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Quite simply, I love inkblot styled characters, its one of the reasons I'm trying to make a cartoon video game right now. I'm glad to b...

My father has also done medusas, so I have a little bit of a standard when I do see them, and have a closeness with this kind of creatu...

Aw manz! a delay, how am I EVER gonna sleep at night now? HOW I ASK YOU!? well its alright, it just makes the next page that much sweet...

This jazzy, is goddamn adorable! However improvements can be made, for example - the cat just kind of pops into existence and topples t...


You, as a Monster!
If you request it, I'll draw you as a rogue monster from Chasseur Judge. requests for specific monsters can be made, or you can just wait and see what I choose for you!

Chasseur Judge - Insidious Bogleech by EB-the-GAMER Chasseur Judge - Lanipator by EB-the-GAMER



Chasseur Judge - You got chops
One of the "generic" kinds of Cruel type monsters for C.J.

Fun fact: originally, before i even made. Jack-O-Lantern, the comics villains would solely be Cruel types based on various historical and fictional killers and villains. However, that limited the variety in several ways, so i expanded the monster roster with typings and classes.

- Chopper - Cruel Type - Class: D -

Cruel type monsters are the most common type of rogues that a Hunting Judge is expected to face on the field. A lot of Cruel types are fairly base, not empowered by some supernatural force, and tend to use more direct means of attacking. This limitation, however, forces them to be much smarter and alert about fights. Sometimes the strong energies, feelings, and memories of individuals can create Cruel types in their likeness.

Chopper is a frequently seen Cruel type that supports any monster stronger than it. However, seeing as its somewhat cowardly, it only really does so by its survival instinct, trying to blend into crowds, avoid fights with Judges if it can help it, and being the first to run if things begin to look even slightly bad. Its seen as a leader among the lesser Cruel types, but in reality, is more akin to the founder of a "losers club" of sorts.

Its remarkably durable. If it became courageous, who knows what dangers it could pose. There's distinct orders to befriend this one.

Chasseur Judge - turning disc
:icongreteh: and :icondreamwithintheheart: designs gave me inspiration for this a while back, i lost the drawing till now.

-Moonshine - Radiance and Dusk Type - Class: C -

A mad creature Mad Docter was developing as a side project within the Abusement Park using data from Somnium. The arrival of Mors, Ultima, and one of Mad's own robots forced Mad to release her early, lest his hard work go to waste. Naturally, Moonshine is incomplete, causing her to become mentally unstable. She channels offshoots of her personality through two hand puppets (Modeled after Chanticleer and the Moon Rabbit) whom she converses with frequently. She is actively unfriendly towards both the Reapers and Somnium, and while not as powerful as she could be, is great at pressing peoples buttons, getting into heads, and fooling others.

If forced to fight, she can blast projectiles of light and dark energy from her puppets, aside from that, theres not much to say.


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When you wake up you are in the middle of a flower field. The only thing you can see are flowers, a river and... a girl. A girl standing close to you.

Her skin was blue and her dress white.

Oh, also her head wasn't attached to her body.

"I've been waiting for you, Abyss Gazer."


Even you are having a hard time thinking about an explanation for this.

So this is your life now. You started studying metasapiens, became good at your job, touched more than you should a lamia by accident and now... "Am I dead or something?"

She looks at you with a gentle smile. "No, you are not. You are just in the space between life and... what are you doing?" She took a step back as soon as she saw you get closer, her face clearly a bit nervous. It was easy for you to tell because you were actually looking at her head.
"How? That shouldn't work like that. Your head isn't attached to your body, your hands are not attached to your head, there is no connection..." You murmur to yourself as the girl starts looking around awkwardly. It's fascinating how a common gesture like that looks so different using hands instead of a neck to do the head movement. After a second seems to know what to say next.

"You seem awfully calm. I thought that explain this would be difficult but... because you would be panicking." She seems a bit confused and you decide to clear that misunderstanding.

"I'm not calm. My brain just freaked out so much that it started to deactivate processes. The giveafuck.exe was one of the first things to go." You were telling the truth. You were actually freaking out. You remember the darkness, the hit... that stupid snake killed you or something? And you thought that Kurusu would be the first one to go by accidentally touching a heavy metasapiens... Is that river...?
"I should tell you, Abyss Gazer, that you can't die here. You have a lot of life to live. A lot to discover. You have a potential that no human has and you are the only one who can save our..." A chuuni. The spirit in charge of bringing your soul to the other side was a chuuni. Of course, you are the chuuni bait after all.
"Why is my psychopomp so weird? Why can't you be a crow or something? That makes more sense. A cute girl with a white dress, blue skin and headless... I don't get it." You decided to interrupt her before she tells you to save the world and sends you to be an isekai somewhere. Isekai stories are dumb and for people with no imagination. You are not going to a fantasy world.

"Wha...? I'm not a Psychopomp!" The girl was trying to maintain some kind of character. She was trying to be a serene and ominous messenger but looks like you just broke her persona a bit with that. You guess that's a delicate subject.

"I died and you are here. This looks like the sanzu river. You are a psychopomp." So of course you decide to double down because only two things calm your heart. Science and being an ass. And you can't explain your situation with science.

"No, my job is different I have to... well, you are not technically dead." She tried to explain herself, moving her head from one side to the other trying to think what to say exactly.

"That's the Sanzu river, or the Styx, whatever." Common in mythology. The river that has to be crossed for you to go to the afterlife. She pauses for a moment and looks behind her where the river was.

"I know it's the sanzu river. Can you please listen to me and let me talk...?" Her eyes almost pleading. It seems that she thought about this situation and had some kind of script for this. She doesn't know what to do now that you just shattered her momentum.

"No, you are desecrating all I know about science. You lost your right to talk when you started existing." Also you are probably dead so you are going to keep being like this until the last second. Because you are mad, because you don't want to die, because you don't understand how her body works. You are going to be difficult.

The girl seems to get more nervous suddenly. "We don't have time. I have to tell you that someone is expecting big things from you, and to be careful with-"

You open your eyes.

Around you, the concerned faces of people you recognize. Miia, Cerea, Kurusu, Papi... It seems like Miia was almost crying and you had a killing headache. Was that a dream...? Probably, but it was a really vivid and weird dream...

A mixed chorus of relief and apologies reintroduces you to the world of the living. You are in a real bad mood right now, you are not sure why. Probably Miia almost killing you.

You put your hand on your chest. You are still alive. Papi's feather is also there, hanging off its string. You feel more calm touching it.

"Master! I'm sorry I wasn't able to protect you from the lamia. I almost fail my duty as your knight." Cerea sounded actually pretty serious. It's not like protecting you is actually her work.

"I said I'm sorry! It was an accident. I didn't want to hurt him. I just... he was helping me with something and my tail moved on its own..." Miia looks down and you feel Papi jumping on top of you, happy because you were okay. "Hachi... I'm sorry." Miia now was talking directly to you.

You move a bit, sitting on the sofa to look at her as Papi moves from on top of you. "You almost killed me, you dumb snake!" Oh, you are mad. All that stupid talk about friendship and then she does this. "I'm not going to help you again unless you learn to control yourself." You sounded really serious and she was... was she starting to cry?

You look around you. You can see it on their faces. Papi seems a bit taken aback by your reaction. Almost scared. Kurusu seems to totally disapprove but he looks defeated, as if he already knew this would happen. Cerea is the only one who looks with approval, even if she tries to not look at the crying lamia in the face.

So, she almost kills you and nothing happens. You are mad at her and now suddenly everyone is sad? What did they expect? You to return from the dead saying something like ''Don't worry it was an accident''?

Ugh... but why do YOU feel bad too? Your anger is totally justified. But then why do you want to be the one apologizing now? Crying girls... you just can't deal with them.

"Okay, okay. Don't cry. Look... you can make it up to me. I will think about something you can do. For now... I accept your apology." You move your hand patting her on the head like you do sometimes with Papi. You thought that it would calm her down a bit but instead she jumped to hug you, almost crushing you, crying.

"Master!" Cerea then decided that it was a GREAT IDEA to try stop Miia from hugging you. Now you were being crushed by two huge girls. You felt something soft pressing at your body. The two girls trying to almost fight for who has you closer.

"Hug pile!" And then the birdbrain decided to join you because of course, WHY NOT? You almost die once, you can die again, it's not a big deal or something.

Your screams are muffled by Miia's breasts as she argues with Cerea.


That was... less than pleasant. You are alive and they started apologizing. You decided to just ignore what just happened to not get into an infinite loop of ''almost death - Apology - Hug.''

They are more calm now and you have room to breathe so you decide to stand up and... the world spins around you. So you actually hurt your brain a little, huh? You almost fall to the ground but someone grabs you. Kurusu manages to move in time and you fall into his arms as he looks at you with worry.

Is he princess carrying you? You don't like that. "Let me go, you selfless idiot." You move a little as he lays you down on the sofa.

"You are hurt. You've been unconscious for almost an hour. Please, rest for a bit." He seemed pretty worried. "You should stay here tonight to make sure you are okay. I..." He was going to say something but Cerea stopped him.

"I will stay here with you, master. But you could send the lamia or Kurusu to watch your house in the meantime, and focus on resting." You think about it for a moment. It... maybe it's not a bad idea. You feel like sleeping a bit more right now...

"Okay okay. Just so you all stop nagging at me. I can't actually leave Pirati alone there so someone needs to go to my house." Kurusu nods. Miia seems willing to go too and Papi seems a bit conflicted about that.

You could also just ignore them all and go sleep at your house, but you are not sure you can walk there yet.

"No, you know what...? Bring the bat here. I don't trust you lot not causing problems in my house. I don't like people there unless I'm around." Kursu then nods and excuses himself to go for her with Papi.

You are now alone with Miia and Cerea. They both still seem apologetic, but Miia has... something in her eyes, like she decided something. ''I will make it up to you." She said, and then went to her room.

Alone with the horse now.

"I'm sorry master. I wasn't here to protect you." That again. She is some kind of knight chuuni or something? "We don't see each other enough lately. I've been trying to adapt to life here. It's... a bit complicated for someone like me." She seems to be embarrassed. You understand what she means, living as a quadruped in the land of bipeds is probably pretty awkward.

"I think I understand. Seems...complicated... but you don't need to protect me. I'm not your master. I already told you that." You sit. Talking like that while laying down was a bit awkward.

"No... you ARE my master. Our fates are together since the first time we met. As soon as we did we caught a thief. You also rode in my back and that... that's the sign you are my master now." She sounded pretty serious every time she talked about this. "We centaur are a race of proud and strong warriors. We not only fight alongside our masters, we also are skilled at training them for combat. If you are willing... I could help you become stronger, being able to defend yourself in case I'm not around." That seemed to calm her a bit. She wanted to keep you safe after all... a centaur training a human...

