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Love Hate Suicide Rate.

By eatm1ce
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Science Projects + teghan = good.

Front Page – 4 points of particle model of matter
-Everything made of particles (object and close up of the particles (zoom in) (water, ice, evaporation)
-always moving, solids vibrating in place, liquids sliding around, gases moving everywhere, freely (self explanatory OMFG U N00B.)
-attracted/bonded to each other (think DA emotes – water and salt <3 each other, water and water particles < /3 TEH HATEZ0RZ EACH OTHER.)
-have spaces between them – zoom into objects lyk in da first.

1 and 4 – no animation
2 and 3 – animation

Second Page – added yet less than total volume
-rocks and sand show in animation someone pouring sand into rocks go down and see sand filling in spaces between crack, water and alcohol show someone pouring in alcohol into water go down zoom in see an alcohol particle clearly labeled bizznatch filling the space between the water particles

Third page – dissolving stuph with high/low concentration
- very beginning show the zoomed out with a clear high and low concentration
- line in the middle zoomed in one side high concentration the other low
- one of the particle in the high concentration is like, “OMG K. the concentration is TEH UNEVEN. WE MUSTZ0RZ EVEN IT OUT OR BREAK DA LAWS OF SCIENCE!!! OMFG O NO. JUGSDFUIDFDF.” [insert them evening it out & being hot here] yay for sexy particles. :D
- show them evening out the slow kinda like. Or something. K.
- zoom out and show it ALL SPREAD OUT LYK YAY.

Fourth Page – factors of rate of dissolving.
-temperature (show a thermometer and temperature going up and as the temperature goes up the particles move faster and are all like idfhd.)
- size smaller particles dissolve faster than larger particles (WATERMELONS R GUD. Anyway show a whole one being dissolved and a piece of one being dissolved, make that opacity a bit lower and show the clocks in the foreground. N one clock is all WOOO FAST & THE THINGY STILL ISNT JLDFGHLJKKDGING DISSOLVED & ONE IS SLOW BUT THE THINGERMAJIGGER IS ALREADY DISSOLVED BECAUSE SHARLA <33333 WATERLEMONS. …TEGHAN <3 WATERMELON 2 :D yay.)
- stirring causes particles to bump into each other and INCREASES TEH SUICIDE RATE. :O K AND ALL TAT OPACIT STUFF IS LIKE OOOOOO DISSOLVING SEE SEE. NLIKE. We show it being stirred and the particles are all moving around and bumping into each other and the opacity gets lower as they are dissolving and THIS EXPLANATION IS BEING CLEARER THAN SHARLA’S >_>;)
- At the end of the page add a “NOW U NO AL ABOUT DA PARTICLEZ MODEL OF MATTER U N00B. :D B PROUD.”

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lol my names Teghan 2 *^__^*
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teh LUV. <333.
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