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Magdalena 1 cover

this was my second cover ever that i did. i was so nervous about messing up and following Benitez's steps and creating a new costume and all. I musta done a least 20 different thumb nails for this pose and felt this was the strongest one for an issue one.

Plus at this time my desk was litterally right next to Marc Silvestri's.
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Beautiful Artwork =D
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The details in your drawings are stunning!Nieman 
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Benitez did good job, so did you. Nothing to worry. Eternal & timeless masterpiece!
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Hi, im working on inks for this amazing cover at
They should be done for the Las Vegas Comic Expo Sep 28-29th 2013 at the Riviera.
Hope you like them and i really like working up your pencils.
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Great work, as usual, of course ;) I love her hair and the rose vines. Would you mind if I colored it?
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This is my fav. Could you please tell me how long does it take you to draw something like this?
Thanks a lot!
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Absolutely undoubtedly amazing~!
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Nice, extreme detail and loving the way you drew all of the art's concepts. Very well made!
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nice stuff bro
mind if I ink this when I get a chance?
ebas's avatar me when u are done
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no problem
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I love this one, amazing detail :)
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well, i can't see any more of your works... I'm fucking jealous.. hehe! keep up the good work!
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Haha next to Marc wonder ^^
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Hey ! I'm a big Magdalena fan ! Did you drawn it for a new story ?
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Hey! I love the character and your cover is great! That's why I wanted to practice on that as an aspiring inker...
If you have some time to spend, do not hesitate to visit my page: [link]
I'm always glad to receive comments and critics!
You just blow me away, you're amazing! Everything you do is amazing! I'm officially a fan and I wanna be you when I grow up! Wait ... I am grown up ... damn it!
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heh, sounds like a commercial
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This is one of the strongest covers, well done!
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No way, I love that pic. It's my fav magdalena pic (that i've seen anyway). Fantastic, amazing pose for such a flat on type stance. I love how each limb is at a different depth but not over done with the foreshortening. Well done
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