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Since the feedback on Soul Z has been lukewarm...
I'm gonna take a break and see if it's worth keep doing it, or get back to the drawingboard.

Maybe try my fantasy/adventure idea instead..
We will see!
My bad for nothing posting comic pages frequently.

Struggling with my disease right now and the heatwaves in my country.
Somedays i have a hard time getting out of bed even.
Or somedays no sleep and i just pass out.

So soon new pages will come.
I promise.
Sorry for not posting much lately..

I am struggling with my disease right now and have a lot at work and just feeling down..
I will post stuff later on. At least during summer. ^^
Not long after i posted God Slayer page 1 , i almost instantly started disliking it...
I can't seem to get what i am after in a comic idea.. at least not in a serious comic.

Maybe this is my journey in finding myself in comics and comic tone and feel..?
All i know is that the idea i had for it was good, i just don't want to draw it and i don't like how i did it.

Maybe i should go the other way instead of doing it seriously and go more nuts and crazy with it?
Like my comicstrips i have done in the past? I still like those.

What i am trying to say is that i haven't found my way of telling stories in comic-form just yet.

And i can guess that people are getting tired of my doing page 1 of different ideas each time.. :P
And i get tired of myself as well sometimes when i do that.
I hate myself sometimes even.

But if it doesn't feel right, i don't want to do it.
That would be wasting my time doing something i don't like or love.

I still want the name God Slayer, but maybe try something more crazy and loose and have fun with it.
Mix some old ideas with new stuff. ^^
Yeah... ^___^

UPDATE: I talk about it a little on my vlog 
Hi everybody that follows me.

Sorry for not posting much lately.

It's been up and down in my life. My mom got cancer, i've been sick, working alot and trying to find the inspiration to draw and feel happy about it.

So i haven't posted much here, mainly because i only want to post good and finished art.

But if you follow me on instagram :
you will see me post more often, sketches and art that is usually work in progress.

I hope you all will understand in these hard times for me.

So im bringing back Request Tajm, where i take suggestions/requests and do a drawing and a video on my youtube of it.
So start requesting from anime/games/movies/comics and more. 
It's a simple webpage, but works for finding me on the internetz ;)

Check it out!

The 4th comic diary is up and loooong :

thnx for the support!
The 3rd Comic Diary is up :

thnx for the support!
My Comic Diary video # 2 is up :
So i started a video-diary/journal of my comic creating process.
Where i might fail or succeed in creating a comic from scratch.
This means i will not continue on Space Pirate Girl or other comic projects.
But i need to re-find myself and my art form.

first diary entry is up here : 
I am hesitating on the Space Pirate Girl Webcomic, not because i don't want to do it, but because i feel i need to re-design it and  and get better at drawing to do it.
Simply, i am not good enough to do that webcomic.
I suck at drawing spaceships and space stuff right now.

But i don't know what to do, continue and change a lot of stuff in the process or start over later..?
Thinking about starting up a patreon for myself and the 2 comics i want to do and sell cheap on perhaps gumroad.
To sell it cheap, i need a patreon and backers.

Hopefully someone will back me up ^^

I'll let you know when i have created it and link the URL.

/ Ebbe
So i decided to continue doing my old webcomic "+5XP" and put it here :
And i will make new comics for it. Tonight is the first.
"SlapShotz" is my new webcomic where i draw pretty much what i want and about what i find interesting.
It's in black and white with some grey.

AND IT'S ANIMATED! (sometimes) :P

Check it out at :
Yes, i'm starting a new thing on my channel called "Request Tajm" where people will be able to request and comment what i should draw and make a speed video of. The art will probably end up here on my dA, so go and comment allready! ^^

Link to the channel and comment video :…

Just wanted to say that im not dead and im not dissing the dA community/fans.
I am just swamped with art-work for a big swedish newspaper campaign.
They are riding my ass all the way downtown. ^___^

But i am going to try and put some stuff upp here as soon as i can.

Hey, im thinking about doing a max three panel webcomic with only simple game humor.

Does that sound interesting? And what should the webcomics name be? A short name about games/gaming.

This comic would be placed here at dA first and foremost.
I am working on a new webcomic named "Swedish Pixel" and will be about games,movies,culture,news,relations and much more.

I will try to make a website for it and even upload it here on dA, one or two comics after premiere on the website ^^

Questions or suggestions?

Ask away! ^_^