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ugly pokemon

edit: wow, i've counted nearly a dozen blogs or sites that have featured these horrible things! i had no idea that they'd be so popular. thanks so much internet!!!n :heart:

these are some ugly, somewhat cute pokemon i made for otakon this year. i made these a few days before the con, just for fun, not actually thinking anyone would buy them. as it turned out though, they did pretty well, and i only came home with a few of them. they'll be up for grabs a little later this week once i've finished unpacking everything.

made of sculpey, each about 4-5 inches tall :)

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You uglified Mew.


o0WhiteRaven0o's avatar
Hurrr    ( just found this in my favs again XD )
realdiamond9676's avatar
Those pokemon need some milk
tanksalot777's avatar
i need the bleach now 
Kero360's avatar
That mew just creep me out....wonderful job!
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......i dont even know.........
XerosUltima's avatar
poptatochisps's avatar
Just... ew XD his face doe
ChiChiSkell's avatar
Pikachunck: ER gad why ;A;
jigglugruff: oAo FEEEEEEEEEEEH
xD these look so damn funny
ZoeHildebrand-R's avatar
Hello nightmare fuel
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So funny xD charMANder! Good one!! Ickytung and Ew cracked me up too! But DON'T FORGET LARVITARD! Too funny!
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Those are terrifying. :O
chompersthegoat's avatar
in a good way!
withoutal's avatar

is so meme 
PhoenixWing89's avatar
Aww, so much craftyness.
These look amazing. Eehvee and Rawrill are my favourites xD
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these r AMAZING!!!
OpaIescent's avatar
xD I want to buy "ew"
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What's with the hitler picture lol
Internetexplorer968's avatar
It's an inside joke.
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Are you still making and selling these? I want to buy one.
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