"So what? I'm now Achilles or something?" You smiled and she looked surprised for a moment before blushing a bit.

"Don't compare me to such noble centaur. I only wish I could resemble Chiron in any way..." She fidgeted a bit still blushing. Seems like you just made a really big compliment for her culture. Makes sense. "And I didn't thought you knew about centaur history. You seem... disinterested in everything." You glared at her for a moment. That was no way of talking to your ma... no, no. You are not her master.

"Well, it's my job. You would be surprised how many stories and myths can be real with metasapiens roaming around. I not only have to study biology, mythology is also pretty important." She smiled and for the first time seemed to relax around you.

Turns out she loved to talk about Greek and Roman mythology so you spent the next hour or so talking with her. You didn't even care that she kept calling you master.


After that the day was pretty normal. The girls tried to be a bit more silent, Miia and Cerea didn't argue once in front of you and Papi didn't even try to make you play videogames with her.
You did, though. But because you wanted to and not because the bird asked you to.

Pirati was around too. She seemed worried about you but turns out that now she blushes every time you get close. Of course you should feel embarrassed, you dumbpire. Sneaking in people's beds it's not okay.

Once the day started to end everyone turned into a lazy pile in the living room. All sofas occupied and Cerea resting her body like a horse lying down next to you.

You felt okay already, you even told them about your weird dream and it doesn't make sense to them either. At least seems like you will not need to go to the hospital or anything but they don't let you go home yet. Papi was too excited about having a sleepover.

But even with how calm everything was... a sound in the kitchen made you curious. Everybody was here so the kitchen was empty.

It's just a weird sound but your inner scientist wanted an answer.

You stand up and go to the kitchen to ''get some water''. Because the weird sound might be because of the hit in your head. You want to make sure it's not just a hallucination.

And it wasn't. There, in the kitchen sink was some kind of amorphous blob. It was...


You approached quickly, it seems like the blob just plopped out of the faucet, some of it still sticking to the end. Is this... is this a liquid creature? What the fuck is this?

You quickly take your notebook and start doing a quick sketch of its form, then you think better about it and take a photo with your phone, and as you do this it seems to react, finally starting to move. It had eyes and was moving them to look around... is this a metasapien?

"Hey little guy..." You look at it as it looks at you. It starts to move out of the sink and to a plate with some food. As it does this the food enters its body and starts to dissolve.

Oh god. This thing is a slime.

You need to study this. It was on the list of creatures that Smith gave you but they have literally zero understanding of how they work. Almost nobody has seen one like this.

Okay. Time to see how does that work. It just straight up dissolved a piece of carrot. Let's see if it does the same with other things. Is there something it can't dissolve? How strong the acid is?

Is it actually intelligent? On the metasapiens list they said it wasn't even confirmed, just that they were usually pretty passive...

You open the fridge grabbing a couple things. Some raw meat, a potato, milk, an egg... You get close to the slime not knowing if touching it means losing a finger so you just put the things in front of it. It looked almost scared when you looked at it in the eyes.

"I'm not scary, slime. Now eat the food." As soon as you mentioned it, the slime moved to engulf the food in front of it. You thought it would eat it slowly but... no, everything at once. Even the glass of milk, and it was amazing.

The food started to break slowly, turning into a paste inside it. The milk was the first thing to go. It started becoming a cloud of blue slime inside it that slowly turned bluer until it just disappeared. Understandably a liquid was much quicker to dissolve.

The egg was the next thing. Seems like the space around it was darker in color. A concentration of enzymes to dissolve it? Pure acid? Doesn't matter for now. It managed to open a hole and all the egg poured out of the shell into the slime, doing the same as the milk.

The potato and meat were going slower. You saw how pieces of them were turning into blue slime but the process was not as quick. Maybe they would be gone in five minutes? Yes, more or less five minutes.

What surprised you is that it wasn't trying to eject the glass or the eggshell. You understand the eggshell, it actually started to dissolve so it probably was edible for the slime, but the glass...? Was it planning on eating it too?

For your observations it almost acted like a giant amoeba, absorbing and dissolving food. You actually want to touch it with something to see its consistency. It was more solid or liquid? There was a ladle next to you that you could use...

You also wanted to test if it absorbs water. It seems like something that could live in the water with its texture and the fact it came from the sink. Maybe it is like a jellyfish?

Time to test if it likes water. Now that it moved out of the sink you turned on the faucet and water started to fill it up. The slime froze at the sound and turned slowly to see the water and as soon as it did, it moved the appendage on top of it into the water, starting to absorb it.

So... this was how it absorbed water, with that thing. You need to study it closer.

You were starting to get worried as the slime started to increase in size. You almost stop the water but the sound of a meddling horse interrupted you.

"Master, are you okay? You've been here... what is that?" Cerea looked at the slime, now bigger than before. She seemed to doubt just for a moment before grabbing her -fake- sword and striking a defensive stance. "Behind me master! I will protect you!" You moved to calm her down but then you saw something fascinating. The slime... was imitating her.

It now had a weapon too! This was incredible! Use of tools means a sign of intelligence! You were so happy that you almost forgot your situation, but of course when Cerea attacked you came back to your senses.

It didn't help. You couldn't do more than just move off the way and look at how the centaur tried to strike the slime and it just moved out of the way, its body extremely flexible and agile. It even managed to hit her in the head with the ladle once.

Ouch, her pride, That looked painful.

Cerea was getting ready for the next strike but you moved quickly, stopping her. She looked at you in surprise and confusion. "Stop you dumb horse! It's an important specimen!" For a moment you have a flashback to one of those movies where the scientist protects the monster when it's just a baby and later it eats the scientist.

But it IS a really important specimen.

A really important specimen that started to run away as soon as Cerea let her guard down.

"Sorry, for that CereaIhavetogo-!" You start running after the slime. Maybe you were a bit rude to her but you apologized so... it's probably okay. You have other things in mind more important than that. The slime might get away without you being able to take a good look!

You are now in the hallway and no slime in sight. Maybe it already escaped...? No, you hear something upstairs. It's there! You just need to go up the stairs. The... slimy stairs that now are really slippery. You realize too late.

As you start falling down the stairs you wonder where you life went wrong. You were happy before doing your own thing, not caring about the world, not caring about people... yes, you like this job but you already died once, maybe. You don't want to die again.

But of course the fall was too small to actually be dangerous. You bumped your head with the ground but nothing too bad. You just stand up and run up the stairs in a feat of agility that no hikikomori should be able to accomplish. If there was some kind of hikikomori Olympics you would win... But because no one would show up... probably not even you.

Oh, right, you have to chase a slime. Damn concussion.


Once you are on the second floor you look inside the first room. Mia's room. There is a suspicious crack on the wall where you think you landed when she tried to kill you. So you are not hard enough to be used as projectile to destroy walls... good to know.

But where can you find that damn slime?

You stop and think for a moment. That slime... it liked two things. Water and food. Cerea is in the kitchen so it probably wouldn't go there, so it probably is... in the bathroom! But that is downstairs. How did it ended there without you knowing?

Whatever, you don't even know if it's actually there. You should at least check! You start running down the stairs almost falling again, but this time you manage to grab to something soft just as you landed onto the last step.

You were now grabbing Cerea's... cereas... Well, that's awkward. Like really awkward. You will blame that on the concussion later. You have a slime to find! "Sorry again!" She seems too stunned to say anything as you run past her. Your friends are looking through the living room door as you run past it. Someone asks you what is happening but you are already inside the bathroom... the really big bathroom. Oh god, when did that bastard get so much money? How can you get a bathroom this big with his pay?

You almost forget for a moment what where you doing until you feel something on top of you... and look up.

Wait, did you just think about selfless idiot and the others as ''your friends''? You want to think about that for a moment but there is no time. The slime was clinging to the ceiling and now is dropping on top of you like a... dropbear.

You have no idea how you do the thing you are going to do. For some reason you manage to move juuust enough to get out of the way of the slime, making it splash into the ground. When it tries to move its newly formed tentacles to attack you just dance around them like you've seen people do in anime and then you spot its weakpoint. The weird tentacle on its ''head''. It looks more solid than the rest of its body so you probably can...

You grab that tentacle and that seems to scare the slime for a moment, it's now paralyzed in your grasp. You make sure that you are not actually hurting it, but it looks fine just... scared? You feel a bit bad, it's too interesting to be scared...

You decide to put it down slowly. "Hey... come on relax... I don't want to hurt you. See? I'm letting you go..." It starts to relax a bit. You can see that the tentacles it was starting to generate recede into its body. Its fascinating, it is creating new limbs to use. Fuck opposing thumbs, new limbs on command? THAT is evolution.

You are totally silent for a moment. It seems like the slime is relaxing. As it starts to look less ready to attack you start to approach more until you are just in front of it. You reach with your hand slowly and it seems like it's ready to run again... but it doesn't.

The texture is amazing. It's like hard jelly. Like some kind of warm and hard gel. If you push enough you can feel your finger slip inside it, but of course you don't do it too much. You like your fingers.

You are surprised by the fact that it's actually warm. For some reason you thought about it like some kind of water thing, or at least it looked cold but... is warm, like a person. You want to hug it. It's so cool, so weird, so...

No, no, you have to be professional. You can't hug it, you... why is it moving its main tentacle like that? It's grabbing your hand with its head tentacle and some kind of understanding crosses its eyes... and starts to change.

Its form grows. New limbs, new size, new everything. At first it looks like a weird blob but as the seconds pass it looks more and more humanoid. You can feel the moisture in the air dry. It's absorbing the water to do this.

In just seconds the slime changes in front of you...

...To look like a cute girl.

OF COURSE, WHY NOT? You are so done with reality-bending cute girls.

And not just a cute girl. A cute NUDE girl that moves to hug you. She is not only hugging you but her head tentacle is moving too, straight to your forehead. What... does this mean? Is this some kind of slime culture? Do they even have that? You weren't even sure about its sentience until a couple minutes ago!

You stare at her. You are going to... trust her with this? She doesn't look like someone who wants to hurt you. You also have no idea how her brain or body works so this is probably a really bad idea.

But you do it anyway. You knew that touching Doppel was a bad idea too and you did it regardless. You want... no, you NEED to know more about the creature in front of you.

You can feel her hug tighten around your body, her soft, warm... skin? Pressed against you. Your clothes starting to get drenched in a mixture of slime and water from her body, but its not enough. You need to know what happens next.

A cold sensation. Her head tentacle is a bit cold to the touch but it quickly warms against your forehead. The tip almost burning for a second, almost imperceptible. A little tingle of electricity and then...

"Hug" You heard her. A feminine voice coming from the girl in front of you. She is smiling now and... you don't know what to say. Is that... some sort of telepathy? Did she just jab a spike into your brain or something?

