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looking glass

this is a dbl page spread cover for the launch of escape from wonderland out by Zenescope Ent.

this one was a major pain in my big ass behind....i needed to get it done in two days cause timing and miscommunication... and on top of that i needed to design these characters which is not easy to do when im solely responsible for what these characters will look like in the rest of the series. well that was the fun part..playing god and all..

my editors and i dont always see eye to eye when it comes to cover ideas...this one was not the case but it seemed that way at first. he told me all excited like (which is fun cause most editors are not so enthusiastic) and said DUDE...we need a wraparound of a girl walking through the mirror and ending up on the other side!! and i was no no...sigh..borrrring...but as he begun to describe it more i was like ok maybe...but i started to visualize (which i stress is the key to all the mojo...serious brain storming) and it hit like can show what happens INSIDE the mirror..the transition? and he's like sure and then i ask, has it been done b4...the answer was no and i was happy cause i get to make more shit up and i love love looove doing that....

i'll try and keep this short since im trying to describe two cvrs at once here..

the earth side i called the boring side..reg chick about to cross into wonderland...the dilemma is making something so boring, like the setting (attic) look i went with the default eye candy trick...put a lot of shit everywhere and make it look like a organized cool mess...i think i pulled it off

the wonderland part was waaay more fun and didnt really need eye candy cause of the "cool" factor. so i didnt stress this side at all cause it's very dynamic in setting... a la "LOTR's"

the mirror part is by far one of the coolest published (coming soon a shop near u) piece i've prob ever done...since this is a dark and twisted world i felt it appropriate to dive into my darkside and summon my mojo and warp the earth calie and wonderland calie and her psyche all into one.

theres not much i can say about the earth side...i feel that even though there is a lot gong here its still separates..some ways to approach this is to have open space..i left the wall naked (mm...naked) behind her...and as the wall gets further away i drew more and more lines.. a resting point if u will...again with her hair...the top of her head is also naked of lines...and more detail as u go further down...same with the wooden floor, chest, lamp shade...u can apply this to just about anything...

i find it especially hard to draw a woman looking sexy AND badass at the same time...not easy to do..good examples are wonderwoman and tombraider...those girls are always kicking ass...alas, they are my absolute "least" fav female characters to is what sells over at zenescope and they always emphasize that...she needs to have knives in each hand about to lunge forward...

the wall behind her is flat and parallel to i purposely turned everything thats placed here...the chest, boxes, books..everything is escue to help prevent looking "stiff".

the wonderland side was pretty tuff with all the layering...i separated everything into 4 planes.. the main figure, soldiers, queen and the castle in the far thats a lot of info to tell in virtually half the paper...the mirror took up a lot of space along with the teleporting side as well..i cant even begin to explain my process imma just say what i did...battle stance (with 1 leg) soldiers all armored up, queen in chariot with skinned horses and two floating angels (good vs evil ) on her shoulders...squint a lil and maybe u'll see 'em.. it was almost impossible to not make this all cluttered up. using blk on white on blk again helps a lot but i didnt really pull it off here...

i like her costume...its a representation of her earth clothes and her attitude that was caused by the looking glass...she is angry and out for blood....

now my fav part....the inner mirror...( i so wanted to draw an ass in there somewhere hoping that i could get away with it but opted not to be so tacky)

i originally wanted to have three separate bodies all fused and morphing but didnt have the space to do it in...i started with the ribcage (my fav part of the whole piece) literally coming out of her...why u ask..good question..i dont know... it just looks cool..and i wanted to see if i could get away with it..if u look closer u will see that the butt of the axe on the wonderland side fuses into her hand and forearm in the mirror...i also gave her like 8 or 9 fingers....i thought it'd be cool to take off her mouth, nose and ear...almost like, see no evil, hear, speak no evil...the skirt is kinda flowing on the top and morphing into her skin as it fades down..and in the far left of it i have a skull coming out from her skin and then somehow the muscles got added and the skin after that...

