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Stubborn Slave Leia by me eBas in Copic

Location  Long Beach
Tweaked the colors on this one a little because my PS skills were really lacking back then, not that they are stellar right now, but I'm getting better

This was done back in the day where I refused to care about sales in the Pin up world and added a lot more story telling in my pieces and I enjoyed trying to come up with scenes that the character might be in. In this case it was #SlaveLeia and I googled her (cause I've never been commissioned to draw her b4) and in every pic I saw drawn of her, she was laying down striking a pose and it's a crowd pleaser and like I said, I was in the mind set of not caring about sales, I had her (in pin up style) being stubborn and not giving into #JabatheHut 's wishes without putting up a fight. I always wondered if any women saw that in my story telling

I dont bring this print to shows anymore because guess what sells better, her posing and looking sexy because compared to this one, this loses 90% of the time. My website will be the only place to buy this in the near future

Back to work now and happy weekend and remember to give a smile away today

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Awesomely done. Really love the little story that goes with this piece as well.

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As a woman I despise the nicely posed slave Leias we see everywhere, and all the cosplay slave Leias oozing come-hither looks at cameras. Carrie Fisher hated the costume, and she loved getting to kill Jabba. Thank you for a more realistic depiction. Of *course* she's horrified to have a giant slug grabbing at her, and of course she wants to kill him.

Fantastic work.
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Like the expression on Leia's face. The red really stands out.

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Looking good. More Slave Leia is always welcome.

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Can't say I blame her. :D

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very nice , as always .  :)
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