You start to panic for a moment. That would make sense, you did feel something close to pain in the point where her tentacle connects to your forehead. You are not ready for that kind of communication. Invasive brain-needles are too much of a culture shock for you.

Just as you start panicking a bit she hugs you tighter. "No... no." She repeats it again and again. So... no brain spike? You sigh a bit more relieved.

"What ARE you exactly?" She looks confused. Of course she doesn't know what to say... she doesn't even know how to talk properly. You move your hand, patting her head... headpats are nice. They feel warm... wait, that wasn't you thinking that, right?

You want to be friends with this shluimmaen. You want to stay close to her, you want to understand him, you want to... cut the connexion because this is getting too weird.

As soon as you think that, she removes her tentacle from your head. For a moment it feels like a magnet tugging at your brain but nothing painful. You touch your forehead... no puncture wounds.


And then is when the bathroom doors opens and everyone in the house peeks inside, worried and... really surprised when they see the nude girl hugging you.

Maybe you should explain things.

And then you do. As you start explaining, they move inside the bathroom. At least is big enough for everyone. It almost looks like a public bath... Too big for your taste.

You tell them about how you found the slime, what you did, how she started to eat, how Cerea tried to fight the slime. She actually looks pretty embarrassed as you explain that. They are really surprised when you tell them about the weird telepathy mind meld thing. They have different degrees of confusion or distrust on their faces. You can understand them, the slime is a weird creature and you have no information on her.

Of course Papi doesn't like to follow the rules of logic or common sense. She is already hugging the slime pretty happy. "Welcome! Do you have a name?" The slime shakes her head and Papi thinks for a moment. Her burrow furrowing. You decide to not interrupt this moment. Come on little bird, use your neuron, you can do it. "You are a slime so I'm going to call you Suu!" And then she hugs her. The slime seems pretty happy and hugs her too. Of course, you are in the middle of the two girls now hugging. This feels nice. Weird but nice. All of this was weird and Papi wasn't helping you to look for a solution. She just started to introduce Suu to everyone.

They all seemed more relaxed... all except Cerea who looked at Suu like she was a big threat... and she probably is, but right now she almost looks like Papi. At least seems like this situation is more calm now. You need some rest...

"-...and this is owner. He owns the house in front of this one. He has a lot of videogames!" Oh, she was now talking to Papi about you. She seems pretty happy and then... she blushes. "He is also my wingmate... but you can't have two wingmates so you can't be his wingmate too! But you can be her wife if you want and I will be his wingmate!" Papi seemed pretty happy with that solution. You weren't... "Okay!" And then Suu talked. Talked for real for the first time and of course it was for something like THAT.

You probably can go home now, but you should at least talk to Smith about this... after some rest.


You end up sleeping all night on Kurusu's sofa. You really needed the rest, specially after spending a couple hours trying to understand Suu's body and... not finding a clue. Pretty frustrating.

The first thing you did in the morning was to call Smith, and she was as useful as you expected.
"Sounds really interesting. It seems like you have in your hands the chance to publish another study!" She sounded cheerful at the same time she gave you no solution.

"Okay but what do I do with her? She is not a prisoner or something. I can't just keep her for experimentation." Silence for a couple seconds until you hear her sigh.

"I know but... slime situation is really complicated. They are not in the interspecies bill so they are not technically my jurisdiction BUT they count as a metasapien so our law still protects them. This time we really can't do anything. Your best bet? Take this opportunity and maybe we can introduce slimes into the bill at some point. Until then think of her as subject 1 or something of your experimentation... good luck!" You sighed. Of course...

She wasn't that useful, but you liked the sound of that. Subject 1, codename: Suu. Sounds epic, you are starting to feel like a real scientist.

Today is going to be a great day!

The day ended up being mostly okay, not as great as you hoped. That's what happens when you hope for things.

You spent all day at Kurusu's talking with the slime. It seems like she is starting to understand human language surprisingly quick. You think it's because of your mental connection. You have to guess because turns out that she doesn't remember anything from before you giving her food or how she works, of course.

In the end the day was mostly wasted. You can't do a lot with her until she learns better communication, so you spent the afternoon playing videogames with everyone.

It started with Papi wanting to play with you and after a quick trip to your house you brought your switch. Then you started to play with everyone. Miia joined, Pirati and Kurusu too, then Cerea not wanting to be left out and... even Suu. You were worried about your controllers but seems like she can control her body pretty well.

In the end it was a fun afternoon.

A fun afternoon with too many people.

When you saw how much time you spent there you decided to basically run away and hide in your house. Too many people, you still feel nervous around them... even if you didn't notice when you were having fun.

At least you are now safe in your home. Pirati came with you and went to her room as you turned on your laptop. You can now relax and shitpost or something. Maybe tell anons about how many monstergirls live around you and receive their jealousy-filled insults because they want to have a harem or something. Something fun like that.

But of course as soon as you started to relax you received a text from Smith. You have to be there at 9AM. Important mission or something... oh god, do people REALLY wake up before eleven?


"It's too early for this." You said as you walked next to your co-worker. For some reason Smith decided to send someone for you, just in case you decided to keep sleeping. She is too smart for your own good, saw through your plans.

"Too early to work, to wake up or to walk?" Next to you, a short moth girl. Almost as sleepy as you, and you say almost because you can see the bags under her compound eyes. You want to talk to Actia about that but you are just too tired.

"Yes." You keep walking. Once you walked into a more busy part of town you saw people walking around. Shopping, talking, walking around... morning people, you hate them. Why can't they be as miserable as you are right now? It's 8:15. Nobody should be happy before 11. "So tell me Actia, why aren't you cursing the world like me? You actually look almost okay." She dared to smile at you like she was waiting for that question.

"Well, simple. When Smith told me I had to drag your ass to the base at 8 in the morning I decided to just not sleep. A couple energy drinks, unlimited internet connection and I had no problem. I will sleep as soon as we arrive." You felt... betrayed. She is going to sleep after this? And what about you? You are tired AND have to work.

You probably should talk with her at least until you arrive... better than silence, you might fall asleep standing up.

You both keep walking. You usually take the bus for this but Actia said something about rush hour and people touching her wings in packed buses, so you are walking. You forgot how far the damn office is.

As soon as you walk into less packed streets you relax a bit more. You can even talk here without having to shout. "So... about the wings. Do you have some sort of powder too? I've read a bit about that, but there is almost no information." She looks at you a bit surprised. To be honest that question was a bit out of nowhere.

"Well... yes I do. All moths shed some kind of powder. Our wings are like skin, always shedding the old layers and making new ones but... a bit quicker. All moth dust can heal, but every moth has their own... flavor to it. Lust dust, sleep dust..." She was talking nonchalantly about it. It seems like it isn't a big deal.

"Oh, and what's yours then? Do yours do something special too?" You looked at her interested and she... avoided looking into your eyes. Oh, no. Is she blushing?

"W-well... that's... a really private question you know...? You should only tell that to the person you want to marry... but I guess that if you are interested...'' You went pale at that. Oh please, not again.

"No, nononono, I didn't mean to... I mean..." You tried to say something. Anything to not get involved in this situation. Her shoulders started to tremble. Was... was she crying? You should...
"Pfff... hahahaha!" Actia started laughing. Her laugh wasn't ladylike at all, or maybe it wasn't to you because you were starting to get mad. Did she just made fun of you? "Sorry, sorry! I couldn't help it. Doppel told me about what happened to you and we had this idea. As soon as you asked about my wings or eyes or something I would say we were married now." She was smiling, trying to not laugh again. Your face probably wasn't really amused.

"Doppel, of course... You..." And then you yawn. It was too early for this. Too early to get mad so you decide to just not feel anything. "Well, okay, you got me. Let's go." And kept walking.

"Oh come on. Are you mad?" She moved quick to be next to you, her compound eyes looking at you, still smiling. "I said I'm sorry, but it was too funny to not do it..." You decided to just yawn again as an answer and it seems like you gave her an idea. "Here, take this." She reached into her bag, producing a small bottle with a clear brown liquid inside and offered it to you.

"What is this?" You took the bottle and opened it, smelling its contents. It was some kind of sugary mix, smelled almost like an energy drink.

"You are interested in my powder, right? Well... that's made using it. It works to heal a bit but also as a stimulant." You looked at her surprised and she puffed her chest, hands on her hips. "That's right. My special powder is a stimulant. In low concentration it works as well as a strong coffee, in high concentrations it's a military grade combat stimulant. Really useful... I take one of those bottles sometimes when I feel like playing all night." She smiles at you, at least she seems proud of it. "And don't worry, you are not the first human or metasapien to taste it. Smith ask me for a couple bottles sometimes." And that was all the reassurance you needed. You felt really tired and needed that, so you drank half the small bottle.

Too much sugar.


When you arrived to the offices you felt pretty refreshed. You weren't even tired of the walk.
On the other hand Actia was trying her best to not just drop right there. "The effect of my last bottle passed... so now it's my turn to pass out... see you, Hachi." She walked away, not waiting for your response. She really looked tired.

Time to go to Smith's office. You still have fifteen minutes at least until nine but maybe you could get there sooner?

Or... maybe you could take a look at that REALLY interesting metasapien you see on the main desk.

It was a girl... a really tiny girl with wings, juuust a bit bigger than your hand. Was she a fairy or something? How does she even work? Why is there a tiny humanoid? You don't understand the evolutive process of her species, you don't even have a small theory about it...

heh, small.

You stare at her. Even if you tried you couldn't look away. Her movements, her wings... her. She doesn't make sense! Well, none of the girls you met lately make sense but they are at least more or less normal sized. At least their human part is normal! But she... how does she work?

You didn't realize but she was sitting on a tiny suitcase, surrounded by a couple bags. Even a violin case next to her. All tiny. She seems to be waiting for something on the front desk. The man behind it shuffling papers nervously. And then she starts to fly... well, more like float above her things, pacing from one side to the other with impatience.

HOW CAN SHE FLOAT LIKE THAT?! How does that work? Her wings are moving but that doesn't make enough thrust to make her glide, much less float like a hummingbird. They are not even moving THAT fast. You stare at her wings with all your concentration, trying to discover their secret... and then she turns around and you make eye contact.

She is totally paralyzed now, you keep looking at her and she doesn't even move a muscle. Your eyes fixated on the fairy, her expression hard to read. It goes from confusion to... something else. She is even blushing now for some reason... usually when you look at someone like this they don't blush like that.

"...Hi." The tiny girl says, waving her hand for a moment but unable to break eye contact. You should... probably do something.

Well, you made contact with the subject already, no point on watching from afar. Time for a more hands on investigation. She doesn't seem to mind when you start to approach, or maybe she isn't able to care because you are not breaking eye contact at any point.

