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Black Cat CatWoman Straddling eBas

By ebas

 This print is now live only at eBasMojo dot com as a regular and baller level #BlackGold print, bring home some kitties

I tried to build some suspense to go with the theme of this piece. I was commissioned to #copicMarker #BlackCat and #Catwoman in this #fetish theme in #latex and it was a challenging theme so I jumped at the chance to turn this idea into art.

I struggled a lot with this one because I couldn't get the poses right and fitting them on the paper was also an issue. For months I worked on the poses in my mind and I finally was able to transfer it to the board when #FeliciaHardy 's pose just hit me. I know the special effects will look good so I worry more about the pencil stage because the foundation has to be just right before adding the eye candy like airbrushing the background which was the most enjoyable part of the piece.

Thanks for #riding (pun) this journey with me.

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© 2019 - 2021 ebas
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Two kitties, were's the tail going ? Lovely.
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Damn this is hot.
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I love the cat ears of Selina they are so cute,

Are you still working on another Selina lingerie picture?

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I couldn't help but notice a slow shift towards more realistic looking faces, ebas.

Trying something new, or am I just not noticing something that has been a thing for a while?
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Tails from the litter box? (Wow, can't finish this comment without it sounding like German scat porn.) 😉
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Love your gonzo crossovers like this, theyre so awesome. Like PG stealing Selinas costume etc.
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I feel attacked lol
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great excellent !!
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Outstanding !!
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