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imagine the game teris... when the pieces fall down u have to flip them in just the right position b4 they hit the ground and ur stuck with that idea. this is the best way i can explain how the idea's in my head work when coming up with a cover. so at the start of the game the piece shows up on the screen and i never had to flip it cause i new exactly what i wanted....but to be sure, i flipped it 4 times and wound up back to its original pose. its almost strange seeing how this has a lot more detail than my other covers, that this one was one of the less complicated ive done since my jirni cover for aspen comics. ive sat and flipped and flipped that Tetris piece over and over and each time it got to the bottom in the wrong pose. for me thats the where the magic is. and its so important to rotate the piece as many times as u can to get the best result.

i designed this character (cant say who it is) from top to bottom and it was fun. this is the stuff i believe i was born to do. as much as i love drawing GO ASS, not as much as cool shit like this i get to make up. my fav part is at the bottom left next to her ass. all those metal pieces drawn in proper perspective really enable one to see the metal spinning and even making u picture a sound it would make. i strongly believe that even when making things up like this.i has to appear to be functional.

they still wanted a sexy girl...and its not easy to do military style and sexy at the same i spread her legs in the guise that its a power stance.

something something GO ASS
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I love this drawing! This style reminds me of all those thing during the 90's, Warhammer 40,000, Vampire the Mascarade, Shadowrun...
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Nice. Love the detail.
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So much arms and so sexy girl. I love your style. 
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Mass effect, Nathan Never, Hellboy, Luis Royo, Syd Mead,... My God, this drawing has it all! :D Fantastic job, man! :D
And now its a Shahrazad variant
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Looks like a good warm-up for my cover... ;)
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Nice details in everything!
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Hey man! This is pretty cool. How long did it take you to pencil this? Was it something like 8 hours? Very nice
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Amazing and you did manage to combine sexy and military style very well!
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Thats amazing !!!
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WOOW Thats so stunning!! Really an AWESOME Masterpiece!!!!!
Pure awesomeness!
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Hellgame23's avatar !!!
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Sick like good :)
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Dude, this is so legendary. Awesome work! I'm psyched you're going to be at the Boston Comic Con! :D
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thx man see ya there
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awesome!!it cool
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In that piece of art, I can really feel your will to get on the next level! All different kind of material appearing on that lady can be felt! It's a huge work! Love the way you're going down lately!
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