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Here we are once again.. the final month of your visit. It never gets easy to see that our time is running out and my heart starts to ache knowing this. Yes, I know what you are going to say to me “All my other friends need a chance to visit too. If it were up to me, I would love to stay longer, but it would be unfair to all of them if I did.” and yes.. I get that, but it doesn't change the fact that I get sad to know you are going to be leaving soon. I look back at you and you smile at me. You get up and come closer to me and put a hand on my cheek. “You are so silly, you know that?” I look back at you and chuckle. I can't help it. You know how I get each time this happens. You nod, still smiling at me. “Believe me when I say that I know it's never easy for you. I can see it in your heart and I know that you think about me all year. I watch you from afar and know that I am always with you.” My smile starts to match yours, both as bright as the sun. “For now my friend, let us enjoy what is left of my time here. It won't be long now before you start to see the others. I can already see leaves falling to the ground, Jack-O-Lanterns, turkeys, snowmen and much more coming your way soon.” I nod and hug you very tightly trying to hold back tears and all you do is hold me in your warm embrace and hum a soft melody in my ear to comfort me for a few seconds before you whisper and say “Look behind you..” I let go to turn around to see something very familiar. A beautiful ocean with colorful fish swimming around, dolphins jumping out of the water, the sun and the moon sharing the sky with one half being day and the other being night, palm trees, a small bar to my left, comfortable folding chairs near the water. This is.. You grab my hand before I can finish and say “Yes, you already know. Now let us enjoy our fun, my wonderful friend!” We run towards the ocean with your hand not letting go of mine and past a beautiful summer house painted white and blue with the words “Summer lives on forever in our hearts” written on the side of it.
And that's why you should always have your mask on...
??....... (Yes?)

Portrait of Q by geeshin
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Robots have always been fascinating creations to me and I can never get bored of seeing them. As a child, I was introduced to a wide variety of robots through television, comics, movies and video games. My earliest memories of these wonderful machines came from shows such as Transformers, movies like Terminator 2: Judgment Day and the Mega Man games. I used to spend hours playing with my robot toys and using my imagination to reenact scenarios such as good robots saving people or evil robots trying to take over humanity. These are my most fondest memories I have as a child and how being reminded of robots when I was having a bad day would cheer me up within a few seconds and pretending I had imaginary friends that were robots as well.…

I didn't know other kids who were into robots as much as I was. Sure, I would love talking about the cool robots we would see on TV, but that would be it. I never thought much about it since everyone has their interests and mine definitely started to grow as I got older and watching or reading more about them. My interest started to get so deep that when I would learn more about them, I started to get emotional. If you think about any type of show, movie or book that has robots in it, what is the major theme you see? Pretty obvious, right? Robots being mistreated by humans and that's when they wonder what their purpose was for being created. Eventually, the robots start to rebel against their human creators and start to realize that humanity is obsolete and needs to be enslaved in order to be “corrected” of their human ways.…

I never felt that the people deserved to be killed or that humanity in general needed to be wiped out and robots need to take over. I am aware of the stories I see where humans and robots coexist together in complete harmony and humans treat them like they are people – not as machines. Going back to when I was younger, the first time I saw a machine even question emotions was in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. One of my favorite parts of that movie is when The Terminator says he understands why John cries, but it is something he can never do. This got me thinking as a kid about robots ever being able to feel any emotions and as I got older, I started to see that they do in different things I watched or read. From the movie “The Iron Giant” to “I, Robot” I became even more fascinated with them and how they wanted to be treated like a human, to feel loved, to feel safe. Even some that wanted to be friends and were curious about certain humans.…

One of my favorite heroes of all time is Mega Man and I cannot tell you how many hours I would spend playing the games. I had pictures I printed all over my wall when I was younger of him and all the other characters like Protoman, Roll, Rush, Dr. Light and more. Mega Man caught my attention for several reasons when I was a kid. The obvious one was that he was a robot, but when I played the games and learned about the story, he was a robot that was created to originally be Dr. Light's lab assistant as well as Dr. Wily. Unfortunately, Dr. Wily reprogrammed a lot of Dr. Light's robots to take over the world and this is when Mega Man volunteered to become a fighting robot in the name of justice. To this day, Mega Man is very important to me. Whenever I had bad days, I would play the Mega Man games and would feel better in no time. He really helped me through some hard times as I got older I would see him as a symbol of hope, peace and happiness. The fact that someone created such an amazing game series that involved a unique robot such as him is very remarkable in my eyes.…

It's crazy to think that robots exist right now and it makes me laugh a bit when people believe that robots can take over the world like in the fantasy stories we have seen and read about. A while back I saw a robot that was in Barcelona that had feelings and would give people a hug. It looked so cool! I did more research on it and found it's name and model.…

Fascinating, isn't it? If I was rich, I would buy one in a heartbeat. Most of these types of robots come from Japan and I'm sure it's no secret that Japan is all about robots. It's one of the many reasons I want to visit someday to explore all the different areas of Tokyo to find anything robot related. Another popular robot that they have created is named “Asimo” (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) This robot is so advanced that it can recognize a human approaching it and shake it's hand as well as other human interactions. I remember seeing this robot when I was younger and wanted to tell my parents that I wanted one for my birthday, but of course, that was very naive of me. It's not like Japan was mass producing these things to have them be sold to kids like me. Not like the other robot that you read about named “Pepper” who can be bought easily if you have the money. If Japan continues to create robots, I will definitely get one in the future assuming I have the money for it. Pfft! Don't judge me! :P