Once you are close enough you talk trying to sound calm and collected. You are a famous scientist now, you can't panic. "HOW DO YOU WORK?!" Of course, you fail horribly. The man behind the desk flinches and makes an excuse to run away. On the other hand the fairy seems to have problems flying, her wings moving more slowly and she almost drops on the desk, catching herself at the last moment and landing safely.

"W-what?" She didn't seem like she was asking in about what do you mean. It looks almost if she wasn't listening to you. "How... how?" She is now sitting on the desk, almost on her knees. She is not helping so you decide to take action and move your hand slowly to her, turning her around to take a look at her wings. "Kyaa~!" She seems surprised but you made sure to not hurt her, you just moved her body to take a better look.

"These. I don't understand how they work. They are not big enough to lift you and of course don't move fast enough, yet you can float. It makes absolutely no sense." That seemed to break the fairy from her trance and she moved to escape your grasp. You were holding her without realizing, probably in a... bad position, bending her over your hand to look at her wings. She was blushing a lot now.

"I don't know how they work but I can help you discover how!" She was talking quickly and looked really nervous. Did you scare her by mistake? "I mean you can come with me to my house and we can talk about it and I can... well we just met so maybe I'm being too forward, but I would be happy. We can go to your house if you prefer I don't mind I'm..." The tiny girl was rambling, you don't understand exactly what is she saying. She was talking and now she was so nervous that she stopped talking Japanese and started talking in... Irish? You are not sure.

Just as you were going to ask her what was she saying something grabbed you. "Here you are! Smith was worried you would be here scaring someone." Tio was behind you, the ogress smiling like always and lifting you on a princess carry, unable to escape.

"No, wait! I have to talk to the fairy, she is too interesting!" You tried to move but you can't escape Tio. She just laughs like someone trying to hold a kitten.

"Poor girl, she looks scared. Come on, Smith needs to talk with you." And then she started to walk in the direction of Smith's office.

And the fairy stood there, on the desk. Blushing and her head filled with thoughts she had for the first time in her life.

You are now sitting in front of Smith's desk, amused expression on her face. "So you scared a little fairy?" It seems that whatever she had to tell you wasn't as important as making fun of you in some way.

"No... probably. I was just asking how her wings work. I mean they make no sense! She was hovering with wings that shouldn't even be able to glide." You feel really frustrated because you couldn't even try to take a better look at her. Smith just chuckles.

"Well, that's what we pay you for... that and helping in other matters. In fact that's why you are here today." She went straight to business now. She stopped teasing you about the fairy real quick, this must be important, so you listen. "An important metasapien is going to live in the country for the exchange program." She started to explain, making a short pause for you to... guess what she means?

"Okay so what does that have to do with me?" You cross your arms, ready to say no, just in case.

"She is going to live near you, at Kurusu's house. We are changing some things in the bath right now and it's probably going to be done by the time we arrive." You nod, at least she isn't going to live in your house. "I wanted you here because as the representative of the exchange program closer to her location is your duty to make sure she is okay. Like I said, she is pretty important." You look at her a bit weirded out before looking at your soft and low in muscle arms.

"You know... I'm probably not the best bodyguard you can get for her. I'm not even the best scientist and that's MY thing. What do you expect me to do?" She shakes her head with a soft smile.
"I know, I know. I don't expect you to fight intruders just... if something happens be ready to call me or the squad, we can get there in five minutes with the helicopter if there is a real emergency. I just want you to keep an eye on her." She seemed a bit worried saying that. Is she that big of a deal? "Also we are going to meet her. Try to be... less you." She smiled softly and you looked at her confused.

"What do you mean ''less me''? You can't control me Smith, you are just my boss. I don't believe on following orders." You smile at her like if you were making sense saying that.

She just sighed.


"Hachiman, this is princess Meroune Lorelei Du Neptune. Future ruler of the mermaid kingdom and the ones in control of big part of the world's oceans. Princess, this man is Hachiman, he will be your direct contact with the program once you are settled."

The girl smiled brightly and moved her hand in front of you. What... you don't know anything about talking to royalty. You were expecting some metasapien big fish but... well, you were not far off. She IS big. How does her tail work? Are those her pelvic fins? They almost look like limbs... is she some kind of pseudo terrestrial being? Can she crawl with those things? They don't look functional for... anything to be honest.

Oh, right, her hand is still in front of you.

You shake her hand to Mero's confusion and Smith's amusement. She of course recovers quickly, used to deal with all kinds of diplomatic situations. "Charmed. I heard about you and your work. Your paper on how Harpy society works was fascinating." She kept smiling even if you couldn't look away from her pelvic fins.

"Those don't seem functional for anything. Do they work well in the water or land? They seem to awkward for water and too weak for land." Your voice was totally serious and for a moment the only sound in the room was Smith's facepalm.

"W-what?" Mero was confused. She was trained to deal with all kinds of situation in a diplomatic meeting but this wasn't in her training. "I mean... they do work on land and water. They help me control my alignment in the water and on land I can use them to prop up like this." She decided to drop from her seat for a demonstration. They did actually help, so stronger than they look. It actually worked like...

"...Oh, like a seal! Same kind of structure maybe?" Mero was caught off guard for being compared to a seal, that gave you the chance to approach and touch her pelvic fins. "Yes, they are more muscular than they seem, able to hold the upper part of your body... and this... slime? Is this so you don't dry up? Interesting. Like some kind of aquatic frog that..." You felt something tug your collar, dragging you away from the girl that didn't know how to act. Smith was making sure you didn't unintentionally violate the mermaid.

"What are you doing? Don't touch a princess like that... seriously, you should have more tact with this. I'm never sending you on a diplomatic mission-"

Hearing that you raised your fists in victory and heard Mero giggling. you quickly place them at your sides again, damn reflex, you should only show up in private.

"Don't worry Ms.Smith. this gentleman was just indulging in his passion. He looks...intense when he is working." A smile on her face. You don't like that smile too much.

"Well, whatever... I'm not letting you take her home alone. You have to walk for a bit and I want you two to be safe." She takes her phone from her belt. "Right now all MON squad is free... except from Actia, her icon is in ''occupied'' mode. I wonder what is she doing..." She thinks for a moment and then shakes her head. "Probably playing games or something. Hachi, tell me who do you want as a bodyguard until you get home."

You think for a moment. You could ask for any of the girls... or Actia and wake her up, she will really suffer like you did that way.

"...and then when I tried the skirt on... it was too tiny! And it was the cutest one." Tio was pretty loud. Seems like she is like this when she gets excited. Of course the girl on the wheelchair made a gasp of horror at that.

"No! Really? That sounds horrible. You should try to get the patterns and have some custom-made. I can give you the address to a good designer in this city..." Of course the princess has contacts in the city. You would be interested if not because they've been talking about ''cute clothes'' for the past 15 minutes!

Don't misunderstand, it was nice not having to engage in conversation, and you heard this kind of talk from your sister and her friends in the past, but your tolerance for this must have dwindled during your time alone.

You feel a bit pissed at that. You want to just forget they are there and walk a bit behind them but you can't, you are supposed to be taking care of Mero and You don't trust Tio with this. She is all muscle and a textbook airhead. She even sometimes forgets to look where she is going as she talks about clothes. "Oi, airhead! Be careful or you are going to push the princess in front of a bus or something." Mero looked at you with a bit of annoyance, oh right, she wants to be ''normal''. The princess that probably always had everything she wanted wants to see how being a peasant feels like?

Nope. You don't like her.

"uuu~ Don't be mean, Hachi!" The ogress pouted at you. She is the least intimidating two-meter-tall girl you've seen. You are not even sure if she really thinks you are mean or she is just trying to look cute. You were ready to tell her to stop trying to be cute but then your stomach rumbled loudly. Oh, right, you forgot to eat this morning, again. Both girls stay silent for a second before they start giggling. You look down and absolutely don't blush. Two girls are laughing at you and you are NOT blushing... too much.

"If I may impose on you two, I would really like to eat something before we continue. I was too busy to eat anything this morning." Mero smiled softly at you. Tio giggles again and you just stare at a really interesting wall.

"That's a good idea. I was starting to feel hungry too. What do you think Hachi? Should we go eat something?" You are pretty sure that she winked at you. Isn't she the dumb one of the team? Why is the dumb one making fun of you? You are not blushing because of the teasing.

"I-I guess..." You grumble and start walking in front of them. Hands in your pockets and looking for some place to eat. They seem to be letting you guide them.

Where do you take a princess to eat? Where do you take a GIRL? Do you even have to pay for her or something? She is royalty and a girl, so probably...

You should try to look for a good place. Something fancy. Is too early to eat lunch but brunch maybe? Was it called brunch? Do people do that?

You could also take them to a bad place. Your little pitiful revenge for laughing at you.

no, that might cause you headaches with Smith in the future...

You keep walking looking for something until Mero stops you. Something caught her attention. There was a girl on the street dressed as a maid and giving flyers. Probably a new maid cafe opened close or something.

"What is she doing?" The fish girl seemed really interested... oh, that's right. She DOES dress in something similar to a maid. Weird considering that she is a princess.

"Probably trying to get people into a maid cafe. There are some of them around here. Never been to one." You shudder just thinking about it. Going to eat in some place where they actively pay attention to you instead of calmly eating by yourself in a corner? You can't go there.

"I want to go there." Mero said.

Goddammit fish girl. "Whyyy?" You whined as Tio started rolling the wheelchair in the direction of the closest maid cafe, just at the end of the block.

"I really like maids, you can tell by what I'm wearing." She smiles at you touching the hem of her skirt.

"I know but that's really weird. I mean, why do you like maids so much? You are... you know. It's weird." She kept looking at you not saying anything. You know that look, the look of someone waiting for someone else to get a joke. Why is she...? Wait a minute... "Oh... oh! Maid and you are Mero. Mero maid. Of course." You feel awful with the universe for letting this exist. "Is your whole existence a pun that ends up with me being dragged into a maid cafe? Of course it is..." You sigh as Mero starts to laugh, to really laugh, not a ladylike giggle. How long has she been waiting for someone to make the connection?

Of course Tio still didn't get it. Good job Airhead, you are making me feel less dumb.


"Welcome master and mistresses. Follow me." The maid smiled brightly, her cuteness trying to pierce the blackness of your heart and totally failing.

The place was crawling with otaku and tourist and as soon as you followed the maid to your seat, everyone started staring. Of course they stared, the dumb fish is a monstergirl DRESSED AS THEIR FETISH. At least Tio is intimidating enough to keep the stares subdued.

That's it until she opens her mouth, of course.

"Look at those names!" She was looking at the menu. "Pink princess cake with floral tea. It's sooo cute~" She was like a little girl. Maybe she was, how can you guess correctly the age of an ogre?
You decided to ask for a coffee and something simple to eat. The less food you have the earlier you can get out of here. The people are not even staring at you, the maids even ignore you to talk to Mero. You did send a murderous glare to them a couple times but do they have to ignore you just for that?

