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Male Velociraptor Nublarensis.

also for the game project
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I love the markings and color!
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:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: 5/5
Simply amazing.
I adore raptors, so this is an instant fave! :D:+fav:
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sorry I just rewatched the first movie and i noticed the tiger pattern.:stupidme:
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i cant believe i hadn't faved this yet but i saw you working hard on it along time ago
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hmmm. i thought that both sexes of V. nublariensis were greyish brown.
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Lol I have a statue with the same coloring. It's based from the novel.
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:D :D :D!!!!
this is going strait to my favorites.
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thanks!!! glad you like it!!!!
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looks just like talon from primal rage :D
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yeah!!!!! they copied jp2's raptor design!!!
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your arts is so great.
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Nice work, very tiger like which fits in good with a raptor. Btw, im in love with your icon
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thanks, and thanks again!!!!!!!!!
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oh wow, amazing. your realy cutting yourself out!
this new colouring is really amazing
im glad to see your getting lots of views on your art, yu really deserve all of the support and veiws your gettin cause your art rules so much!
your getting alot more views than me haha
keep it up
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thanks!!!! i have alot of new coloured pencil works if you wanna come check it out.......
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Awesome colors, I loved the stripes :D
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You've gotta love tiger skin markings on velociraptors. =) It's lovely to see some colored work from you!
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