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hello all,

been over a yr since i've posted a journal...life in general has just taken over and i dont have the luxury to sit here and type the novels like i use to....

anyways...i wanted to let u all know i have a facebook page and a "fan" page on FB where u all can see more of my reg post. i have a moderator named Matt Bryce" who runs it and post pretty regular...so stop by take a look and thank him for his passion for art...more of my art shows up there than on here..so u might enjoy it more...and feel free to add me.

my reg page:


and my fan page:



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When I clicked the link, it said page expired. :-(
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Facebook request sent sir! Grats on the whole getting married thing! Im engaged myself :)
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I dont have facebook. Its evil.
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i'm already friend of your fan page! amazing stuff man! you're super!
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Adding ya now (its easy to see me, my DA name is my middle name).

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I like how the profile pic for the fanpage is your "Lois Lane all wet from her man of steel" commission. Epic! I liking that.
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I will make sure to add those once I log into facebook. :D
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What the hell is up with putting up bad Ass arts on your face book fan page, but not here (Phoenix and the White Queen)? Not to say that what you ahve on here isn't bad Ass, too.
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i like to leave a big description of my process on here and i dont really do so on FB....

so it takes me longer on here...sorry man

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Its ok now that I am a fan of your fanpage, or whatever. So I can see all the goodness through both places. woot!
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I sent a friend request, and accidentally one to Ms Wink as I was seeing who Ebas was going to marry...didn't even know he was enganged...congrats!
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not sure how that was an accident...but thanks she is a gem..one of a kind...

im very happy
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Ok.. yeah.. i did suggest the page to my friends
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The fan page link is:


and it is amazing stuff! Everybody go LIKE it !!
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umm both links leads to the same page! o_o;

oh well I already watch you there anyway! :D
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Adding now !

GO ASS !!!!!
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i usually put close people to my facebook..but what heck why not..
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If there was a like button on here, I'd like it :)
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Oi Oi...thats I agree in Brit :)
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Ooooo.. someone's really getting into the facebook thing... ;p
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I've had Eric on my facebook for ages!!
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