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Everyone is working towards something in life right now, so let me tell you how it goes right now. I work hard and rise up with dedication and support so I can become more and not fall short. I keep my mind silent with the things that surround me and make me happy, but that’s why people become so crappy. Happiness is the root of all jealousy, it’s whatever to me, I’ll just rap in melody. I’m working towards a goal that is a secret to me, don’t worry though, you can go back to being jealous and talking about me. Doubt me all you want, I got so many people who are with me, yeah, who is with me, who is with me? I don’t give a fuck what everyone else thinks, there’s no time for negativity. I walk away with the friends who have been down with me since the very start, yeah! Everyone else just seeing the mask saying I’ve been staying the same when in reality I have been changing, but you don’t see past the mask, man! What a shame. It is time now to wrap this up, stick to hating and forgetting, my fellow otakus on my back, I can carry them because they carry me in times of need. Once more, my fellow otakus on my back, I can carry them because they carry me in times of need!

Dark circle Smokin S.T.A.R.S. Raccoon Police Department SSGSS Goku 

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I have been noticing a lot of artists and friends leaving this site for several reasons from what I have been reading. "This site isn't the same anymore! The staff suck! I prefer to just go to another site like Facebook and Instagram now!" I love this site a lot and don't see myself leaving it any time soon. I guess the main reason is that I have seen such amazing artists and have met some of the most awesome friends I can ever ask for. This site has great artists with very creative imaginations and have even made things similar to what I have seen in my dreams or just to expand my own imagination. I can't really get that from the other sites. I actually got rid of my Facebook when the year started. I told myself that I was going to make a bunch of changes this year and that was one of them. I don't think I will ever go back to it just because I created it such a long time ago and for me personally, it's not as fun to get on like it used to be. Perhaps that's how some people feel about this site? I mean, I've seen so many websites mentioned from reading journals about artist leaving in favor of other sites. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ArtStation and the list goes on. It's kinda sad to me, because I think it's a lot harder to get any recognition on most of those sites. I feel like people are too distracted with other people's lives like they are watching a reality TV show or trying to indulge in sexual fantasies from those who are trying to get them to sign up for their Patreon.

I guess some people just change and outgrow things? I'm not trying to force anyone to stay if they are leaving this site. It's your decision if you want to go or not, but I think there will always be a never ending cycle of those sites becoming popular and dying out. DA has been around since the very start of the 2000s which is way longer than any of the other social network sites that are out there. I remember when MySpace first came out and everyone had it and then switched over to Facebook. Now that site is nothing more than a lost memory etched in our minds of a different time. How long before something new comes along and people get on that? I've said this before and I will say it again.. There will always be something that is going for a chance to have a seat on the throne. Always. I'm actually happy that DA is the way it is now. Is it a very popular site? Probably not as much as the other sites I have mentioned, but it's very special to so many people that have been on here for a long time. I'm nearing the 6 year mark that I've been on this site and I have enjoyed it a lot. I like expressing myself through my writing and enjoy when people read what I write and it has an affect on them. I could never get that from the other sites I've had. I'm also desperately waiting for Eclipse to make this complete makeover to DA to make it feel like a brand new site. I just hope the staff fix the app a lot better too. Especially since push notifications have been dead since last summer.

I like to think of all the different sites as a house from Game of Thrones (Hence the title lol) Like everyone is switching houses or loyal to a specific one. "What house do you serve, boy?!" "House Instagram, my lord!" Sorry.. I had to :XD: Joking aside, I myself still have other accounts I need to get rid of. I question why I even made them in the first place. I mainly get on here and my secondary is Instagram, which if it wasn't for the friends I have made on here switching over to it and told me to recover my account a few years ago after abandoning it, chances are I wouldn't have that either, but hey! I've gotten used to it and get it on a little bit more than I did with Facebook. Well, I wasn't expecting to write about this and at this hour. I personally believe that this site is meant for so many creative minds to share different forms of art everyday to captivate us to the very core of our souls.
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Hello everyone! Well, here we are again near the end of the year and ready to start a new one. I feel like I have to write this as a wrap up of the year where I talk about both some of the struggles of the year, but also the best moments. Last year, I did something different and made kind of a mini story with art and music and I really liked how it turned out so I shall do that again for this :) Before I start, I want to thank you for reading this and hope you enjoy it and take something away from it like I always want you to. ^^ I also want to say that the art and music I will be using does not belong to me and I do not claim any of it as my own. It belongs to their original owners and I thank them truly for creating such wonderful works of art to help express myself in this journal entry. ^^ Now then, let us begin. Where was it that we last left off in my entry last year? Oh, yes! :D…

