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Poison Ivy GO ASS!!! by me ebas

I was asked to draw a #GOASS version of #PoisonIvy and the "ass" part was emphasized, so that's where I spent the most time. I just realized I haven't drawn a proper back shot of #Ivy so I was excited to tackle this one but mostly because of the #graphite . I dont get to do black and whites often and I feel my work is the best in #pencil , there's a softness you just cant get with any other medium

I wanted a shot of her strolling through her garden patting her pets on the head, I like the idea of her being queen and having an army at her disposal. She continues to be my fave female #DCComics character to draw.

I may put this up on my site to be purchased but Im not sure yet, black and white prints dont do nearly as well. What say you??

#Batman #IvyBatman #PoisonIvyBatman #Gotham #GothamCItyCirens #GothamCirens #EricBasaldua #eBas #EricBasalduaArt #art #comicbookart #ComicBooks #redhead #bootylicious #juicydouble #BabyGotBack #eBasGOASS
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I wish I have a rose to give but I don't have one
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Nice drawing
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OMG the detail and form you get from just the shading, then the line work!!! My wrist hurts just looking at the detail in your pieces!
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Best PI I've seen so far!
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Oh those pencils are so expressive! I like how the light caresses her back and sculpt the roundness of her perfect ass. Superb!
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thanks, I tried. I'm having fun experimenting with light.

GO ASS!!!! 
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Really beautiful!
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Great work =) That ass though... Go Ass!! =D
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thanks and always GO ASS!!!
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She looks beautiful. Heart 
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Lord almighty her ass must itch (just kidding look great :clap: )
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I know right, damn costume 
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