No, wait, the plan was to actually get ignored by the maids. Don't be jealous of Mero now. She can have all the maids.


"I see that you like to talk with the servants. And I thought you were just playing pretend being plebeian now." You were alone now at your table with the two girls. Maids stop often to talk to her for some reason. Seems like she has something that makes people want to talk to her.

"That sounds like prejudice, Hachiman." She smiled at you, a smile clearly a bit more forced. Oh, seems like she doesn't like when you talk about her being a princess.

"I know. I'm like the king of prejudice." You sip your coffee smugly but she seems to have something ready to say.

"Oh, king of prejudice? That sounds like royalty too, even more important than a lowly princess." Her smile wasn't forced this time, she was actually making fun of you now.

"Oi, don't you dare outwit me saying those things, fish girl." Maybe you should try to change the topic of conversation now.

"So... let's talk about something else. How is life under the sea? I mean... what do you do down there?" You decided that the best way to forget about the onlookers was talking about her culture.

"Oh, well. I have to say that it's really different. Our capital is totally submerged, at least all the normal parts. We do have some places made for foreign diplomats". She smiled and ate a bit more, thinking. "We do a lot of things. We have modern technology and literature, our kingdom spent a lot of money to make everything waterproof." Then she fished (heh) a smartphone from a pocket. Not a model you recognize, probably custom-made.

So that's why the sudden increase in waterproofing technology? In the past two years a lot of research was made to make everything more resistant to water damage... had the mermaids paid for all that?

"Our society has always been close to humans. We had a lot of cultural exchanges in the past decades and... a lot of tensions because we had to remain hidden and we controlled the oceans. In world war two..." She sighed, leaving the fork she was using to eat her cake on her plate. "Well, let's not talk about that. Since the interespecies treaty was signed we are more an ally than a hindrance, so we are all more happy now." She smiled a bit more sadly. Something tells you that she doesn't like her people's past relationship with humans. You feel a bit guilty because even if you don't like it, you are human.

Of course, she probably hates you.

Tio was still eating, a bit more sad but of course not stopping for a second. You go, girl. Eat part of those 50 000 calories you probably need to fuel that body.

"Well, then I don't understand why you don't have like a royal guard here with you. Something to protect you in case some human wants to hurt you." You don't trust her. A princess in the land of their old enemy? Alone? Just you and the sugar mountain protecting her? No way. She probably has like secret spies following you or something. Fish ninjas or...

"Because even if we have our differences, we trust humans. We trust you will keep your word." Mero smiled sweetly. A smile sweeter than the cake Tio was stuffing herself with.

And then you started laughing. For the first time in years you laughed out loud. Everyone was staring at you now but you didn't care. The fish said the funniest thing ever. She didn't seem as amused as you.

"S-seriously? Humans can be trusted? How... how can you say that with a straight face?" She was scowling at you, her face a bit red in embarrassment and anger. Everyone there was looking at your group. "Oh yes, of course. Let's send you by yourself to the human world were you can't even run away. Best idea ever, humans are good people." You put two thumbs up and kept laughing a bit more. Mero was waiting patiently for you to stop. Some of the maids seemed to want to get close to ask you to stop but looked scared. Is your laugh scary? Probably.

"They are! I've been reading a lot about humans and..." She started to say but of course you stopped her.

"Oh come on Mero. Some say that Satan invented lies but I'm pretty sure that we just had to blame someone. Humans are liars and traitors. Is our basic strategy for everything. Wars, business, politics... lies, lies and lies. The best way to win is lying and making your opponents believe you. I don't know what stories you read but seriously... Don't trust humans." You smiled the whole way through until that last thing. You were dead serious, at least until you felt a fish tail hitting your leg and the princess looking away, embarrassed and angry. "Whatever princess... You are here to learn human culture. You will learn sooner or later."

Silly fish princess, you entered the ring with a champ of Flame Wars.

"What about humanitarian aid to foreign countries?" Mero was still trying to make you see the ''good'' in humanity. You are now walking to your home but she keeps talking and talking.
"Political movement to look good, ''humanitarian'' organizations are actually pretty profitable and going as a volunteer to a third world country actually looks pretty good on your resume." You debunked her last try again, pointing everything and raising fingers, like making a list. Seriously she thinks that everyone involved with that actually wants to help people?

"Oh, oh, what about dog shelters?" Midway through your conversation Tio joined, treating it like a game than actually trying to convince you of anything.

"Again, good for your resume if you are a veterinarian and they are usually paid by the state, dogs need to go somewhere when OTHER HUMANS abandon them. There are more humans abandoning pets than human helping in shelters. No one takes an ugly dog home and those usually need to be killed because there are too many." Tio looked horrified for a moment. That's right giant girl. This isn't a game, this is war. "People help other people just to feel good with themselves." You kept walking. Mero started to sound pretty irritated.

"But that's everyone! Everyone helps other people because it feels good!" Oh yes, Mero was starting to get a bit angry. Not having your way for once, princess? But that was actually a good point.

"EXACTLY. People only help others to feel good with themselves. You can say that you only do it to help but... in the end that makes you happy, right? The first thing in everyone's mind is their own happiness. If helping others doesn't make you happy then you never will. We are taught since we are kids that helping is good and that's why some lie to themselves thinking that they are totally selfless. Nobody is actually selfless. Even if it's only because you are more happy helping others... you are getting some benefit from it. Selflessness is just selfishness for a good cause." You nodded. That was your final attack. The irrefutable truth. The human mind is selfish at its core. If it makes you happy you do it. If not then you don't.

Mero made distressed fish noises and just decided to surrender. You won again. Nobody can refute that.

You finally were close to your place. You've been walking all morning, next time you should just take the bus and leave everyone behind. Maybe jump onto Tio's shoulders. She probably can carry you without even noticing. You could even get one of those baby holders in your size. Better embarrassed than tired.

"Charao! Look, look! A fish monster and a giant girl with a horn." In front of you, walking in your direction were two people were staring and pointing at Mero and Tio.

"Oh yes. She is like half fish! Eugh, she probably smells horrible down there!" A man and a woman. The man started laughing out loud after saying that.

"She can't even walk on land! Who let her get out of the water?" They both laughed. Hey, they were having fun. You smiled at the fish girl. She was red-faced, trying to not shout at them. The handles of the wheelchair cracked a bit under Tio's grip.

"Look Mero, humans. You like those, right?" The look she gave you... oh man, she was MAD. You don't like these people but they actually helped you prove your point. Look at them and try to keep saying that humans are good.

They kept gawking and saying rude things, even trying to call Mero's attention with questions that... she will not answer. Tio and her were trembling a bit. Tio starting to tear up a bit. Oh right... she can't hurt them even if they try

They approached and the woman touched one of those weird pelvic fins that Mero has. She was clearly wanting to get out of there but Tio was paralyzed in... anger? Probably.

"Ugh, you are all slimy. You don't even look like the mermaids from TV, what are these things?" She tried to tug on her pelvic fins a bit.

This is humanity.
T.M.T.B.H. (repost) - 5 - Mero Maid, hur hur hur.
oi, new chapter, same warning for adult content and other such nonsense like this being a repost and the original being on, and me not owning Monster Musume.
Monochrome Citizen by Toonvasion
A character concept by :icontoonvasion:, credit goes to him for it.

I should've uploaded this sooner. I think this would be one of the random townsfolk npcs we'd use; I'd call him Surly Swat.

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The Dark Isles - Chapter 2 - A Momentos Introduction

FOREWORD: Some stuff I want to make absolutely clear:

1- This is not official, certainly not for One Piece, and not for This Bites!, Its more of a gift for :iconxomniac: and the Cross-Brain members. As much as I like writing, I recognize I do it more for fun, and that my writing style and resources for this story are completely different from what they have. However if they wanted to work on a revision of the story to use in their canon, I'm not against it, and I'd love to work with them on it in fact.

2- The unofficial-ness of this story aside, I will leave some aspects of the plot open for it, particularly regarding Jeremiah Cross, his reality and the Time Skip that concludes Seabody.

3- This will become very disturbing and violent in some cases, particularly with my more villainous characters. If there are complaints about how my characters don't feel like they are a part of One Piece, that's probably, again, due to my style, and also because, well - my characters are in fact not of their world, so its somewhat intended for them at least.

4- I suck at interpreting how a Donald Duck voice would sound, so I'm not confident in writing Carue dialog, but I'm not worried, since Lassoo isn't really written like Goofy, and Funkfreed isn't really written like Mickey Mouse in This Bites! much at all anyway.

5- I'll be posting pics of my characters and scenes from this story, so if you are confused about how they look even with my description, hopefully I will be able to show you what I intended them to look like.

6- This story will have my criticisms and predictions of both This Bites and One Piece as part of the humor. Its in no way an insult to the works, the creators, or the people who enjoy them (especially the last one, since I'm a fan of both as well). However, I CAN be blind in how crass or mean a joke can be, and if it does come across as too much, let me know and I will make an effort to fix it.

7- In terms of power, the monsters are an uneasy seating between pre and post time-skip, strong enough to really be a problem, but aside from one or two exception, not entirely above the Straw Hats


So, here we are again, I'm honestly surprised I have the drive to keep this up, if I'm being honest. So many of my projects have been on Hiatus or stopped, or just haven't worked out. I don't know what's different here exactly...Hm.

As you might have gleaned, this is also a semi-crossover with my own universe, the E-demention, co-created by best friend and fellow arteest :icondreamwithintheheart:. While important characters from the main story (Chasseur Judge) may or may not appear (how would they even be in, listening to the SBS somehow?) many - if not all - of the Dark Isles inhabitance are monsters and characters I had planned, including Djon, Orochi and Squeltch. The specific race of monster that appears in this chapter is another carry-over from an experiment that died called TAKEOVER (the idea was that my villains suddenly appeared and tried to hijack other accounts universes :iconthealleyrat: thought I was being serious and tried to steal her account, which is both hilarious and guilt ridding looking back on it...). And another character is the star of a recently uploaded idea called "Weirld West." an even older idea thats going to show up

I suppose the take-away here is that I love crossover stories, and I believe people always like the idea of it too. Isn't it surprising how many of them are exceptional?

Who framed Rodger Rabbit and Wreck-It Ralph make the crossover more like a background of their worlds rather than a crux of the narrative, TMNT: Turtles Forever, highly favored the new series and made EVERYTHING about the older series look incompetent by comparison (to the point that the older turtles just act, so stupid), Kingdom Hearts suffers from Disney Red Tape, in that hardly any of the different universe interact with each other outside of a few exceptions. The best crossovers are the ones where the personalities and vastly different ideas bounce off of each other.

things I want to make clear is what this falls into. If this were to fall anywhere it would be between Strong World and Seabody. the second is that, even if this isn't official, I'll still keep writing it anyway.


