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Fairy tale



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".... and every day she climbed to the highest room in the tallest tower
to make her daily bread, always dreaming that a powerfull excutive might
appear to her to grant her one promotion.

Then one day as she trudged to that cubicle of space that was her prison
she came across.....the janitor. "

Hey you never know right?

I want to do my credits

First thank you to my DA BFF Nikkie [link]
who takes the time to patiently look
at my w.i.p and giv eme honest critique to help me improve

Go look at her gallery..I'm sure you'll fall in love with her awesome pen work!

Second off thank you to the following stock photographers whose photos were
my refrences ..I bow to all stock photographers without you guys artists would have a very very hard time improving without knowing what something is supposed to look like < I've never been to a city with lots of skyscrapers ..>

MODEL who inspired this piece - SStocker - [link]

twentyseventhofapril - bayside [link]
dishessatillite - skyline [link]
SafariSyd - [link]

My goal with this piece other then putting forth an idea...was to try to bring about a piece that had a more traditional painted look..done in photoshop by hand with a tablet....and I shall have nightmares about painting skyscrapers for years to come...

Done for the 120 theme challnge [link] fairy tale is # 61
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Hehehehe, what a brilliant idea! I love it! It must have taken quite some patience to draw all the detail in the background too...