i was just very happy to flex my twisted muscle that i've never gotten the chance to do b4...this is the kinda stuff i draw in my sketchbook cause there are no rules and its so much fun...added extra arms and legs and partial clothing in some spots...

and finally the floating heads are all part of her psyche and are tormenting her...yup, made it all up... me needs some help...

i also designed the mirror like 2 yrs ago...and i never thought that i would have to draw it again..and i regret making it so was a pain my ass (i love ass) to draw....and when i was done...i had to REdraw it again on the other side, and the paper is 17 inches tall.....blah! at that point i didnt care about continuity...the glass looks nothing alike...what ever, no one will care anyways..

this cvr felt like i was drawing three separate cvrs and felt like it was never going to all it took me over 30 hrs to do....and most of it was straight...

its been a while since i've said this...ahem...straightens back and shouts...


easter eggs-two halo's master chiefs gunning down xbox.. i think thats it..

the bugs and worms are part of the eye candy as well as the atmosphere of wonderland..
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This would be soo cool as a poster!
perfect warp !
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Love the costumes, love the concept, love the clutter of the real world and the transition within the mirror. Great work.

Adam [link]
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God I wish I could do heavy details like that :/
Love your work :)
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First off amazing work. Seriously, I am a huge alice fan and have seen a ton of work but never anything so imaginative, visceral and beautiful at the same time. Ok enough ego stroking, I have a question for you. I have been doing pyrography for about 6 years now and I have a project, specifically a coffee table for my home, that I have been serching for the perfect design for. I think your design is perfect and would like to use it, with your permssion of course. I was hoping that if you're cool with it I could get a high def copy of the design to burn into the table top. I would be more than happy to keep you updated on the progress of the project since it is your design, it will take me between 6 months to a year. I am very detail oriented and I take my time on every piece i do to make sure that the detail is perfect. Any pictures that I upload of the progress to my page, or anywhere else, would have you credited as the creator and artist of the original pattern with a link to your page. If you'ld like to see my capabilities my page has alot of my work, a few pieces from when I first started out for sentimental reasons and the rest more accurately reflects my current skill level. Anyway, if this sounds acceptable to you I would love to hear back from you. You can reach me here or at Thank you very much for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.
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This is amazing, You draw so well.
What I really like in this drawing is the concept. I wish every day I could just travel to another world like the girl does in the drawing.
Great work, idea perfectly captured.
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love the image. is there a coloured version?
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magnificent!!!! Man...perfect!!!!
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I love the way you made it it is AWESOME!!

~~~~lol~~~~ hey look she's drowning!! Oh looky here come some sharks! ~~~~^~~~~lol~~~~^~~~~ bye bye!...peaceful waters...Oh! Look! There's blood!!
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Omg... I saw this as a coloured picture while randomly trawling the net ages ago, it was slightly different as the girl was looking into the mirror. But I fell in love with it, but I couldn't find any information about it anywhere, and now... here it is! It's made my year, I'm so happy now to convince hubby to let me get a full size colour one for the living room wall ;)
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AWSOME WORK!!!! man, youre great!!! i`m a fan now óÒ.
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mind if i ink some of your stuff for my portfolio?
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Damn! What to say.....? This is sweet! The detail is incendiary! Love your style!
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the part between the two mirrors is, for me, the most amazing
good job, once more
please don't stop to amaze us
XxxxcookayzxxX's avatar
damn. the metamorphosis and the illusion of movement in the middle panel is fuckin' spot on. overall flow of the piece is gorgeous
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Wow, it's phenomenal. I love the explanation of the drawing, brings meaning to it all.
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This is defiantly BAD ASS
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every detail is fascinating
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Dude, seriously you are amazing!! your detail is off the charts, your sensuality is remarkable and I love the fact you include stockings in almost all your pics... I'm a fan and thanks for helping advocate it!
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