" head..." I groaned, upside down in a barrel hapazardly cusioned and strung up against the wall, something I'd rigged up, along with several others for the rest of the crew in case the ship was tossed into the air again...Shiki may have been a vile scumbag, but he had forced us all to try and prepare for the absolute worst we could face.

"Ughhh...Stupid Squid!" Sanji moaned "I'll turn it into Calamari the next time I see it!"

"For once, I'd want to help you prepare that for dinner." Zoro poked his head out of his barrel, dangerously close to the hole that Squeltch's tentacle had managed to tear through the Sunny.

"WAAAAAAAAAGH!!" Djon held a distraught Merry in a hug within her Barrel "SUUUUNNNYYYY!"

"Hey, hey, its okay...." The monster comforted her "its probably not as bad as it looks, we just gotta check, I wouldn't imagine a ship as tough as yours to be out of the game only a few islands into its life"

"THATS RIGHT!!!" Franky yelled from inside his giant Cola Barrel "SUNNYS GONNA SAIL FOR SO MANY SUPER YEARS, IT'LL MAKE DRAGONS LOOK LIKE MAYFLIES!!!!" His still burnt arms poked out in their usual pose, only sticking straight up out of the Barrel instead of at an angle, due to the lack of space.

"Promise?!" Merry looked at the both of them

Djon's glowing eye flashed a pleasant yellow

"~Through Hell and back, the soldier ship, mar-ches on merr-il-ly~"

"~Though dark, are the Iiilllllses, its light shines on the sea!~"

Merry cleared her eyes and climbed out of the barrel with an unsure smile on her face, the rest of the crew followed suit as we walked out on to the beach we'd landed on.

"That was a nice rhyme Djon." Brook praised "is that a local tune?"

"If I'm being honest, I made that up on the spot..." Djon admitted, slightly embarrassed. "Where us monsters come from, music can be a real pick-me-up." He sighed, but perked himself up "Anyway, welcome to Remin, second largest island of The Isles, with the biggest city!"

We looked at The Sunny, the hole in the hull was concerning, but very relievingly, the  Tentacle had struck next to the keel, instead of through it.

I looked up and really took in what I could see of the place. The middle of the island looked almost covered in the canopy from the trees, making everything aside from the mountains and the parts closer to the ocean (containing more open plains and  white houses leading to a white kingdom) look like the top of a giant piece of broccoli. Not the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen, but still very pleasing to the eye for what is was. reminded me a little of pictures I'd seen of Greece.

Luffy ginned widely next to me, holding his hat to his head as he too surveyed the landscape. "Cool! A Dragon!"

I readied my fists, "I am not about to lower my guard again after the Viperfish and Squeltch each got one over on us, a challenge was one thing, but the monsters we've faced on the way here were abnormally tough and have given us major headaches!"

Luffy, Chopper and Ussop were far more intrigued by the green scaley monster crawling down the road than my warning. Mounted on its back was a human mother and her child, both red haired with braids, freckled skin and green dresses.

"Hello Mrs. Vennesse! and Jean, always a pleasure to see you too!" Djon called out.

"Djon, ya whistly sonnuva bitch! I haven't seen ya' in weeks! Finn'ly found the time tah come bach have yeh?" Her mode of speech was rough, but she spoke in the most affectionate, light way. "and hoo're yah friends? new castawheys from the Black Sea?"

Robin looked curious, placing a finger on her chin. "Black Sea?"

"No, much better than that, These are the Straw Hats we've been hearing over the radios and snails!" Djon responded

"OOOOH!" Jean leaned to get a better look at Usopp and Chopper "The Adventurers who help fight evil! SO COOL!" She turned to get off the dragon and run around " Is that their ship too!? SO COOL!"

"Actually," Nami began "speaking of our ship, we need to repair it soon, I don't suppose you could help us find some place in town that could help us would you?"

"Such a nice young lass! yea, we got a Shipwright centa' in town! I can take yeh there iffin' you don't mind the scaled hide of  ol' Slitherwort here!"

Slitherwort puffed a little flame, but otherwise kept the cool look on his face. even as our member climbed atop him and Luffy sat atop the tip of his snout, the green dragon was very complacent and lowered his head so Venesse could see.

Boss the Dugongs and the animals aside from Su, Chopper and Soundbite stayed behind on the ship, if anything within the city also had that sleeping stuff on it, it was for the best that they not risk a run-in with something else that could invoke it until we could find a sure-fire way to counter the stuff.


the dragon galloped down the dirt road at a surprisingly smooth, brisk pace.

"You must be SUPER strong to tame a dragon like this into being transportation!" Franky yelled from his spot.

"Tamed? Nah robit mun," Venesse explained "Slitherwort's ah Farm Dragon, very lax creatchas that attach to kind 'earts like mine! He jus' sort of came an' stayed."

"Still, it pretty impressive to mount one of these guys." Usopp marveled, "Its not every day we ride on a dragon's back! Well, except for that one time I fought a giant ten times my size! had to ride a dragon for a few days then!"

"Oh? Really Mr. Usopp?" Jean exclaimed "SO COOL!"

Thus Usopp's tale of the time he found a small island with only a Giant and a Dragon on it began. I often forgot, due to it not being a focus, about how good a story-teller he was, Luffy, Chopper, and Jean listened attentively for the rest of the ride until we got to the gates of the Kingdom.

"-And that how I and the Dragon beat the Giant using nothing but a dandelion, a  Pie, and a Chicken Leg!" Usopp concluded triumphantly to a mistified audience.

"And we're here!" Djon cut in "Caul, The Cobbled City!"

We marveled at the Marble, half of every permenant structure was made from the polished stuff, some of it was actually in the process of being polished as we passed, and the other half was randomness, cobblestone, wood, and other much more conventional housing material patching things up. The dragon stopped in front of a fountain plaza as we looked at the figures standing side by side, with yellow cloaked people(?) I could only assume were soldiers flanking them.

The figure in the middle wore a white cloak that hung off his fairly small form (3 and a half feet maybe?) beneath the cat-eared hood of which there was only deep blackness. to their right there was a large, barrel chested pirate captain wearing traditional pirate garb - bandanna, black and gold sailor coat, heavy leather boots, etc. - with two animals on his shoulders, an odd but keen-looking parrot and a small lizardish creature with star-like patterns in its eyes. To the cloaked figure's left was a much odder character. Looking like some kind of human snowman with orange hair and a snot drip hanging off his long pointed nose.

"Momentos! How are you my Lord?" Djon, Venesse and Jean got off the dragon and bowed.

ignoring the three, the cloaked creature - Momentos presumably - stepped forward. One of his eyes and his teeth illuminated his once pitch-black hood in an eerie way. "As you may have gleaned, I am Momentos Jack, the Lord of these hills," He raised his obscured hands in the air and waved them a little, before pointing both of them at us "And you must be the Straw Hat Pirates! I saw your Jolly Roger  when you came into the bay and fought Squeltch from my castle."

His voice was soft and smooth, though it distorted in an odd way every so often.

"Actually sir, thats why we're here." Nami stepped forward to meet him. "You might have seen our ship thrown to the beach, luckily the damage isn't too bad but we need repairs. We heard that there's a place called a 'Shipwright Center' where we could go?"

"indeed, we have spots open over there, both for lodging and ship repair. I'll someone to collect your ship for proper transport."

"Ok... How much is this going to cost us?"Our navigator flatly asked, clearly dreading the price tag on this offer.

"No charge for people as world-shaking as you all, you're considered our town's heroes after all, just don't take advantage." Momentos stated firmly.

Nami blinked, processing what the short robed being in front of her had just said, and then a gleaming smile spread across her face "HAHA!! THIS PLACE IS GREAT! NO EXPENSES COSTING AN ARM AND A LEG!" she laughed, lifting Momentos off his feet and spinning him around. Man, he was deceptively light.

Ater much struggling and angry demands, the Lord of the Hills was set down, he cleared his throat. "you'll have to pay for everything else yourselves, my city has an economy to run after all."

"Shishishi! You're pretty cool, Robe Guy!" Luffy chuckled

Momentos seemed to freeze up for a split second. "W-well, I don't mean to brag..."

"Bud dyou will, sir..." the Snowman shaped guy stated, obviously stuffed up from his cold.

"Ceril, com'on!" The Pirate with the animals on his shoulders complained.



"Not from me, sir!" Erick scrambled. The soldiers held Momentos and Ceril back from attacking as Erik's Lizard and Bird hid behind him.

"Uhh... excuse me?" Conis stepped forward, grabbing the attention of the three. "Where are your doctors? We have some friends who managed to catch something, and we were led here for a cure hopefully."

"finaaalgghhhhh-h-h..zzzz" Soundbite snored from my shoulder.

"Can we wake the snail up last?" Lassoo grumbled. "I've been enjoying talking without his quips for a while."

Erick sighed in relief for the distraction. "Dr. Love and Spark are at the castle going over some things with the leader of a different Isle, I'm sure we can get there in time before they leave, right sir?"

Momentos "I don't see why not, I've actually dreamed of giving a tour of my home to straw hatsa nd throwing a feast ever since the Alabasta broadcast." He figited "A-and could Broadcast the SBS from there t-too once Soundbite is cured, Mr. Jeremiah?"

"Please, Mr. Jeremiah isn't even the name of my father!" I chuckled "Just call me Cross; and I'd be honored to broadcast from a place thats welcomed us in with such open arms, Lord Momentos."

"Well, I'll be looking around town with the ladies while we're here, the market here may have some unique ingredients for me to use." Sanji stated, obviously looking forward to it for the obvious reasons. his enthusiasm was curbed slightly by Carue "An' Iw'll Make suwe youwe behave!"

"Me and Merry'll make sure The Sunny is moved to the Center properly, Don't want Sunny taking on water or getting any more damage done 'cause of a mistake." Franky crossed his arms with a smile "I'd love to see what kind of a place this Shipwright Center is."

"We'll go help with that too" Boss gestured to the other Dugongs "Just tell us when we need to be there for dinner."

"Actually, Mr. Boss," Erick cut in "There is something I think you'd be interested in doing over at the docks, a Fiend has been keeping delivery crews from getting to their ships."

Boss rubbed his chin to think, then shrugged. "May as well, this might be fun." He turned toward his students "Mikey, Leo, you're with me."

"Gotcha, Boss man!" Mikey saluted, Leo sighed and did the same. "I suppose I could use work on my teamwork with Mikey..."

"That's the spirit! Let's go team!" Boss paused, he looked around "Erick, you mind showing us there? I don't feel like imitating Zoro today..."