How did things work out for you this year? Anything new? Struggles? Changes..? Heh.. I had many indeed.. :)

Chapter: 1 Changes

The first thing I knew I had to do when this year started was to get fit and stop some of my bad eating habits. You see, I have a friend who is also like a mentor to me that helped me find motivation to start working out, watching what I eat and concerned about my health in general. I don’t think I ever had someone be so concerned and inspiring and because of this friend, I cut out a lot of junk I was consuming, doing workouts at least 5 days a week and sharing my experience and results. I still have some ways to go before reaching my ultimate goal and I admit, it hasn’t been easy and I did slip up a few times, but always brought myself back because of this friend as well as everything else that was motivating me. It went from just taking my dog on a walk to starting up a boxing routine to not only learn the ways of the boxer because of a long time interest in it, but to also help with my fitness as well.…

Chapter 2: Persona 5’s amazing lesson

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love video games. I especially love when a game can motivate you and inspire someone in so many ways. It can also make you feel so fortunate to have the bestest friends ever (I will go more into that later) This game was definitely one of those games. I never played a Persona game until this one. Someone I know who is a huge Persona fan told me to check the game out and I was not disappointed. The game is extremely long. (It’s literally a 100 hour game, but every little minute you play is worth your time) The game is basically about an unnamed character that goes simply by the codename “Joker” in an alternate world called the “Metaverse” One day, he sees a man harassing a girl and decides to intervene but little does he know that this man is actually a very powerful man in the real world that forces the girl he was harassing to fabricate a story that the main character assaulted him.

As a result, he gets in trouble with the law, is transferred to a different city and school and people see him as a criminal. One day, he discovers an app on his phone that he never installed and a talking cat named Morgana where he is soon teleported into another world named the Metaverse and can talk to him in the real world. In this world, he learns about certain people that have “Shadow” versions of themselves and have palaces representing desires, power, etc. Each palace represents a seven deadly sin as well as the terrible people that have dark hearts where Joker learns that in order to “Rehabilitate” them, he must steal their treasure from the center of the palace. I don’t want to go into any specifics or spoil the game too much, but Joker eventually meets friends at the school he is transferred while he is serving his probation and together, they start to take down these people such as a PE teacher sexually harassing the female students and treating the male students like slaves (In his palace, he is shown wearing a crown with one of the female characters in the game named Ann wearing a bikini as a result of how he sees himself and everyone else in the Metaverse)

They soon become the “Phantom Thieves” and take the dark hearts of these bad people and when they do, the person admits to the public what they have done and are either arrested, fired and so on. The reason this game is so wonderful is because of the story, the character development and my favorite, the friendship that is created from these characters. They wear masks and have code names in the Metaverse so no one knows their true identity and man! Really loved how much it motivated me to work harder, to never give up, to be there for my friends and be the best person I can possibly be.

I would find myself coming home from a busy day at times and remembering the music from Joker’s save room. It still plays in my head every time I come back home and into my room and relaxing after a busy day and if you listen to the lyrics (The fourth commenter actually has them written out) You can see why I like it so much.…

Chapter 3: As the fire fades, only embers remain..

One of the most difficult things I’ve had to do this year was moving on from those who are no longer relevant in my life. It used to sadden me that I had invested so much time, trust, support with these old friends. However, I started to realize that these friendships have slowly started to fade away and it is what it is. Most would just send me messages because they were reminded of me or my personal favorite, they need something from me. Usually that meant someone to vent to and then not hear from them for months until a new problem was troubling them. Don’t misinterpret any of what I am saying as feeling resentful. I wish nothing but good things for all of the people that I once called close friends. The fire of our friendships slowly started to fade and  I’m sure I have become nothing but a memory to them as they have with me. I used to wonder if it was my fault.. Did I not keep in touch enough? Did I do something wrong? What happened? I soon found the answer to be pretty simple - people change.

