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Wolverine and Phoenix by me eBas

#Wolverine of the #Xmen is one of my top 2 all time favorite characters and I love drawing him, even though this was my 1st time using actual color on him, I feel like I've been coloring him for yrs. The time before this, I drew him with #WarmGray #CopicMarkers and the time before that, he was naked, a la #WeaponX

Actually, the #DarkPheonix is also my 1st time using full color, she was also only done in various #graytones so this was a learning experience for me but still felt very natural.

As you noticed, I get paid to draw a lot of pinups and the poses are often standing straight up and down and I wanted to add more depth to this one, so I stuck out their arms towards the camera which is perfect for #Logan and I also got to tackle foreshortening #Snikt #Snikt

I think I'll forever add the #MarvelMovie stitching to all their costumes, it really adds durability to their spandex 😄

Did any of you notice I kept #Wolvie at his traditional runt hight vs #JeanGrey ?

Stay safe and make art, not war
#eBas #EricBasaldua #eBasArt #EricBasalduaArt #Marvel #XmenMarvel #WolverineX23 #WolverineXmen #MarvelXmen #JeanGreyLogan #WolverineLogan #PhoenixMarvel #PheonixXmen #Copic
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How much to purchase this-are u selling this?

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Re-requesting for my group(s)

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Very well done!

I love both Wolverine and Phoenix! And yes,I did notice that you kept Wolverine at his traditional runt height standing next to Jean! I liked Hugh Jackman as Wolverine but hopefully,in the future whenever the role of Wolverine is rebooted and recast(it's inevitable,it's going to happen,maybe not anytime soon but it WILL happen,I can't picture Marvel Studios not doing anything with the character now that the movie rights for the X-Men are back with them),whoever plays the new Wolverine will be closer in height to the Wolverine from the comic books.

Also,is it me or is Wolvie grinning?He always had a thing for Jean Grey,so I could certainly see why.Or maybe he's just gritting his teeth,as artists have drawn him doing many times over the years with adamantium claws out at the ready.

Again,very well done!

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Rare photo of Ember and Valkyr from Warframe.
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Phoenix is one of my fave superheroes! :D

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Beautiful !!

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Looks so tight!!!!
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The colors on this one just blend together so well!

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Really gorgeous work...

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This is awesome; amazing work. :la:

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