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wolf gang

hehe wolf gang...sorry..

this one is a cover for Jaycompany Comics an exclusive Mercy Thompson...i dont know what its for.

u all should see the colors on this one, u think the pencils are good, the colors will blow u away...the wonderfully talented and close friend of mine Nei (not even CLOSE to being her real name) kicked serious ass on this one. she colored the skin so smooth that it looks like she just spent a week at the spa.... now since i dont know to do that icon link thing even though i've been shown b4, i will just have to copy and paste the address: [link]

the editors on this one first told me that i could go buck wild on this, sexy, super sexy and even nudity. i got all excited cause i love to push the envelope and make ppl go wft did he do that for? its fun.... but they were just teasing and said no. oh well. this is one of the two of four they picked out of the layouts i did. and said i could be the one to choose. the last two covers i did were back shots, and u all know how i love representing the ASS baby yeah!! so i went against my hornyness and decided to give one to the melon lovers out there and go with the front shot. plus its more of a story telling piece which soooo many ppl think im not capable of doing... like will smith, he's deemed an action star and cant act. he may not be a Diniro, but he can act, just nobody wants to see him act, they want to see him save the day. a la stereotype

anyways, this one was harder to do because of all the yoga classes she took to get so damn flexible. i dont think i've ever dropped one side of the shoulders so far b4. the first layout i did of her was completely done, ready for transfer to the actual board. i dont blow things up, i just find it less intimidating to sketch it out in my big sketchbook, helps eliminate the fear of messing up. but i failed. i set my sketchbook down in front of me as usual and was pissed as i glazed over it to see if it was worthy of continuing, it was not. the pose was the same, but way more stiff. it looked to me like she was posing for a calendar shoot. so i was like.. dammit, gotta go eat and come back with fresh eyes. now, i know most ppl have kids to feed and cant afford the luxury of starting over, but i dont have kids and i can. so after i put more life into it, and worked on it over again, i was pretty happy with the end results.

problems areas for me were mostly on the torso. especially her shoulder blade. when a girl is standing up right and not moving her shoulder blade shoots out more at the top where it leads into the underarm. and thats how i instinctively drew it. and after sitting back i caught the mistake cause she looked like a man-woman-broad-back chick. so i brought it in A LOT and i was like man what was i thinking.

that tatoo was a pain to draw in perspective. and her right boob was kinda tricky cause i didnt want to drop it as far down as her shoulders made it. i think the ribcage woulda looked weird. speaking of melons (sorry ladies, insert word of choice) i try and consider what my ladies are wearing and since this is not a tight bootsie-a, i didnt draw the muffin top boob falling out. so i find to help make the jubblies (insert) looks more real, i draw the top line of the boob straight in hopes make em look saggy/droopy. as in the right one. straight line.

one of the best tricks i can use to make any piece dynamic is the illusion of dept. i find it helps to do this in the thinking stage rather than the drawing stage. we've all heard the term u gotta kill ur children. and if u draw, say a leg just right...but u realized that a trash can was suppose to be there instead....u freak out and try to put the trash can somewhere else like behind the leg cause u dont want to erase the leg...well been there done that. plus it saves me time in not draw and erasing things. so all the wolves were placed there in the layout to simply add depth or dynamics to the picture, especially the gigantic wolf in the front. hopefully to stun the viewer if not by the hot chick or the cool wolves..but at least with the design. something for everybody.

rant rant

like i mentioned in the sinbad texas cover i did, i made up her outfit entirely. as in this one too. coulda used a boring tee, but everybody does that and its stupid. why not flex my mind, my creative MOJO, and see if im any good at it. i keep trying to free my mind and see if it takes me anywhere cool. so i make up as much as i can get away with
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love this Mercy Thompson novels are freakin awesome love them
thats beautiful

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Woah!You inspire me!LOVE it!
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Nice picture of one of my favorite characters awesome work
I had a go at "Coloring" this - hope you don't mind?
SaphiqueX13's avatar
Love :iconallthethingsplz: Mercy and the wolves, and the series, and your line art.... Beautiful!!
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absolutely wonderful job!!! i love Mercy..she's an awesome character and you captured her great!
LadyZenith's avatar
MERCY THOMSPON!!!! <3<3<3<3
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O_O WOW! Azaming job it's just epic!
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omg i LOVE this. amazing job!!!! *_*
When I favorite-ed the color version a long time ago; I didn't realize that I actually am friends with Patricia Briggs' son. Small world after all?
LadyZenith's avatar
luuuuuuucky!!! im in LOVE with patricia briggs!!! shes amaaaaaazing
Chyna-Angel-Girl's avatar
Great job! I love it!
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I love the Mercy Thompson books! they were really good, and this pic is amazing!!!!
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Wow. This is great I would love to see the colors on this one.
Ravenhull's avatar
Interesting tattoo on her shin there... ;)

Overall, much closer to my picture of her than what's on the paperback covers.
Shisaichi's avatar
I love this serie!!
Your draw is amazing, very good work!
All the best!!
Adolpha-Of-Blue-Moon's avatar
I love Mercy Thompson! Amazing art work.
Eddy-Swan-Colors's avatar
had a go at coloring this picture.


would love to hear what you think of it, I got the flats from a friend who colored this picture previously and he somehow managed to forget to include your signiture, but I still mentioned in the comments that you drew it.
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I love the Mercy Thompson series, and this does her justice! Beautifully done! ^-^
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