A few months ago, I was receiving messages from them on both Facebook and my phone. What’s the occasion you might ask? It was my birthday. The weird thing is that.. I felt nothing from them. It’s hard to explain, because I couldn’t figure out if it was because I am slowly moving on from them or because I haven’t heard from most of them in over a year. I just went with both. Everyone else I heard from made me so happy and put me in such a good mood as compared to when I would respond to the others. Perhaps it’s because this feeling with them has become all too familiar with the short conversations and not even asking how I am doing. I am also convinced that most remembered about my birthday because Facebook reminded them. (Shurgs)

At this point, it’s whatever. It sounds harsh to say, but I don’t think I will be communicating with any of them in the future. I have given myself way too many excuses and have been used too much for temporary relief and now that most of them have what they want, I am forgotten, but hey! I got something way better in return. For now, the fire starts to slowly fade until nothing but ash is left. It slips through my hand and fingertips while the embers become etched in stones of nothing but past memories as I start to walk into the distance of a new light..…

Chapter 4: Igniting new bonfires of memories

There are many lights that are illuminating this path I am walking. It slowly starts to guide me out of what was and what will be and my heart feels warm and anxious. My throat gets dry, but there’s no time to take a break.

Shore of Fireflies by Datem

Upon closer inspection, I see a bright light and that’s when I am teleported to an area surrounded by my friends that I have known for quite some time now. They all look at me and smile and I smile back as a portal behind me to the dark world slowly closes. I might have lost something indeed, but I definitely gained something extraordinary as these tears of joy run down my cheek while the fire inside my heart ignites tremendously like an undying flame..

re-kindled soul by mcptato

Chapter 5: Inspiration

I often get asked many questions about what inspires me as a person once people get to know me. I can honestly list a lot of things that inspire me, but I think I will go with my top ones and explain right after.………

Now I’m sure most of you are familiar with these three heroes and let me say that they are the main three that inspire me to do a lot in my life. For you see.. When I was growing up and during rough times, I would turn to these guys and many more. They have helped me learn so many lessons in life and they still do. Mega Man, Goku and Batman inspire me to work hard in life and the main message I get from them when I would watch, read or play video games about them is very simple - never give up. Especially not without a fight. That’s why I never do and always feel determined to accomplish my goals. Whether that is something as simple as getting work done that is important or perhaps working towards a bright future.

I think all of us are inspired by someone or something and my message to you is never give up. We are all playing a very difficult game and it’s no secret that, that game is life. Sometimes, we lose, we get frustrated and want to give up, because everything seems hopeless. I have been there multiple times where I was scared, depressed and unable to think about what I would do. I felt like a boxer that got knocked out and was having trouble getting up because life gave me quite the haymaker, but even when I was at my weakest, when I felt like Goku, Batman and Mega Man after a huge battle and barely able to stand up, I remembered what I was fighting for. Each day that I went through hardships, I thought about these heroes and everyone I am fighting for. This year threw quite the obstacles at me, but in the end, I was able to overcome them.

I made a lot of changes and reached many goals and when the new year starts, I will create even more and I am ready for any new challenges that approach me. Especially with the flame that burns within me.

Chapter: 6 Undying Flame

There is a fire within us all and from time to time, it helps us grow and transform into the best version of ourselves that we can possible be.

Perhaps we use it to help those who need it in their time of need..

Guarded by the enemy by huanGH64

To make a new friend

Dragon Kindred Book Cover by fabianrensch

Protect us from darkness whenever it beckons..

night horror story by Tetriandoh

Or my personal favorite.. An undying champion..

Cladflame by wacalac

It is a wonderful gift and mine has been created by not only the heroes I have looked up to, but also from the most special people that helped ignite it to its full potential.

Chapter: 7 Fantastic Friendships

You must have seen this coming, right? :D Well, with every bright heart, there are people who have helped make it shine. Have you ever had friends that motivate you? That legitimately worry about you and ask constantly how you are if you’re not okay? That give you knowledge, love, happiness and so much more? Let me tell you that, I definitely have that. What you will find below are the best people I have met and my favorite artworks from them. It is one of the many reasons why I enjoy getting on here and drives me to do more than I ever could.

