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steampunks and their pocket watches...:heart:
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HP Scanjet 4800
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I really feel bad for that pocket watch

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Funny 😊😊😊
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I do love my pocketwatch though. :)
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The only problem with steampunk tea is that it destroys the means of finding out if it really is tea time XD
I love this! It's so hilarious and cute! :la: 
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You're right! Always have a backup pocket watch for knowing when tea time is. :)
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I want some of that tea
KillzSkilz's avatar
I could go for some of that tea lol
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Great :D That could be me :D
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Steam punk problems 8893: mixing up the tea bag with a pocket watch
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Nice one hahaha shame for the pocket watch, would never do that to mine... unless it breaks hahaaha
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Nooo not the watch ;A;
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I so want aviator goggles and a pocketwatch 0-0
Scr1b3's avatar
Lol @ Pocketwatch!
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What do you have against my pocket watch?
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In all seriousness, this is hilarious!
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Me: -looks at this person and reaches out ready to strangel him- "I say, dear sir, but that's not how you use them!"
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Bahhaha totally me
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hey when i was little, even before steampunk, alli ever wanted was a pocket watch, tey were always the coolest things ever!
i still want one ; 3 ;
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