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iOS 8 Icons


Png/Ico/Icns - 1024x1024

Download my icon packs in the Play Store
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can i use this on windows?

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Excellent stuff!

Great icon pack but play store doesn't seem to have this version from you, at least that I can find.


How can I save the icon stock??

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Hi I really like your work.. Can we have the download link please? good job dtafalonso 
where can i download these from, they are amazing!!!
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Hola, tienes de la nueva versión de iOS, he visto que el nuevo icono de música nuevo es blanco
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Hi could you explain how do you make these icons? I would like to learn; thanks.
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Simple. Use a certain program, draw an icon of a certain size (Like here, 256x256) and, if possible save it as an ICO or ICNS file, or save it as a .png and use an online converter to change it to an .ICO file.
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Where is the Apple Watch Icon?
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What program do you use to make the icons? I'm currently trying to make an iOS menu for the nintendo 3DS.
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I use photoshop since so I can have the vector icons and hopefully you can see your finished work even if in a picture because it does not count with a 3ds
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