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Published: January 9, 2009
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large view pls

ok here's ur fix for those of u that are twitching by now...hehe

im actually VERY surprised at how unpopular my colored stuff was....most ppl dont like looking at black and white art....and i've seen other comic pro's on here and their B & W stuff is not viewed a lot...i dont get it

this is a b4 and after of a panel for the upcoming Witchblade book im doing...figure it might be cool to see what goes into the boring parts of a comic panel.... not many ppl like drawing things like this for many reasons....plus the art is worth less when the figures are drawn so small...think about it, would u buy a poster of sky line of NYC and all those buildings with superman standing on the sears tower? No cause he would be the size a green bean...and u want to see the whites of his teeth in that poster...same concept...

here we have to establish the scene so we know where are hero's are and give a sense of space and dimension.. i personally HATE using a ruler...anything that has that straight line is sooo annoying to draw...i like drawing more organic things like the forest, or a jungle...fun stuff that u can make up but go crazy with...lots of eye candy...and for those of u that watch me know how i stress the importance of eye candy....believe it or not, there is eye candy here too....no matter what im drawing, my job is to make things interesting for the reader to look at...after all it is a visual medium...if its not cool, then i failed...(i like that word...fail).................... if u wanna guess what it is on this one?? then scroll back up and look again and see if u can guess what it is, and scroll back down to see if u were right........................

the eye candy here is the pipes and wires surrounding our hero's. for those of u that guessed all the crap on their desks...u were close...all the junk needs to be there as a story telling element, being that it establishes the run down shitty place ....and because the camera is so far away u cant really do that....lets use "hair" as an example, i love drawing hair cause it provides great opertunities for eye candy...but the hair on a woman head NEEDS to be there....its what i DO with the hair that makes it eye candy...like having it blowing in the wind....and having strands flowing everywhere...so even though hair needs to be on a head u can MAKE it look delicious....so the junk on the desk needs to be there to show how run down this basement office is (this is the correct setting that the "boring" deviation was suppost to be in...for those of u that wondered)

i wanted the composision to be simple here and frame the figures in black. always ur best bet....so i summonded my inner mojo and called upon charlie and his factory for some eye candy goodness....and instead of using just black shapes to frame our hero's, i decided to get fancy with the pipes and have them sticking out, twisting, turning and going every which way...again, using my playing god complex, and can make up any shape or size pipe i want...and its a good thing too, cause if u draw everything the same size it starts to look boring and stale...using that "medium, small, large technique i talked about in the deviation "snake like" awhile back fits perfectly here....i layed in a "big" pipe towards the bottom left, and a medium in the right...and a bunch of small ones in between...to make sure i capture veriety....keeping in mind to twist them a lot as well....helps with the eye candy...

this is the boring, frustrating part....laying out the grid...now something of this size doesnt allow me to use my ruler...sucks so much ass!!! mmmm.....ass....anyways, i have to walk allll the way over to the kitchen to get the broom to use as a ruler...so im at home in my boxers (thats for u ladies) on the floor gridding this whole thing out...i drew the grid lines going diagonally right...then diagonally left....and i sit back down at my desk and i realized i 4got the set of lines going up and down...soooo maddening...

but thats comes after...first i have to design the whole thing...this is a basement office that men previously hibernated in..so its run down and has bullet holes everywhere..the rest was up to me...in here u can find everything from a trophy, coffe, calendars to a globe... the key elements were the desks. after that was the figures, the spacing of the walls....and i was ready to grab the broom...i always lay in the placements 1st cause i've gridded a whole panel before and have the grid be "off" cause the vanishing points didnt line up...so i "eye" ball the placement of the desk, and from there i will know where the vanishing point will be cause i just follow the guide lines i already put down....if u look really really closely u can see my sketchy lines "underneath" the ruled grid lines....

lighting a detailed room like this is NOT easy, luckily i was able to avoid it cause there was so much black surrounding everything anyway...lucky me

i like my pgs to remain clean, so every grid line is eventually erased...and let me tell u, its a pain in the left testicle to do..

if u dont put in this kinda effort, it prob means u are lacking passion and love of the medium...so go flip some burgers..

what u should have learned here today is that i love ASS

go ass!!
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ArtbyBones|Professional Digital Artist
Interesting. I always love seeing how artists go about constructing their work - particularly right from the initial sketch level.
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Kitsch1984|Professional General Artist
Incredible!! You can see through them!
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MizaelTengu's avatar
Amazing Work...
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Nahomy-Ivanov's avatar
your work is perfect
Reply  ·  
mumitrold's avatar
Omg still your comments, and showing the drawings is a HUUUUGE help to me. Thank you so much!!!! :boogie:
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killercookies2010's avatar
perspective drawings......... im trying to under stand the process you used to make that grid. so you have a board you use as a template? vantage points come first right then you use the board? I think thats what you explained
Ive made cityscapes with 3 point perspective and so on but I don't quite grasp the full understanding of how to layout the grids in comparison with a room

Thank you for your time
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yellowsmoke321|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
your interiors are amazing..
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Nice detail work!
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Hoot74| Traditional Artist
Damn... looking at this wonderful piece makes an aspiring comic artist just go "hmm... maybe I should just stick to painting houses" but that sucks and I want to draw this good!!! So what I've learned here is that ass is good, but passion is necessary.
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I read all of that, thanks for the peek into your work :flirty:
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Swordfish244|Hobbyist General Artist
So much detail in this panel, I think my eyes just exploded
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J-Estacado's avatar
J-Estacado|Professional General Artist
Ahhhhh this grid story reminds me SOO much personnal situation like that :rofl:
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ferrariferrarez's avatar
love ur style especially the details u rock =3
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DripDraw|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This... is... awesome!
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BensonYap| Filmographer
holy....u r really awesome!!!
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TommyPhillips's avatar
hats off to you
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shockwave-b2635488's avatar
cool layout of the page, dude.
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FunnyMask's avatar
Wow.. you gotta be very patient for do that stuff...
Great job!
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Monsterzeichner's avatar
Monsterzeichner|Professional Digital Artist
wow thats some serious stuff, thanks for that much effort decribing how you do that amazing art
... could you please take a look on my works?
i would really appreciate it!
losing some simple words will help me a lot!
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Baka-Lee|Hobbyist General Artist
Are you nuts? Sure the coloured stuff is pretty, but original pencils are awesome.

Especially yours. The immense level of detail plus the fact that you actually take the time to explain the process is a mega attraction.

Thanks for sharing!
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ebas's avatar
my pleasure...but its true the common eye doesnt register B&W too well..

glad u appreciate it and thanks for taking the time to read
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You mind if I ink some of your stuff?
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ebas's avatar
not at all
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