Moonshine by thegirlcansmile Alice in Wonderland by AnnMLoveArt

Understanding Eachother by MistressOfHellx666 Color makes everything better by Soreiya Happy Halloween 2016 v3.0 by Moon-Harpy Hazed Reflection by Mana-C-E Mirage by irrationalrationale

Talented aren’t they? I am so very fortunate to have met them and so honored to call them my friends. They’ve been with me for quite a while and most of all, inside my heart. To my wonderful friends/artist, your art plus your heart is the recipe and with that combined with your friendships is what truly brings out the best in me. ^^ To my readers, remember to always keep those who have been with you since the beginning close to you. You will know they are true friends if you feel it inside yourself and can feel their undying flame that ignites both of your fires. I couldn’t have asked for better friends to be in my life and to help me grow and becoming an even better version of myself. :)

Final Chapter: Finale

It has been such a crazy year for all of us. We have all been through so much and some are looking forward to the new year while others are worried about it. In these times, we should all focus on our happiness and be ready for any and all obstacles that approach us. It’s time to gather all the positive energies from the universe and all the people who are with us in order to overcome whatever the new year will bring and embrace the changes. I had a vision of what’s to come and let me tell you.. I am more than ready to step up to the challenge and excited to know what the new year will bring with it..…

Thank you so much to all my readers for taking the time to read this and hoping you took something away from it all. Whether that’s encouragement or just wanted to read something interesting, all that matters to me is that it had an effect on you. A very special thank you to my wonderful friends that create the most awesome art and for helping me along this journey. Without you guys, I would have not done as much as I did this year. I am forever grateful to you all. For now, I await this new adventure the best way that I know how. Heh.. :P

Dream by merovein

Always protect those who need it the most and spread peace and happiness no matter what. :)…

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes! You guys are awesome! Happy Halloween/Samhain/Day of The Dead to you all! Enjoy my altered Sans costume :P

Sans Costume 1 by EAZYE925
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Ah.. yes. Perhaps a well known “habit” a lot of people have that keeps them from so much and also hurts them more than they think. What’s that? You don’t believe me? Well, do I have a story for you..

There he was.. An otaku ready to beat one of the hardest games he has ever played in his life. “I’m one hit away from beating this bastard down!” His hands grip the controller and he starts to sweat, his heart races as he is just seconds from beating the game. “I DID IT! YESSS!! SUCK ON THAT, GAME!” he jumped up from the excitement and started to dance like crazy. After a minute of looking like a complete goof, he resumes the game to watch the ending. “That was for sure one of the hardest games I’ve ever played..” he says to himself as he takes a sip of water. A knock is heard on his door and he gets up to open it. He looks down and sees his dinner on a plate and covered with saran wrap. He takes it and goes back into his room to eat on his computer desk. “Alright! Now let’s check up on social media to see what everyone is doing!”

The otaku begins to eat his food not taking his eyes off the computer as he sees some of his online friends sharing pictures of their pets, food, new video games and much more. He finishes up his meal and begins to comment on people’s status updates before setting his plate and silverware aside to switch over to a new tab filled with naked women. He scrolls down the page to make a decision and finally finds one that he is content with. 15 minutes later, he gets ready for his shower and goes back to his room to read his comics while music is playing in the background “Haha! This is such a funny volume!” He says while laying on his bed and reading. There’s another knock on the door and he gets up to answer it. He sees a package and an envelope on top of it. “Sweet! My new collector’s edition for the game I ordered came in!” He opens the package and pays no attention to the envelope that says “Open me, please!” with a smiley face next to it.

“Dude! This is so rad!!” he says taking out a large statue from the box. He puts it on his computer desk and walks back “Hmm.. That looks perfect right there!” He takes out the rest of the things inside the box and sets it aside and sees the envelope he almost forgot about. He opens it carefully and finds a letter inside and begins to read it to himself.