Zoro stayed silent, closing his eyes as a bead of sweat rolled down his forehead. "This all seems a bit too welcoming if you ask me... I'm gonna stick around Cross for a bit."

Robin chuckled "Me too, I'd love to see the records and archives of such an odd feeling place."

"As will I!" Brook tapped his cane, If D'jon's statements are true, there should be a library of music for my ears....if I had any....SKULL JOKE! ~YOHOHOHO!~"


It was hard to tell if Ceril's laugh was genuine or not...


The tall imposing figure of Dr. Spark and the small, non-threatening figure of Dr. Lover rose from their sitting position, as did the humanoid Masked Kitsune across from them. The purple Axolotl butler stood at attention for anyone's needs.

"I heard that the Straw Hats are exploring the Island." Dr. Spark said, opening his lightbulb-shaped hat just a tad to literally pick at his own brain. "I wonder if Tony Tony Chopper is with them."

"No doubt." was the reply of the Kitsune. "Momentos was rushing about upstairs for a little while; he's a big fan of them in spite of himself after all...I also hope we meet them before we depart, I-"

"Wait..." the childish voice of Dr. Lover interrupted "Uh, Sorry Nine-Tails...but Spark, You don't think-"

"Ugh...In all probability, yeah, that's why they are here." Dr. Spark confirmed as he grabbed a juice box from under his cape. "What a nuisance that experiment was..."

he took a solemn sip from the straw, thinking, until - "BAH!" He snapped suddenly, "It's too much bother to just wait here and not get anything done! Come on Lover, if they want us that badly, they can stand to trek a bit longer up the mountain. its not that long a cable car ride."

Love looked torn "but I, think we owe them that mu-"

"Now. Or I'm leaving you behind." Spark inspected his nails as he casually rattled off his order.

"O-ok...But I'll at least leave a note..."

"I'll just stay and tell them, I have no hurry to be anywhere." The butler offered

"I'll do it all the same..." Lover smiled as he pulled out his writing material and began jotting words down, "I think it'd be the least we can do to leave the directions."

"Very well. Oh, and Spark; that box from Nine-Tails is being delivered to you as we speak, I think your inspection of it will be greatly appreciated if it was from the Editors."

"I'll get to it when I get to it." Spark waved to the Butler without looking as he walked out, Lover handing off the note and following suit.

They waited for the cable cars to come around on the roof of the castle when they arrived. "I still think we should have waited for them, there was no reason we couldn't have."

"The cure for that stuff is back home, it'd be a waste of everyone's time if we met them and didn't have what they were looking for. At least this way I can conduct my experiments and you can research and improve, however limited the time may be." Dr. Spark rationalized "After all don't you want your counterpart to see how his weaker variant is working and improving?"

"I'm not weak."

"Its comparatively obvious you are to him." Spark curtly replied "And its the same between you and me, which is why you need to be at least a little bit better than you are now once they come to our doorstep, alright? this may be our only chance to prove ourselves."

Lover poked at his grey matter a bit with one hand, and fiddled with a scalpel in the other. He continued on like this until his brother's cable car came to a stop in front of them.



Leo, Mikey and Boss all perched on Erick's shoulders and head (respectively) while he walked down the boardwalk.

"So what are we dealing with here?" Mikey asked "I'm having a bad feeling in my gut over all this."

"Same here," Leo agreed "after all, we believed we beat Squeltch in the bay, and look how that turned out."

"No use focusing on the past," Boss sighed. That had been a bit embarrassing, even after what he thought had been a finishing blow. For a monster to be able to play dead that convincingly was admittedly impressive, if not a little cowardly. "What's done is done. Lets focus on the our mission now, and plan our rematch later." He smiled as he pictured it.

"Alright, well, as I said this monster is loitering around the Docks. It's preventing a lot of citizens on other islands from getting their various deliveries, attacking anyone it notices walking around or trying to sail away where it's set up shop."

"Why did you want Boss to handle this?" Leo asked as he noticed the one empty spot among all the docked ships up ahead. The buildings a few blocks behind and ahead from the immediate area looked abandoned, and Leo saw a face or two from inside the windows on the ships looking out at them, The crews were apparently afraid to leave, lest they be attacked trying.

"You'll understand once you see the monster." Erick laughed a bit humorlessly.

Erick stopped in front of the vacant docking area, the little lizard creature crawled out of his sleeve. "Now we wait."

minutes passed like hours as they stared and stood in wait.


Until Mikey broke the silence. "So, Erick, What do you do exactly?"

Without taking his eyes off the vacant spot, Erick replied "Hard to put into one title, but after I came here....I'd say....Dock Overseer slash Royal Guard?"

"You're not a native?" Leo asked

"Nope, before I came here, I, was Captain of the Rocksalt Pirates. Well...I say 'Pirates' but we were more like...explorers. Found tons of uncharted islands." Erick smiled as he reminisced.

"Where's the rest of your crew then?" Boss asked

"Who knows, I got this job after I washed up on shore one day, the day-"

The water they were all staring at began to froth and bubble, inturrupting Erick. Boss, Leo and Mickey jumped off of his shoulders and head, preparing themselves.


A wave of water splashed out from the vacant spot washing over and teetering the adjoining docks and boats. The figure that had jumped out to meet the heroes, surprised the Dugongs, mainly because of how much it looked like a Dugong.

The monster loomed over them, only its eyes and teeth being visible from the darkness of its huge shell. It propped itself up with its flippers and tail. on the underside of those flippers were two tattoos of skulls.

Erick backed off "I'm keeping my distance, Good luck!"

The two sides stared each other down, though the Monster was more focused on Boss than his students, it took a breath, and spoke.

It pointed a flipper at him "So, you Boss?"

"Yep, thats me." Was Boss' short reply "Who're you then?"

"Man of the Sea." The monster said

Boss raised his head in slight surprise "Is that some kind of joke, using a man's title as your own?" he pounded one flipper into the other ", Because I'm not laughing!"

The monster laughed "Nope...but," he beat his chest with one flipper "might better suit me, than you."

He finally turned its attention to the other two. "Still teaching? Devoured mine. 'Cept one."

As if on cue, another, smaller, monster also jumped out from the spot, It looked liked Man of the Sea, except it's shell was blue and it's flippers each ended with one long sharp metal protrusion.

Leo pulled out his swords completely in response.

Boss froze, realizing what that meant, he grit his teeth furiously on his cigar as he began mulling it over in his head. "He looks like one of us, has my title, and...had students like mine? This was going a bit beyond the pale!"

"I don't know who you think you are, being a sick twisted copy cat-," Mikey set up as he pulled out his revolvers.

"- But beating the shit out of monsters like you, -" continued Leo, the Blue shelled monster readying its weapons.

"-IS A MAN'S DUTY!!" Boss roared as he charged Man of the Sea, connecting a punch to his face and knocking him back into the water. He brought out his weapon as the monster jumped back up onto land with an annoyed growl.

The Blue Shell circled around, dodging and deflecting pistol shots from Mikey as it closed in, it jumped and brought down it's blades, which crossed against Leo's.

"If your Master is 'Man of the Sea'," asked the swordsman "I assume you're-"

"Half-Shell Blade, yes..." the monster confirmed "And in all honesty, I don't even want to be here, but Master's orders!" The two pushed off of each other and went back into their clash, Half-Shell focusing  on Leo, but occassionally taking a shot at Mikey, who got in a hit with is pistols and caught it's attention.

Boss swung his Dart at his opponent who hopped out of the way as it smashed into the ground. The monster was scoping out Boss's skills. Tidal Swim was helping immensely as the monster retorted with his own - surprisingly fast - punches, pivoting with his tail to build up momentum.

And Boss had found his target.

Focusing more on his speed than his offense, Boss darted every which way he could manage to disorient his attacker. Man of the Sea, for all of his effort couldn't seem to keep up. The Dugong grabbed Man of the Sea's tail when he got the chance and darted higher and higher into the sky before throwing his adversary into the cobblestone and concrete.

Half-Shell wasn't doing much better, as light as the damage he'd recieved from Mikey was, it was adding up trying to combat both him and Leo. It crossed it blades above its shell.


And Let loose a wall of wind blades around itself with a single move, they dissapated the further they went, but it was enough to blow Mikey through a window and shove Leo back a great distance, the Dugong sweating a bit.

"As I thought, your skills are really good!" Half-Shell leveled his weapon, his face within the shell showing off a respectful smirk.

"you could use more training, but you aren't bad for an imitator." Leo replied, returning the motions in kind, "By the way, aren't you concerned about your Master?"

"He's an asswipe, I couldn't care less how his fight goes unless he gives me an order."

"Why are we even fighting then?"

"He'll eat me."

"Oh, sorry....forgot about that." Leo apologized as Mikey unlocked and opened the door of the house he'd crashed into, a bit disoriented, but trying to ready himself-


- when Leo tackled him, both avoiding an attack that made an X-shaped gash in the wall, however, it managed to smash Mikey's head into the wall behind him as well, to the point Leo had to pull to get him out. The monster didn't give them too much time to recuperate, it kept either jumping to their location, stabbing and swiping at the spots they'd once sat at, or fired off an air slash he wasn't bothering to name, before Leo made dodges and small bursts of speed while carrying Mikey, as well as fend off any attacks that would have been successful with his other flipper holding a sword.

He's not letting me get anywhere! Leo thought, his grip on Mikey and his grip on the sword tiring, but fighting against the awkward state he had found himself in. How is he keeping up like this? He's obviously tiring out a bit like we are, but he just keeps going!

"SPIN ART: FOOT SLICER!" the monster tucked its tail into its shell and hovered over the ground towards them, spinning like a bladed cathrine wheel in order to mince them instead of seperate individual strikes.

A Tidal Swim off the ground afforded Leo the opportunity to toss Mikey to a nearby rooftop, allowing him to draw his other sword. The Dugong looked down and observed the monster spinning in place below him as he readied his next attack.

"SPIN ART: MONA LISA!" The creature shifted its blades above its shell tip-to-tip, making the shape of its spinning form resemble a cone as it seemed to spin even faster than before.

"Take this!!"  Leo roared as he fired off his projectile slashes and followed close behind to follow up on it. the projectile broke apart on the spinning barrier, but made the creature slide back, Leo continuing to hammer the creature's form with his blades.


Half-Shell Blade jumped, flipping over in a top-shaped position and began to advance, the apex of his attack leaving a trail in the pavement as he pushed Leo back and making slight jumps when a changing in direction was needed.

Mikey, had gotten upright on the roof and was watching this unfold, braced on the ledge, he watched as the two pushed each other back in their contest. As he fought his concussion, he then seemed to realize something.

