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here's a link to the contest on my facebook page i started today...i hope none of u roll ur eyes and none of u get offended and hope everyone has fun...all are welcome to join...and i cant stress enough to be "original and creative" ...and this is not meant to be a naked thong show...and u do NOT have to be naked or even show skin.

may the best GO ASS win!


** ok it was brought to my attention that u need to be a friend to view my pics...sorry if that the case. but its my FB settings  u can add me if u'd like **
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Brother, great idea... just finally got some time to log in again and I find this kick ass contest you got going.. if I'd have known earlier I'd be submitting also... kind of fun thing that should be emulated really

So what if it's unprofessional or in poor taste or any other label that others want to classify this as... this is supposed to be an open minded, fun, environment and in itself should exercise creativity. So what if someone gets an ass full of images in devwatch, I honestly look at pretty much everything on here with an artistic point of view.. however horrid some asses may actually be... :headbang:

Go Ass brother... hell if the timing's right after my kid's fun is done and all spots haven't filled, I may submit one myself.. god, she gets wind of this contest I may have competition
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barf. You just lost my watch.
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I have sent a request but I am under Heaven Lee Logan
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I would *love* to Facebook stalk you :)

Besides, this sounds intriguing!
i sent a friend request
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Too Bad I dont have facebook.
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Sent you a request
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Sent invite - you the man.
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Dude I can't believe how many of your fans here aren't on facebook! At any rate, you'll get a buncha new followers there now :P GO ASS! (__!__) (Well at least you know where I stand on the whole idea LOL!)

~ Mark
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mark- i know right!!??? and u stand well wit me man.

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just sent a friend request...im as luis angel perez
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Added you as well. ^ ^; Figured i'd take a look. :D
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Request sent !!! GO ASS indeed =D
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sent a friend request :)
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awesome thanx man
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Great idea, i luv @$$
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luv luv the bum
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*doesn't have a facebook* Damn... :iconsadplz:
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I added you as a friend!

Arturo Marínez
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post some nice ones here!
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i did...but they are not all nice
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