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As long as you find out how to properly cut a beard, you can get the same exact quality that you would be given by a barber shop except in the comfort of your bathroom and using a Philips Beard Trimmer. We've made a recommendation chart to help you depending on what type of beard you've got. The vacuum feature is proven to work really nicely, and we found that it catches about 80% of the hairs within the step if you are shaping a beard that is smaller or simply working on your stubble, and up to 100% if you're shaving a lengthy beard.

The only thing that people do dislike, which can be obvious in all of the Philips Beard Trimmer, would be the plastic guards that come with this. The number of alternatives are fantastic, but we want they might have already been a little more lasting. Starting in purchase, the Wahl 9818 Lithium-Ion is our pick for the best beard trimmer for beards that are long and is usually an alternative that is great regardless, yet it really is unable to be utilized while charging.

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April 4, 2016


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