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I was working at Topcow Prods at the time and I was told I get to draw a #Spiderman cover and it even has #DrOctopus and #MaryJane aka #Mj but like in all dreams, it must end and mine ended to find out #DocOct is a COW!!!! I do like a good challenge, and I thought to myself, "lets draw the most badass cow ever!!!"" I'll add some sweet lighting and shadows with a splash of old skool cross hatching ... Not sure I succeeded cause some Random's think it's a dog. Lame!!

I spent waaay too much time just thinking of a cool pose for #Spidey and I didn't want to swipe the classic #ToddMcFarlaneSpiderman poses cause no one can do them cooler, so I went against the grain and drew him upright instead.

#NyC #skylines are my least fave thing to draw, mostly cause Im not a natural at buildings, and I hate drawing repetitive lines, especially ones that need a ruler. Damn ruler! But I know that if I approach it with some Mojo, the end result is always worth it

Did any of you notice Mj at 1st glance ?

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Awesome, as usual, I see the mojo.

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Great work. Full of life and detail!

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Well done! I am a big fan of cross hatching and heavy shadowing. When it comes to buildings I can relate, I cringe at the monotony of the ruled lines. d00d pound it

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Classic battle! Well done!

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Artwork is top-notch as alway, but the cow steals the show, let’s be honest ;) :la:

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>! Great line art !<

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