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Eatbrain // Tales Of The Undead LP by eatbrain Eatbrain // Tales Of The Undead LP by eatbrain

Tales Of The Undead EP by Mindscape, Jade, Coppa, QO, Nuklear MC, Disphonia, Bowsar, Maject, Telekinesis, Axiom, 2Shy, Sabs, 2N, Vidual, Maztek, L 33, Zombie Cats, nScape, Chris.SU, Kryptomedic, KC, NC-17, Concept Vision

Pencil & Ink - László Tringli "Trinyóart" /
Digital colors - Gábor Simon "Jade" /

Smashing into 2014 with force, EATBRAIN presents it's debut album - Tales of the Undead LP. Featuring an all-star lineup of global drum & bass talent, this compilation is set to make an impact with 18 tracks hand selected by label boss and neurofunk innovator Jade. Truly an international effort, with 23 artists representing 15 countries around the world, newcomers and heavyweights alike have all brought their A-game to the compilation. Their efforts are clear - from the raw, breakneck sounds of Mindscape and Chris.SU to the futuristic beats of Telekinesis, the common denominator is quality. Tales of the Undead sees drum & bass luminaries - names like Maztek, L 33, NC-17, Dabs and Axiom - join the label roster, while rising stars like Disphonia, Qo, Bowsar and many more make powerful statements in their Eatbrain debuts. Not to mention, vocal duties masterminded by the likes of Coppa, 2Shy, Krytpomedic, and Nuklear take the album to the next level. Dark. Deep. Unfiltered. Unrestrained. This is premier neurofunk drum & bass. This is Eatbrain.

1. Mindscape feat. Jade & Coppa - Friday The 13th
2. QO feat. Nuklear MC - Killcode
3. Disphonia - War Bunker
4. Bowsar feat. Maject - Breeder 
5. Telekinesis - Atlas
6. Axiom feat. 2Shy - Watch My World Burn
7. Dabs - Sniper
8. 2N - Chronic Smoke
9. Vidual - Ironwood
10. Maztek - Hyper Reality
11. L 33 - Comptus
12. Zombie Cats - Grey Town
13. nScape - Admission
14. Jade - What You Are
15. Chris.SU feat. Kryptomedic - Underground Culture
16. KC feat. NC-17 - Arboria
17. Zombie Cats feat. Concept Vision - Future Lights
18. Jade - Audio Hypnosis VIP

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