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X23 In Copic and Pencil by me eBas

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This started as a simple quickie and the more I worked on it and sculpted into being, the more I liked it and I've been wanting to give my Platinum members a BANG!!! I also wanted a badass piece instead of my usual cheesecake. I hope you all like #X23 here with her #Claws out ready for ..... the camera? Or rather, an evil doer

Happy Taco Tues and always GO ASS!!!
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Cool picture she's my favorite marvel character
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Bada$$. Love it, well done.
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thanks, I appreciate it 
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:clap:Nice details!

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far better than the current comic artwork of Marvel comics. well done!
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Actually the artist for the most recent x-23 book was pretty good
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I'll have to look into that
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lol, I get that a lot, thanks 
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Well done! I love the red streak, and especially the design on her outfit.

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the red streak was there at the conception of this 
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My very favorite character in marvel comics.. This is such great job. Good work~
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wow, and she's new, who was it b4 
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