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snake bite

By ebas
this is another copic marker commissions i did of the snake girl in dusk till dawn of the selma hayek character.....this was one of the 1st ones i tried....i still wasnt 100% confident with the markers yet...if u look closley u can see that her face is not inked...i colored over the pencil...and then went back and darkened it in hopes that nobody would notice....

i like these things, they are fun to do and when scanned in...they almost look like paintings or something

this one was a most viewed piece and very wonder as to why...3/4 shots are always eye catching..every body likes looking at woman at this scale....u almost never see a magazine cover of a woman where u actually see the girls knees.....and everybody likes to see them jubblies...

this was my 1st time using actual color....i always use "tonal" grays....i.e. warm gray, cool gray and neutral gray....the feathers on her shoulder is the actual color of red i used on her bikini but i went over it all with a 5-7 "warm" gray to darken it all to mute it...mostly because i didnt want the red to over power the piece...and im glad i took the chance on mixing the two colors cause now i do it all the time.

i kinda like how this came out cause she does look very curvy and sexy...and she has an impossibly thin waist...make her hips pop....

was happy with the snake too...but i 4got to add white out shines to the snake, turns out i didnt really need it....

with these commissions i normally never go with an ass shot....too many boobs fans out there and less curves with a girls back...and its where the face is..the front...sigh

on strathmore bristol board smooth vellum on 11x14

all for now...

go ass!!!
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Oh my.... love the little details!
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You always draw your woman so wonderfully, and that snake, wow :D I just purchased my first copic markers, so I'm eager to start trying them out ^_^

go ass
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I love this so much I had to have it tattooed onto my arm
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scantily clad woman+snake=win.
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wow great work!!
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I think that is sexy as hell :D
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nic pic ...!!!
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Do you have any tutorial videos ...this technique is fascinating. Would love to see you work.
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ehi baby!!! do you want to go in my bag?YES!
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love your pic.
Ive seen that clip with selma and the snake more then a 100 times(true), notice that selma is about slip on her left foot ;)
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You have a steady hand, and the eyes for detail. I love your work. :)
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This is kick ass man!
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WOW this is like perfect :)
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the detail in yhu artwork is beautieful
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whoa this is really cool work!!!! :thumbsup:
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