess! But really, great start!
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This is based off the manga Kagerou Days (also called Mekakucity Actors, I think). The original basis for all the characters is from a series of songs by Jin and IA, Kano's being Yobanashi Deceive. 
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Ah, I see. Thanks~
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You're welcome! So you know, the songs are under the title "Kagerou Project".
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