“Son.. I want you to know that I love you so much and would do anything for you. I want to see you come out of your room more so we can spend time together and do fun things like we used to! I know things haven’t been going well since your brother and father were in that tragic accident a year ago. Please just come down for a few seconds and let me hug you. I hardly get to see you anymore. Just a few seconds.. Please. I love you so much. -Mom”

The otaku folds the letter and puts it on his desk near where his new statue is. He then looks at a picture of him with his family all smiling on their first camping trip from a few years ago. He sits on his bed and looks at the floor. “Mom.. I just can’t. Being in here is my sanctuary and everything out there is just.. I can’t..” He turns his head and tries not to cry. His mood is ruined and decides to listen to relaxing music as he falls asleep in his bed, his mother on the other side of his door about to knock, but pulls back as the tears run down her cheek.

The next day, he starts his new game and spends most of the afternoon playing it until it is time for dinner. His mom usually asks what he wants to eat via text messages and sets his food near the door at exactly 8pm, only today, he realizes that his mom does not knock on his door when he realizes it’s 8:30pm. He messages her but no response. He opens his door and yells out to her. “Hey mom! It’s 8:30!” he does not hear a reply. He wonders what is going on and puts on his slippers. “Mom.. You better not be messing with me. You know I don’t like leaving my room unless I have to go to the bathroom..” he says to himself.

The otaku walks down the stairs slowly and calls out to his mom again. He can hear water running from the sink and in shock, he sees her on the floor with her eyes closed. “MOM!!!” he says as he runs to her. “MOM! MOM?! WHAT HAPPENED?!” What he didn’t know was that his mom wanted him to be happy so she didn’t tell him that they were behind on their bills. She also didn’t tell him that she lost her job and was saving money as best as she could. Most of all, he did not know that she was so stressed out with everything going on that all she ever wanted during this time was to be with her son after the accident that he blamed himself for, because the final words he told his brother and father were “I wish you two would get lost for good! You guys never include me in anything anymore!”

He called 911 in a panic as they rushed over to his house while he held his mother’s hand with tears running down his cheeks. “I’m sorry, mom! I’m so sorry! I can’t lose you! I promise I’ll help out around here! I’ll get a job and do everything I can for you! Please! Please don’t leave me alone! I am so sorry! I have been an awful son to you!” The tears run down his cheek and onto his mother’s cheeks as she starts to moan and slowly open her eyes. “S.. son..?” His eyes open wide and he smiles as he hugs her close to him. “MOM! You’re okay! Oh thank god!!”

His mother rubs his cheek and smiles back at him “Sweetie.. I’m so happy to see your face” He continues to hold her hand “Please don’t move, mom. The ambulance are on their way.” Not long after the incident, the otaku’s mother is observed in the hospital with him by her side. No games, no social media, nothing to distract him. He doesn’t even look at his phone while he is staying with her as they talk about everything and connect. “Sweetie.. What happened to them was not your fault. You can’t blame yourself for that. They loved you and they figured you didn’t want to hang out with them anymore and after the accident happened.. It made me sad to know that you became a shut in and I knew you just needed time. Even if it hurt me, I never stopped loving you.” She holds his hand and he begins to cry. “Mom, I’m sorry. I stopped hanging out with them because I was an idiot and blamed them for not including me in things anymore and it was because of my obsession with wanting to just be in my room.  I didn’t know you were dealing with so much with losing your job, being behind with the bills.. I was so caught up in my own little world and I did find happiness in it, but I lost the only connection I have with the last part of this family, which is you..” She hugs him close to her “Oh, baby.. I love you so much”

Another year has gone by and the otaku not only found himself a job, but he was able to help his mother out, meet new friends and keep in touch with his online ones that helped him during his time of need and ended up moving into his own apartment. His mother found a very good job with the type of experience she had and was no longer stressed out nor was he. He turned what he had become into a strength as those video games, anime, comics, manga inspired him so much that he was a completely different person from what he was before. The otaku was off his shift at the flower store he got a job in and got some of the most beautiful red roses he has ever seen. He drove over to the cemetery and walked to a grave where his brother and father were buried and placed the roses on their graves as he walked away with a tear running down his cheek. “I’ll always love you guys and keep you in my heart forever”


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