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eBas Copic Harley Quinn wet in Bikini


I was asked to draw #Harley in water, and I didnt really see her having fun in the sun, so I went with a gloomy pool instead. I've not really colored water in #copic like this b4 so it was a newer experience but man was it fun, I felt like sculptor with a block of clay picking at it bit by bit and finally, viola! I'm especially happy with the end result because I didnt ink any of the water lines in black, so I had to wing it most of the way through.

Her boobies were a challenge because I wanted them to feel like they were leaning to the right a bit, whilst trying to not make them look lop sided. Her outfit was a lot of fun to design, I will probably retire designing clothes.

as usual I didnt use photo for the pose to try and make me focus on the story telling b4 the anatomy. I think her abdominal/pelvis area is my fav part, my hand actually did what my mind had in mind and thats just happiness all over.

If you want a High end 13x19 print of this, they are one Ben (free shipping) email me at

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Amazing Harley Quinn eBas!
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Her right arm has a great solutions. And the water effects are amazing.
All the "rest", of course,  is beatiful too. 
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What paper do you use to do your Copic designs?
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strathmore bristol smooth 100 bl 
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Cool, thanks 😀
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Good work muh boy!
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Very nicely done!
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Yes , that is a good one !!!
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Hot and sexy Dr Quinzel ^^
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Looks like you need to do more copic work like this; looks awesome! Those water ripples are beautiful! 
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Damn man, your line work is amazing.  I really love how this one came out.
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Im in love with this one ! such a great job!
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thanks,  I put a lot into that one 
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