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Vampires and dragons
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The stories I create are an alloy of psychological exploration and fantastic realities (usually dark). With comedy and tranquil Interludes. The vampires are main in them, beggining in ancient times where once vampires defied all races on earth with origin in distant star systems. Dragons, have proven once and again their power over all races however, never as greedy compared to humans and vampires. Just like in reality, every story is comformed by many.

Email: EatenRibsArt [at]

My new guro and hentai website:…

Favourite Movies
Pokémon the first movie, Avatar, Requiem for a Dream.
Favourite TV Shows
Trigun, Wolf's Rain, Rurouni Kenshin, Pokémon, Berserk, DMC...
Favourite Games
Dino Crisisi, Tekken, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Doom, etc.
Other Interests

DA full of pedophilia

DA full of pedophilia

NOT USING THIS FUCKING WEBSITE ANYMORE. These idiots of DeviantArt, think OCs come with a proof of age, and they pretend they don't know the difference between a child's proportions and an adult. Makes it so difficult to report all this trash, I have seen bastards that even re-upload again and again the same trash and DA simply allows them to keep posting when that type of offensive material should have heavy consequences SO THE FUCKING WEBSITE CAN BE A SAFER PLACE. wE CANNOT EVEN TRY TO LOOK AT NUDE ART WITHOUT COMING ACROSS WITH TONS OF PEDOPHILIC TRASH. i DON'T GIVE A FUCK IF A LOT OF PEOPLE FOLLOWS ME OR FINDS MY STUFF HERE ANYMORE, BECAUSE PEDOPHILIA IS A SERIOUS TOPIC AND THIS WEBSITE IS LETTING THESE BASTARDS TO BECOME POPULAR AND MAKE PROFIT OUT OF THEIR MENTAL ILLNES AND SPREAD IT.
I got a prize for my tutorial to draw handguns using 3D rulers, hope you find it useful!
Bring Ace to America Hey guys, thankfully I will be moving soon to America. After 2 years being in the process of getting a citizenship visa, I got it. It was recommended to take my husband to the interview here in Guatemala so we had to buy a fligh


Donation Pool

Help with my eco-friendly fursuit

$100 will greatly help me to use my time on finishing all the cotton fur that has to be trimmed and sewed in place, I have about 50% done, but it has advanced very little and I started on january! If I am able to finish it I will be able to post it for eco-friendly fursuit commissions and earm much more than what I do currently with drawn art. See some updates:

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Thought of you and hope you're doing well Bunny Emoji-74 (Snuggy) [V4]  
Thanks for the recent fav Ace!! I really appreciate it.
Thank you for faving my work :)

Mature Content

AngeFrenchModel by stevie-wydder

I draw nudes, glamorous figures, sensual portraits and other things like that.
My drawings are only for fun and exclusively done with black pencils.
I would be happy to see you visit my gallery and my profile page !
Greetings, I once gave you a llama badge. Would you please also give one in order 
to achieve a thousand? Hope you have a really good life! Thanks if you help me out.
Thank you very much for the support!! ^w^