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chibis from the first two seasons. i stopped watching the show, so i won't be doing any more of them. :)
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asdfghjkl love this
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I just got into the show and I'm in love! 
awww-MarshallLee's avatar
asdfghjkl saaameeee omg i knoww
VincenzoNova's avatar
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i know i just binged on series 1 and im about to start series 2 @_@
VincenzoNova's avatar
My girlfriend and I are half-way through season 3 and its JUST SO AWESOME 
EmmetEarwax's avatar
I stopped watching the show after 3 episodes, Gory. Answers slow in coming. Not like "Bones" where, they manage to solve the case in one episode (except for the big villains who may be chased a whole season or two.)
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love it! i'm on the very last 2 episodes!! wish i watched this when it was current!
Emmycat413's avatar
How cute, and..... strangely accurate.
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this is so epic X3 
shoulda done ando thinkin of nikki because of the video he watched of her tho
and who is that guy between DL and Ell?
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that's there son mika. :) 
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Haha! You even added the Nissan Versa! I keep thinking of the episode from season one.  "Nissan Versa! Nissan Versa!"
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This is so cute! You even drew Mr.Muggles! :D

I just started season two, looks neat so far.
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oh my god you even had clares dog
DragonSapphire's avatar
These are hilarious and scarily accurate!!
XexustheSilver's avatar
finally just started watching the series ^^
aplacetomyself's avatar
SAME OMG. Except I started on the 27th of January! (3 days ago). Cannot believe I haven't even seen it since now!! They are so flippin' amazing!
XexustheSilver's avatar
i know right ^^ since i last commented I havn't gotten far yet... I'm on episode 8 i think
aplacetomyself's avatar
Really? hah I was so obsessed that I had to carry on watching and now I'm on the 3rd season already, on episode 6!
XexustheSilver's avatar
Lucky you -__- I have no time cause of school
aplacetomyself's avatar
I know I just squeeze it all in a day haha
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