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Windows 9 Icons

By EatosDesign
Windows 9 Icons concept
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Thanks!, Im Upgrating windows 8.1 to Windows 9 Now!

Good in what program do you creating this icons? Can i create it in photoshop 2020?

and how to install them if there is no file for installation

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These are just Windows 7 icons but made flat

Anyway looks great

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Now I'm convinced that you designed the icons for Windows 10.
it's like change icons one by one
Nice But how i can install it
how to apply these icons on system?
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What is the license for them?
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how do you make these icons? do you think you could make a tutorial? Thanks!
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Many thanks! But here the My Computer icon is not like Windows10
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It's a mix between 7 and 10 icons(7 icons in a flat design)
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Windows 10 (for this moment) is more approximate to glass style. Windows 9 icon's is too flattish

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these aren't official Windows 9 icons, in fact Windows 9 uses most of 10's icons from the beta

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Can you make Windows 10 icon?
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Awesome! Want to see this in my Windows 10 :P
How i can install these?
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