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eBas Wonderland 0 Mirror

I have NEVER posted these pencils online b4 until now. This Wonderland iss 0 cover has a lot of sentimental value because its the one that started it all, from asses, to thongs to naughty toplessness. Its the very 1st Zenescope cover I ever did and spawned a whole new set of fans. My Topcow fans were different than the pin up cheese cake that I did for them, so it was a nice change of pace

I remember Raven Gregory asked me on the phone to give her dreds and a skirt SO short we can see her GO ASS and I was thinking, " whist touching a mirror? who does that", but i love a challenge and making an attic look cool was also a challenge.

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My baby!Don't worry it's safe with me ;)
Hey man, I know I didn't poke you lately, been busy studying 3d design. Just stopped by to say, still admire you and you're still amazing on all level.
Don't you ever stop.
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Wonderful art!!!  Love the lingerie... 
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Different, indeed. I remember the "I <3 COMIX" Sara Pezzini cover you did, it's still one of my favorites.
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Old and very nice !!!
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Pretty much a classic!
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This is the first ebas cover I ever picked up, and it remains my favorite.
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A blast from the past; I remember reading this when it came out, strangely enough because I was a fan of the Wonderland mythos. The GO ASS was just icing on the cake. 
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8-) How well I remember this cover!
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very confident pencilwork 
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