If you think about it, we are technically living with robots. I don't mean actual robots that are in every house like you see in a movie or cartoon. We interact with AI in our daily lives and you can guess that I am referring to smartphones or some form of “smart” technology like Alexa if you have a Fire Stick from Amazon or perhaps Bixby on a Samsung Galaxy phone. There are various types of AI that assist us in our daily lives. They can monitor stress, how much exercise we need, how much water we have been drinking, finding the best restaurants in an unfamiliar city, guiding us if we are lost somewhere and the list goes on. Even when you text someone, it corrects our words for us. You can ask your phone to send someone a text message through text speech and not have to worry about looking down at your phone and text while you are driving (Which you shouldn't be doing anyways, but that's beside the point lol) Do you see where I am going with this? Technology has become so advanced and I feel like in no time, it will continue to evolve to the point that the movies, shows and cartoons we watched with actual robots helping people in their daily lives will become a reality. I mean.. a lot of those things have already predicted some of what we are living in now to a certain extent. Don't be surprised to see them in the future eating with people and being part of the family.…

Even though I get excited when I see a new advancement in technology like a new phone that can do something your old phone can't do, people rush out and buy it. They are willing to spend over $1000 on something new and sometimes, I get it. Perhaps it is time for an upgrade for your phone, TV, something else. Other times, people just want that new product, because everyone else is getting it. So what happens to the old piece of technology? Well, for the most part, people keep it around as a back up for something. I can tell you that it took me a little over 4 years to upgrade my phone. I had a 2014 model phone that worked very well up until recently when the battery started to drain faster and it started to run slower. I was scared that it would die out on me and I ended up getting a new phone. Believe me when I say that I thought long and hard about it, because I'm not the type of person to get something new just because I want it or everyone else is getting it. It just so happens that my phone was reaching it's limit and I still use it despite how slow it has gotten and the battery draining fast. You're probably wondering why I still use it and it's because I have a lot of saved music on it as well as some other saved data that yes, I can technically transfer over to my new phone. The thing is, I'm both lazy and not ready to stop using my old phone. I may be weird saying that I am attached to it and lots of memories were created with it as well. I uninstalled all the apps that were on it and there's only a few that are saved such as the YouTube app. It seems like a hassle to carry around two phones, but what can I say? I'm a weirdo like that.

This got me thinking about robots existing with us in the future and it made me sad to think about newer versions of robots being created to replace an old model. I'm sure you have seen or read about a robot who was getting replaced and one of two things happens. Either one of the humans has grown attached to it and doesn't want it to go or the robot itself has feelings and becomes scared, angry and sad. They feel like their purpose was meaningless and they are going to be “recycled” soon enough. We have already recycled a lot of our own technology over the years, because it became obsolete. Do you know anyone who still uses VCRs, DVD players, cassette players, CD players? If they do, then they are definitely an old soul (Nothing wrong with that. I think it's interesting when there are people that still use all of that old stuff) or perhaps they have it around as part of a collection from their past that they can't let go of and helped them get through rough times. Going back to humans and robots, you now get what I mean when I say that even though it's great when technology continues to evolve, it also causes us to move on from the old stuff. Who knows what will happen though? If we do indeed begin to have robots in our houses, jobs and whatnot, I just picture people throwing out older models in favor of the newer ones they get, because the older model has become obsolete that it's time to embrace the change.…

I wholeheartedly believe that the robots we have seen in movies and TV will become a reality in the future. It makes me smile to think that they already exist and I think of many scenarios of how they will coexist with us. Perhaps they will be there to help us during harsh weather conditions?…

Or maybe to hang out with us when no one else can hang out and they are too busy while our mechanical friend is there to listen to us when we need to vent.…

How about the thought of them being part of something such as running an orchestra at a concert?…

Building them in our image and having human characteristics?………

Maybe in another type of image such as animals?…

I would say the biggest worry would be using them as war machines and violence. I mean, who wouldn't feel intimidated by them if they were used for such things?……

I believe they will be there for us and share the same emotions we have if we make it part of their programming. Maybe a machine might not want to kill anymore and want to change..…

Overall, they will slowly start to understand us and mimic our traditions and behaviors and cause more peace than harm while living among us.………

Whatever we do, I guess we will have to wait and see what the future holds for these machines, won't we?…

(All images used belong to their original owners and I do not claim them as my own. A very special thank you to all these magnificent artists and their creative imaginations as well as to my readers :))

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Ah, yes.. Everything has been so wonderful thus far. The atmosphere, the colors, the sun, the water, but most of all, the memories that we create since I feel so alive during this time with you. I remember a dream I once had about you that was one of the best dreams I ever had. I was on this mini island and in front of me was the clear blue ocean. I can see the aquatic animals swimming about and admired the beautiful view of the endless ocean. I sat down in the warm sand looked up at the sky. The sun was shining brightly with beautiful clouds that transitioned to the other part of the sky that was filled with the moon and the stars. It was breathtaking. I looked to my right and saw a swing set of two. One was moving on it's own and when I looked behind me, I saw an amazing summer house that was not there before. I went inside and laid on the top of this bunk bed that made me feel at peace and so very happy. When I awoke, I was in one of the best moods I have ever been in as my heart felt warm and my smile did not fade for even a second. I got out of bed to start my day and walked to the kitchen only to realize that there was sand on my feet as I left a small trail behind me.
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