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ok i never do this. i hate typing. and now i have a mrs and shes expecting so im never gonna have time to type again. sniff and sniff again

for those of u that need more eBas art. i update my facebook more often than i do here. its faster and easier. and i have a page run by the awesome and good looking matt bryce. he updates it pretty frequently and bugs me everyday if i have new things to post. so hit it up and make sure u tell him thanks for all his hard work
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Well with a single look at your gallery I can tell you that you are one of my favorite artists out there. I'll find your facebook but I sure will miss seeing your work pop up on my watch :*( Buuut on the other hand, congrats on the baby! May your family find all the joy you deserve :)
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congratulations! I hope the baby gets your talent ;)
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hello i saw one of ur art on the web [link] and for ur signature found you here ..... but the pic i saw isnt here
then i saw ur jurnal ... all the other art on Facebook .. but isnt there either
ur art is great
as one i saw i'm guessing many more u made are not uploaded or missing
i would like to see them keep the good work +Fav
A little late, but congrats Eric!! We also had our first baby earlier this year, and it made our lives infinitely happier. Hope your lil one does the same for you!
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eeek congratulations babe!! Will dig you out on FB for sure. xxx GO ASS, of course.
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ive been following ur posts on facebook, and congrats on the kid on the way. hope the child makes ur life richer. :)
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Congrats!!! I hope all goes well for you.
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Congratulations! My wife and I have a six month old now and it's been the most amazing experience. You're in for a treat! The ups and downs are richer and fuller of life than anything I could have dreamt. Enjoy the journey.
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Congratulations, Eric! But please don't stop updating your deviantART gallery. I hate using facebook and I'll miss seeing pencils this nice! Maybe you can still find the time to post artwork without typing so much, although I really appreciate your thoughts behind each piece too!
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i do try to post and i type A LOT less...thanks for sticking it out
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Ah, AW is preggers! Congrats man.
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(I don't have FB but I'm still happy you're getting married)
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you have no idea, lol.

seriously, good luck
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Hey Eric! The ONLY thing I'll say is that DA is a lot less restrictive than FB if you want to put up some extra special pieces!
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well congrats big step there. and thanks for the link to the page took a quick look and saw tons of new stuff.
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Already done! GO ASS!
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Sadly I am not on Facebook. Love your work though.
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Facebook sucks. Just give Matt your DA log.
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I check up on your FB regularly my friend, hope all is well!
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Congrats on the Ebasbaby! :)
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congrats on the new arrival!
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big congrats, man. it'll be the best thing the two of you ever do!
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Its a shame I'm not on FB more then once a week, I wish you all the best
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