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Hang in there, Trooper (first) by EbbySharp Hang in there, Trooper (first) :iconebbysharp:EbbySharp 7 7 Brassy Rum Ham by EbbySharp Brassy Rum Ham :iconebbysharp:EbbySharp 5 6 I Luv Christmas by EbbySharp I Luv Christmas :iconebbysharp:EbbySharp 9 1 Graduation to Job Blur by EbbySharp Graduation to Job Blur :iconebbysharp:EbbySharp 3 7 Prompt Christmas by EbbySharp Prompt Christmas :iconebbysharp:EbbySharp 3 1 Sticky End by EbbySharp Sticky End :iconebbysharp:EbbySharp 4 1 Situation Room by EbbySharp Situation Room :iconebbysharp:EbbySharp 3 1 Roll for Bluff by EbbySharp Roll for Bluff :iconebbysharp:EbbySharp 4 1 Slowpoke by EbbySharp Slowpoke :iconebbysharp:EbbySharp 2 1 The Day Has Come by EbbySharp The Day Has Come :iconebbysharp:EbbySharp 1 1 Curiosity by EbbySharp Curiosity :iconebbysharp:EbbySharp 5 4 Last Minute Wrapping by EbbySharp Last Minute Wrapping :iconebbysharp:EbbySharp 2 2 Mancala Tutoring by EbbySharp Mancala Tutoring :iconebbysharp:EbbySharp 2 1 Timeout by EbbySharp Timeout :iconebbysharp:EbbySharp 4 2 Fuel by EbbySharp Fuel :iconebbysharp:EbbySharp 2 3 Uphill Battle Part 3 by EbbySharp Uphill Battle Part 3 :iconebbysharp:EbbySharp 1 1


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Drawing exercises/tips for improving your ponies
Do you want to improve drawing ponies but not know where to start? If so, then this "guide" is for you!
Over the years of learning to draw ponies, I've found some techniques for improving and have compiled them here to share with y'all.
All of these exercises can be done both digitally or traditionally. And don't worry about what kind of style you draw your ponies- it's not a matter of concern. This is all general advice that can be applied to your drawings regardless of style.
Timed Quick Sketches
This is a great exercise for artists of all skill levels. And if you're just starting out and want to get more comfortable with drawing ponies, this will do a lot of good for you. If there's any exercise I'd recommend trying out from this list, it'd be this one. It's a simple process:
1. Grab some pony references
2. Set a looping stopwatch
3. Draw the pony! When the timer beeps, move onto the next pony and repeat this
:iconvanillaghosties:VanillaGhosties 100 27
Spacepony`s routine [finished] by JedaySkayVoker Spacepony`s routine [finished] :iconjedayskayvoker:JedaySkayVoker 67 7 Animation (ych) by Koviry Animation (ych) :iconkoviry:Koviry 77 2 Burnt Toast (Soup Recipe) (Prototype) by ChiptuneBrony Burnt Toast (Soup Recipe) (Prototype) :iconchiptunebrony:ChiptuneBrony 2 1 Protected by LiaAqila Protected :iconliaaqila:LiaAqila 256 70 Scritch by Chopsticks-Pony Scritch :iconchopsticks-pony:Chopsticks-Pony 11 4 Sea Creatures by sherwoodwhisper Sea Creatures :iconsherwoodwhisper:sherwoodwhisper 180 12 Written Shape with a pizza poster by Ponies-in-Reverse Written Shape with a pizza poster :iconponies-in-reverse:Ponies-in-Reverse 7 4


United States
I need to fill this bio out. It just looks bare without it.
Yes, sir, been watching MLP and consuming brony fandom content since 2012, but only recently decided to try actually being active. As active as a full-time hospital employee can be anyway.


Hang in there, Trooper (first)
Well, I felt like sharing this, the first pony picture I have ever completed.  It was originally meant to be a motivational poster for my sister and mom, who were at the time going through difficult school/job obstacles, but it became more of a milestone to me.  Before this, I only drew little stick-figure humans trapped in 2D hieroglyphic poses.  My sister is the real artist in our family; she could run circles around anything I could ever dream of drawing.  She began to dislike MLP at the same time when I really wanted this image to exist.  I couldn’t ask her to make it and I did not understand the idea of “commissions” back then, so I told myself, “Heck with it!  I’ll just learn to draw and make it myself!”. 

I must say the picture is pretty bad in hindsight, but after tedious weeks of penciling, erasing, and repeating, then inking, I felt like I had just finished painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling!  It was the first drawing I forced myself to be patient enough to finish.  I plan to re-draw it and digitally spice it up one day.

Brassy Rum Ham
Here we have brothers Brassy and Ebby reenacting one of the most heartbreaking moments in television history: This
Also, behold, my first serious attempt at the ocean.

For years, my siblings and I exchanged gifts for birthdays and Christmases, but in addition to wrapping the presents, we drew "hints" of what the gift was.  These hints are generally convoluted and far-fetched to the point where the hint is no help at all.  It amounts to an "Aha!" moment once the gift is opened.  Since I spend way too much time making these just for a few seconds of enjoyment, I figure I can get away with putting a few up here.

This was from this Christmas; the gift in question here was "Detective Pikachu" for 3DS.  If you can guess the connection, congrats, you win a brownie :P



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Bumskuchen Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2019
thank you very much for the watch ^^
How do i deserve it ?
EbbySharp Featured By Owner 6 days ago

You’re welcome, sir!  Well, since you asked…
Short answer: Ya draw pones real “gut”! :happybounce: 

Long answer:  It’s interesting to see ponies standing bipedal while not going full anthro, your little cut-out photos (not sure what they’re called XP) are cute as heck, and there’s just something wondrous about ponies hanging around cars.

Good stuff :)

Guttatus Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2019
I like your sense for humor !
Keep it going =D
EbbySharp Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2019
Well, thank you very much, I certainly will!  :D
Thx 4 watch as well!
TemerDzafarowo Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2019  Student General Artist
5 by TemerDzafarowo  
EbbySharp Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2019
Pones and countryballs?  How could I not?  :D
Also, thanks for watch!
TemerDzafarowo Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2019  Student General Artist
You're welcome. I am a dummy! 
colt687 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're sketch is very cool :D and also nice blue tie on your oc X3
EbbySharp Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2019
That's very kind, thank you, sir! 
If I may ask though, which sketch would you be referring to? Sweating a little... 
colt687 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
the profile pic X3
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