He silently put his pistols away, and grabbed one of his nunchucks, and waited for the two to hold each other in place. He gripped the weapon hard and spun as fast as he could, using what he'd noticed of Man of the Sea's style. Still spinning, he combined Tidal Swim and Riptide to throw his weapon as hard as he could. "LAST DITCH JUDGEMENT!"


"GRAGH!" Mikey smiled and laid down in satisfaction, as tough as the monster's shell had been, there was no doubt that the underside of it was weaker. It didn't harm Half-Shell particularly badly, but it definitely knocked the wind out of him a bit and made his spinning attack stop. allowing Leo to get his bearings again. it would also probably stop using that attack altogether, thinking Mikey's attacks from above could distract it more.

"Festering Cross Mark!"

Mikey sighed, "I'm gonna rest up here for a sec, Leo's got him covered now...I wonder if I'll remember that move, this headache is killing me...."

"I'LL SPLIT YOU IN HALF THROUGH FORCE ALONE!" Man of The Sea growled as he grabbed Boss' Dart and pivoted, swinging him into the already-splintered docks. The monster slacked the weapon, and tied it to a nearby flagpole. He then turned toward the hole Boss had made and cautiously lumbered over. he looked down into the water below and frowned.

"I know you better than that, Dugong." He said as he flipped himself upside down.


Boss burst out of the planks underneath Man of The Sea, Luckily for M.o.t.S., the attack simply forced him into the air due to the harder shell on his back.

"SHELL SHOCK SHOTS!" the creature retorted, firing off some form of force from his fists, Boss's Rip Tide helping him avoid the cannonball-like attacks.  He flew up to Man of the sea and hit him smack-dab in the middle of his face, forcing it to land ungracefully on the ground.

Man of the Sea's eyes gleamed bright in a predatory fashion, clicking his teeth all the while. "Having fun? I am."

Boss chewed his cigar as he grinned "A Little, but I think we both know I outclass you. You're meaner and way bigger, but the only one fit to have the epitaph 'Man of the Sea' is the one who earned it through strength."

he frowned and pointed a "thumb" at himself. Man of the Sea snorted deresively.

"If the world saw fit for you -a poor reflection of me- to try and take my title, its my duty as a man to prove that I should keep what I earned!"

"Talk is cheap," The monster growled "no more prolonging, no holds barred." his flippers clenched as he got into his stance.

Boss furrowed his brow as he got into his own stance. "Bring it, Murderer."

The monster's face then became completely obscured by the shadow of his shell....both stood at attention as the other battle between their students raged on among the buildings for a tense set of moments.

Boss made the first move, charging in with his fists ready to strike.


"WHAT?!" Boss had barely enough time to say before being battered and bashed absolutely everywhere by his ultimate move in a rapid succession, the monster striking relentlessly.

Leo and Half-Shell Blade stopped fighting to watch this, both dumbstruck at the brutal display.

Man of the Sea then began to speak.



Tucked in its shell, it rammed Boss deep into the pavement with a final blow, blowing a large amount of dust out of the resulting hole. The now much more imposing silhouette of Man of the Sea visible, its eyes shining brightly despite the hazy cover.

"BOSS!" Leo was about to move to help his teacher, but Half-Shell stopped him with a readied blade. The Dugong looked at the monster with a new fury. Mikey had completely regained his wits and joined him, one of his pistols at the ready, and a nunchuck spinning in his flipper.

"We stay out of their way, and we stop fighting." The Fiend said shakily. Leo and Mikey stared in disbelief.


"It's their fight, and now I want you to win," he swallowed as he watched Boss's silhouette climb shakily out of the hole to meet the increasingly monstrous looking form of Man of the Sea "- because I no longer respect my master, but fear him and what he'll do to me now that he's got that bloodlust."

The three continued to watch the battle in uncomfortable silence.

"Come, Boss!" Man of the Sea demanded "Get up, I'll beat you down as needed!"
It picked up the cigar Boss had dropped in its assault, and ate it, as if it proved something to do so.

Boss stood up bruised in both body and pride, there were cracks and chips everywhere on his shell. "Sorry to say that, what you have isn't good enough to beat me, Murderer."

The creature laughed "~Bluffing.~"

"Am I?" Boss asked as he popped his arm into place. The creature stopped laughing, but its eyes seemed to gleam brighter. "That was very impressive, you showed me how to improve my technique, and you are a masterful opponent; but I'm sorry to tell ya' - all over again - That its a Man's Duty to punish a lowly -"

Man of The Seas teeth ground against each other audibly

"- Idiotic -"

It waved its arms in an outstreached stance, clearing the dust around them

"- Pathetic - "

It got into its stance.

"- Student-killing betrayal of everything I stand for!" Boss got into his own stance again more determined than ever and took a deep breath concentrate... You know what to do now...


"Shell Body."

The rapid hits were far more violent this time, smashing in at every possible angle upon boss, the damage severely lessened by Boss' technique. it continued for five minutes straight when-


"FULL-SHELL STYYYYLE!!!!: SIXXXXXXX OOOOOOCEAN GUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!" Boss put his absolute all into a single strike, there was no reason to pull a punch against this thing. He stopped the shell dead in font of him with a mighty shockwave.

Time seemed to freeze, until, inexplicably-


-the underside of the shell erupted in a bright blue explosion. both it and Boss landed with a thud on the ground.

"Boss!" both Leo, Mikey and the returning Erick rushed over to help their master up as Half-Shell Blade looked over the remains of the thing he'd once called Master. He said nothing as he bowed to his equals and better,  picked up the shell and jumped into the empty spot in the Docking Area.


I wasn't sure what to say when we arrived at the castle, the large, somewhat overgrown, but complete buildings and gardens on the grounds were beautiful. I noticed movement and watched something covered in plant matter stumble into the woods past a fence.

"Blasted Pollen Hollows..." The stuffy voice of Ceril growled and sniffed, "As if my condition wasn't bad enough..."

The trip was surprisingly uneventful, no civilians in town showed any awe or fear as we passed by with their ruler and a group of soldiers, some walked alongside him and asked for some general advice and about who we are, and then in the latter case, gushed about and thanked us for how much we were shaking up the world outside the isles.

"This is to friendly, right?" Robin asked, clearly unsure of what the answer should've been.

"Honestly, out of a lot of the places we've been to, this one seems the most....low key normal." Zoro also seemed confused.

"Yeah, Monsters aside, There's no one overly hating or celebrating us..." I agreed "Still we should be weary, remember why we're here after all."

"True," Brook agreed, "still Its nice having no one panicking, some people even asked how I eat, knowing I'm a skeleton!"

"Does that mean they've seen still moving skeletons, I wonder?" Robin asked

"Maybe they pieced it together from the televised broadcast at Shiki's Palace." I rationalized. "Still, it's strange no one stared at you in shock, or hesitated in approaching you."

The realization dawned in everyone as I said this, and suddenly the lax atmosphere seemed more suspicious than ever.

Soldiers gradually broke off from our group to attend to various other duties around the castle, eventually leaving us with just a soldier carting the sleeping Chopper for us, Momentos and Ceril. "Not long now, but there is someone who wants to meet you before we get to the meeting room, if you don't mind it." the former stated, his warbling voice seemed lighter than when he'd introduced himself to us somehow.

We arrived at a large, ornate door in an otherwise long featureless hallway/balcony, overlooking the garden below. on it was a plaque reading "Jinn: Mystic, Records Keeper and Fruit Researcher"

Pushing on the large door, Momentos opened a smaller, much more managable door built into it. Robin couldn't help but laugh a little at the cartoonish reveal as she entered.

"Hello?" Came a high-pitched voice from a messy pile of papers "My lord, you brought the four I...FOUR-saw coming here first?"

"Seriously, you, Djon, and a whole mess of other have got to stop with the puns." Momentos said, his warbling stopping to cement a flat delivery.

"You should know it's in our nature to make these qips, its the Will of Our World, and its not like you are guiltless of lame puns either, my Lord." The speaker stepped out into view, and what I saw surprised me.

The being that stood before the four of us was definately inhuman, Momentos and Djon could have the excuse of having a...unique, shape. The other creatures - Squeltch, the Viperfish, Slitherwort -  I suspected were just native animals (with Soundbite's abilities being limited to old or crudely made voices); This creature before me, was just giving me an otherworldly vibe I couldn't place.

Big curious insectoid eyes and antennae set in black peeked out from in between a some kind of a turban and a scarf; her colorful, patterned wings were leathery looking as opposed to covered in fluffy-looking scales; Four stocky legs under her cloak came to crab-like points that made audible echoing clicks as she calmly walked over to us. Despite the squat figure and having to angle her head to look at our faces, she matched my height at least, including the turban she had on her head.

"AH! A BUG MONSTER!" Brook shrieked like a teenage girl, busy looking at the section of the Records labeled with the sign "Music compositions, and Media" before turning his attention to the creature.

"Sorry to startle you, Brook. Let me introduce myself, I am Jinn, and if you read the Plaque outside, you know what I do for Our Lord of These Hills."

"It's nice to meet you Miss Jinn." Robin replied with a small polite bow.

"The pleasures all mine to be in the presence of such heroes, for what you've done, and what you will do." Jinn chuckled

"Why did you want to meet us? I'm guessing there's more to this requested visit than meeting us right?"

"Sharp, in many ways but one, as always Good Zoro." Jinn confirmed "If its not too much trouble, once you are able, me and my assisstant - Mayhue - would like to do fortunetelling on the SBS for you. It's so rare that I can have an audience, and Mayhue would love to demonstrate to his idols on his birthday."

I thought about it, and smiled "I think that can be arranged, but i can't help but feel there's more to this...not that I think you're suspicious."

"Very perceptive! And I understand. Where we're from, humans and monsters live side-by-side, and it's a struggle to tell the good eggs from the bad at many times." Jinn nodded in agreement.

"Well, if that's everything," Momentos cut in, "We should head up to the Meeting Room, Spark gets impatient easily and may leave soon."

Soundbite grumbled incoherently, but his tone made it clear he was getting slightly annoyed.

We went up a flight of stairs after exiting Jinn's room, Robin and Brook staying behind to look at the records for a bit longer.

We arrived in a large oval room with a long mat and many through pillows for seating. A strange purple salamander-like butler came to grreet us, giving a bow and explaining the situation.

"I apologize." It handed a letter to me "Dr. Lover said to give you this, it should explain."


Dr. Spark sat at his lab desk, curious about the box sitting there from Ninetails.

The tag read: I found this strange substance winding its way to our castle on Blade Island. It might have something to do with the outbreak of Hollows, and I thought you could analyze and tell me what it is. be careful with it.

~<3 Ninetails

Dr. Spark sighed "I may as well get on with this." He sat there for several minutes, figeting with an antler. Something about this box was...unnerving




His eyes widened as he lifted the lid.


NEXT CHAPTER - Cureiouser and Cureiouser



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